Return rate data from a real eCommerce customer

One of our customers recently shared the following stats for their products: Within their B2C company, they found that 73% of their customers prefer a physical product over the same digitized product.  They offer customers the same product as either a physical copy that is printed and shipped, or as a digital download. Both products … Continued

What do you think this indicates about consumer behavior?

People just like stuff! At the end of the day, why do we all get bigger houses, more vehicles, newer phones? People like to have things, they always have.  Corporations spend billions of dollars on product design. There’s a reason Packaging Design is a hot degree for students right now. Consumer behavior is driven by … Continued

Who is Mel Printing & Print Bind Ship?

Mel Printing has been around for over 60 years, and I’ve been with the company serving as Vice President for 36 of those years! What makes Mel Printing stand out from other printing companies is that we’ve been able to change with the times. We are continually improving our products and service offerings. Early on, … Continued