What are some options for vendors exclusively selling digital offers who want to incorporate a physical product?

Vendors can incorporate physical products into their digital offerings a few different ways. First, I’d start with a test run for a book. Books (whether it’s a workbook or a hardcover or an informational pamphlet) are a great way to test the market and price points. For example, not everyone can start off with 100,000 printed copies, so start off with 100 copies. Do a split test to see which sells better, the digital copy or the physical copy. This will also help you discover which price points work best. You’d be surprised, sometimes the same product sells better priced at $39.99 than at $29.99. 

Another way to incorporate physical products into digital offerings is to put the digital asset on a locked thumb drive, where it’s not downloadable and can only be accessed by the purchaser. This removes the threat of piracy or downloading the asset and then returning it. Sending digital products as a multimedia file through the mail might seem like a hindrance, or too costly at first, but it actually adds value to the product. 

One way I see brands build customer loyalty, especially in health and fitness, is by sending swag along with their customer orders. Including a branded sticker or t-shirt or wrist band along with a product order might subtly influence purchasing, but moreso, it’s free advertising! Swag builds brand loyalty especially for higher valued (more expensive) products.