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Bulk Printing Services: Order High Volume Printing Online

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Running a business often requires bulk printing – or printing large quantities of marketing materials, training documents, manuals, catalogs, and more. 

Online bulk printing services are an increasingly popular and cost-effective solution for companies of all sizes. With just a few clicks, businesses can upload their print-ready files and order thousands or even millions of prints to be produced by commercial printing companies. 

In this guide, we’re going over everything to know about bulk printing services and what to look for when choosing a vendor for high-volume printing orders.

In the meantime, make sure to get in touch with Print Bind Ship for all your bulk printing needs! We’re a leading commercial printing company and fulfillment partner in North America. We help businesses create all types of custom-printed, high-quality, and high-volume merchandise, such as books, brochures, pamphlets, guides, calendars, and so much more!

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7 Use Cases of Bulk Printing for Businesses

Considering a bulk printing job? Whether you’re looking to boost marketing, create custom product guides, catalogs, books, or anything else –  there are endless possibilities when it comes to creating unique materials for your business! 

At Print Bind Ship, we help all kinds of businesses in various industries turn their ideas into a reality with bulk printing. Take a look at some of the projects we can manage – or get in touch for a free quote for something you have in mind!

1. Marketing Campaigns

Businesses often need to distribute flyers and brochures in large quantities to promote their products or services during events, trade shows, or local marketing campaigns.

Companies may also send out bulk postcards or direct mailers as part of a broader direct mail marketing campaign, which can help reach potential customers in specific geographic areas. 

Did you know? Print Bind Ship offers a specialized service to help your business launch and monitor direct mail campaigns from a single place. Simply create your design, provide us with your contacts, and we’ll handle the rest! From shipping to monitoring real-time analytics! Learn more here

2. Retail and E-commerce

Retailers and e-commerce businesses alike will often require bulk printing for packaging materials such as boxes, labels, and packing slips.

Plus, businesses in this space may also need to print promotional materials like discount coupons, product catalogs, or branded merchandise in large volumes to support sales efforts.

3. Office Stationery

Companies often require bulk printing for customized letterheads and envelopes for official messaging and to keep your brand consistent. 

Similarly, bulk printing can help with creating business cards en masse for employees to distribute during networking events, client meetings, conferences, and more. 

4. Events and Conferences

Organizers of events and conferences may need bulk printing to generate custom programs, schedules, and agendas to distribute to attendees. Likewise, events often also call for nametags and badges for attendees, speakers, and staff.

5. Educational Institutions

Educational institutions, like schools and universities, may need bulk printing of course materials or even posters and banners to promote events, sports activities, or campus initiatives.

Likewise, educational publishers often may need to print textbooks, workbooks, and handouts for students en masse. Such jobs also require bookbinding, which is something Print Bind Ship can manage in-house. 

6. Real Estate Professionals

Real estate agents often require bulk printing of property listings and brochures to showcase available properties to potential buyers. Realtors may also need bulk printing services to create yard signs to attract attention to properties.

7. Hospitality and Tourism

Restaurants and hotels are no strangers to bulk printing jobs, as they often need custom menus and other promotional materials for guests.

Similarly, tourism businesses may need maps, tourist guides, and informational brochures to be printed in bulk and distributed to visitors.

5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Bulk Printing Service

When ordering large quantities of printed materials, it’s crucial to partner with a bulk printing service that can meet your expected standards. Here are some key factors to consider:

1. Quality of Printing

Superior print quality should be a top priority, especially for professional materials that represent your brand. Look for bulk printers that use advanced printing technology, high-resolution imaging, robust quality control processes, and premium inks/toners. Poor-quality prints can undermine your business’s credibility.

At Print Bind Ship, we operate some of the most advanced printing machines and equipment in the industry. We guarantee a professional, and top-quality printing job every time!

2. Turnaround Time

For many bulk printing orders, timely delivery is essential to staying on schedule with product launches, marketing campaigns, or operational needs. Clarify the turnaround times offered and look for a printer who can reliably meet your deadlines. 

Top vendors, like Print Bind Ship, have systems optimized for rapid high-volume fulfillment. We can fulfill bulk print jobs in just a few business days. Learn more here

3. Pricing Structure

Bulk printing services should offer transparent, straightforward pricing with discounts for higher quantities. Beware of hidden fees for services like file prep, overruns, or freight. Obtaining a detailed price quote upfront allows you to properly assess the overall costs and value. 

Learn more about cheap bulk printing and low-cost options here

4. Customer Support

Having access to knowledgeable customer service representatives can ensure your bulk printing experience goes smoothly. At Print Bind Ship, we keep an eye out to ensure file uploads, press checks, addressing issues, and more are right every time. Look for vendors who prioritize customer communication and satisfaction.

5. Reputation and reviews

Take time to research any prospective bulk printer’s background, capabilities, and track record. Read third-party customer reviews and testimonials to gauge experiences around print quality, reliability, pricing, service, and more. 

At Print Bind Ship, we’re proud to boast hundreds of success stories and top-rated reviews. 

Ordering Bulk Printing Online with Print Bind Ship

Have an order in mind? Print Bind Ship operates some of the most advanced printing machines on the market. Our equipment ensures not only that your materials are printed at the highest quality, but that we also get the job done fast – with turnaround times as short as a few business days. 

Have an idea for a project? Getting started is simple enough! Reach out to us for a free quote and we’ll guide you through the process. 

Tell us about your desired product such as booklets, catalogs, flyers, manuals, or marketing kits. And our experts will advise on the best stocks, paper finishes, and binding options to choose from out of an extensive range. 

From there, you’ll be asked to tie up a couple of details and we’ll print your order! Plus, depending on where you’re looking to send the printed materials, our fulfillment services can manage sending materials off to numerous different locations. 

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What is considered a “bulk” printing quantity?

Most commercial printing companies define bulk or high-volume orders as quantities over 500-1,000 units. However, many online bulk printing services can offer discounted pricing for orders as low as 250 units by leveraging their automated workflows and centralized production.

What file formats do bulk printing services accept?

Most bulk printing services accept PDF as the preferred file format since it preserves formatting and font embedding. Other common formats like Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and image files (JPG, PNG, etc.) are usually accepted as well. Check with your specific printing provider, or Print Bind Ship for recommended file specifications.

Do I need to provide print-ready files for bulk printing?

Yes, the files you submit for bulk printing should be properly formatted as print-ready PDFs or press-quality files. This means items like bleeds, crop marks, and high-resolution images/graphics are required. Many printers offer file setup/preflight services if you need assistance preparing files correctly.

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