Just Sold Postcards and Just Listed Postcards: Order Online!

Effective marketing strategies are crucial for real estate agents looking to stand out, build their brand, and generate a steady stream of leads. One powerful tool that has proven its worth time and again is the “Just Sold” postcard. 

“Just Sold” postcards are eye-catching mailers that not only serve as a means to celebrate and share recent successes but also play a vital role in attracting new real estate clients. These postcards can establish your credibility as a top-performing real estate agent and can spark interest from potential buyers or sellers in the area. 

In this guide, we’re going over everything you need to know about “Just Sold” postcards for realtors, including best practices and how to deliver them efficiently. 

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The Power of “Just-Sold” Postcards

“Just Sold” postcards, at the core, are designed to celebrate and share your recent property sales. These postcards play a pivotal role in establishing credibility and showcasing a real estate agent’s success. 

1. Instant Credibility

    By showcasing recently sold properties, real estate agents can demonstrate their track record and expertise in the local market. “Just Sold” real estate postcards can instill confidence in potential clients and differentiate the agent from competitors.

    2. Generating Leads

      When optimized, “Just Sold” postcards can be an effective lead-generation tool. This is especially so when they are directed and mailed to homeowners in the same neighborhood as the recently sold property. Seeing successful sales in their area can motivate homeowners to contact the agent for a consultation.

      3. Cost-Effective Marketing

        Compared to other marketing methods, such as online advertising, direct mail campaigns for “Just Sold” postcards can be relatively more cost-efficient to produce and distribute. 

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        6 Best Practices for Creating and Mailing “Just Sold” Real Estate Postcards

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        In the meantime, you’ll want to follow some of the following best practices to ensure that your “Just Sold” real estate postcards make the most impact. Similarly, you can also use the following tips when creating “Just Listed” postcards. 

        1. High-Quality Visuals

          Invest in professional photography that showcases the sold property in the best light, highlighting its key features and appealing aesthetics. Pair these high-quality images with eye-catching designs that incorporate your branding elements, such as colors and fonts, to create a visually striking real estate postcard.

          2. Clear Branding

            Effective branding is essential for building recognition and credibility with your “Just Sold” and “Just Listed” postcards. Prominently display your real estate company’s name, logo, and branding elements, such as your headshot and contact information. This reinforces your brand’s presence and makes it easy for recipients to identify and connect with you.

            3. Property Details

            Make sure to provide key details about the sold property itself. Include the complete address, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, square footage, and any notable features or amenities. 

            4. Targeted Mailing

              To maximize the impact of your “Just Sold” postcard campaign, focus your mailing efforts on the neighborhoods surrounding the sold property. Residents in these areas are likely to have the most interest in local real estate activity and may be potential buyers or sellers themselves. 

              5. Clear Call-to-Action

                Every effective marketing piece should include a clear call-to-action (CTA). In the case of “Just Sold” real estate postcards, your CTA should encourage recipients to contact you for their real estate needs, whether they’re interested in buying, selling, or simply seeking market insights. A prominent CTA, such as “Contact me for a free home valuation” or “Let’s discuss your real estate goals,” can help generate leads and drive conversions.

                6. Consistent Campaigns

                  “Just Sold” postcards should be part of a consistent, ongoing marketing strategy. Plan for regular postcard campaigns to maintain visibility and reinforce your success as an active and accomplished real estate agent in the local market. 

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                  What do you put on just sold postcards?

                  Just sold postcards typically include a catchy headline, property details like address and number of rooms, professional photography of the sold home, the sale price, your contact information, and a compelling call-to-action. They may also feature a client testimonial for added credibility.

                  Do just sold postcards work?

                  Just sold postcards offer a number of benefits and can be particularly helpful for establishing your brand, generating leads, building brand awareness, and promoting real estate listings. Keep in mind that the success on just sold real estate postcards relies on factors like design quality, relevant information, consistent distribution, and targeted mailing lists. But part of a comprehensive marketing strategy, just sold postcards can be an impactful tool.

                  Can a buyer’s agent send just sold postcards?

                  Yes, a buyer’s agent can send just sold postcards to potential clients or prospects. These postcards serve as a marketing tool to showcase successful transactions. As a buyer’s agent, just sold and just listed postcards can be a great way to attract new clients, build credibility, and generate referrals.