Who is Mel Printing & Print Bind Ship?

Mel Printing has been around for over 60 years, and I’ve been with the company serving as Vice President for 36 of those years!

What makes Mel Printing stand out from other printing companies is that we’ve been able to change with the times. We are continually improving our products and service offerings. Early on, we listened to our customers’ needs and found ways to grow to meet their niche requests. For example, when we started working with a few health and wellness brands, we became FDA compliant, and now health and wellness fulfillment is one of our specialities. 

Because we have always been customer centric, we’ve been able to pivot with changing technology and market demands. Now, we are far more than just a printer, we are also a manufacturing company and fulfillment center, thanks to Print Bind Ship.

Print Bind Ship was created to be the fulfillment aspect of Mel Printing. Particularly after Amazon “rose to power,” we saw the shift in consumer behavior and knew that we needed to jump on the fulfillment wagon as soon as possible. Print Bind Ship is our solution to the relatively recent changes in consumerism, and we want to share this solution with other SMEs around the country. We believe that small- and medium-sized businesses, e-commerce in particular, need a partner like Mel Printing and Print Bind Ship to stay alive in this age of “big business.”