Did you know that publishing a book is one of the most effective ways entrepreneurs can market their products or services? While it is a long-term marketing strategy, self-publishing definitely has a lasting effect on target audiences. If you are a business seeking book fulfillment as a marketing strategy—or if you’re an author finally ready to publish your book—keep reading to find out what the book fulfillment process looks like.

Self-Publishing with a 3PL

Authoring a book is easier today than ever before in history. While it’s still difficult to get a foot in the door with traditional publishing companies, self-publishing is made simple with today’s technology coupled with an industry of 3PL (Third Party Logistics) providers. Book fulfillment as a service is helping dreams come true for thousands of entrepreneurs and authors across the globe.

Traditional publishing has its benefits, but it takes writers years and several iterations before getting published by one of “the big five” publishing companies. Writers may also work with smaller printing presses, but it still takes more time than most care to wait. Plus, authors pay heavy fees to small printing companies as well. 

Self-publishing is increasingly the most viable option for today’s freelance writers. It allows authors full creative control over their works. However, it’s not without difficulties, too. Authors who self-publish are faced with the challenge of custom distribution, and often end up with dozens of boxes of books sitting in their homes. 

This is when book fulfillment services by a 3PL provider proves beneficial. Book fulfillment services make self-publishing a cinch. With help from a 3PL company, authors choose who and where to send their books without ever having to pick up a copy. 

Entrepreneurs can send their books to every contact without ever having to address a package. A 3PL takes care of printing, binding, warehousing, and shipping. And, they can even integrate with the order processing to receive all book orders directly.

The Book Fulfillment Process

Book fulfillment with a 3PL begins with “manufacturing” the piece; but first, writing, editing, and formatting must be complete. Then, authors can simply send their books to a 3PL printing company to have them printed and bound. Actual fulfillment happens when the books are shipped to their destinations, whether that means to the readers or the author, or to customers and influencers.


Once a book is written, the author must go through a painstaking process of editing and revising. Self-publishers should never send anything to the printers without first extensively editing, re-reading, and revising their content. Quality content is a priority, and that includes proper manuscript formatting. 

Be sure to understand the importance of formatting before sending your book to a printer. There are free formatting software available, or paid versions of formatting software designed specifically for self-publishing. However, we recommend consulting with a professional type-setter (ie, graphic designer, someone proficient with InDesign or Publisher).

Speaking of printing specs, you need to know your specific printing requirements prior to actually formatting the book’s word file. Know the exact page size and bleeds for your document. 

Formatting images further complicates the staging process of your book’s pages. Any graphics or images must be formatted for printing—either CMYK or a Pantone setting in your word file. In short, you need a printing professional and type-setter if you want a high-quality book! 

Luckily, the staff here at Print Bind Ship specialize in the printing press, so they will help format your manuscript perfectly. Then, they will print you a copy to proof read. Manuscripting is made easy with a team of experts on your side.


Choose a printing company that you find easy to work with because you will be communicating frequently. Shop around for the best printers, and make sure to ask about any printing terms that you do not understand. When self-publishing, you want to “keep up” with your printing team and ensure that your book is printed to your expectations. Rapport is important and so is the quality of your book.


After manuscripting your document, it will need a cover and bind. This is definitely when it’s time to involve your printing company. They will help you choose which type of book binding is most suitable. And, chances are, they can probably help design a book cover as well. 

Binding depends on the type of book you are publishing. Hardcover books will most likely have a perfect bind. Workbooks, coloring books, and other marketing materials will likely have a saddle stitch or spiral bind. Your printing company of choice should be able to show you samples of their work and each type of binding available.


Traditionally, self-publishing was difficult because authors would have a quota of books to print. So, they would print dozens, if not hundreds, of books and end up with many unsold copies. With 3PL services, books are printed on demand and authors never have to deal with printing or distribution. Which is awesome for busy entrepreneurs and authors who don’t have time to sell and ship books. 

3PL companies will integrate with your website and accept incoming orders, print, bind, pack and ship. All for a reasonable fee. This is a great option for entrepreneurs seeking to self-publish in order to gain industry rapport or brand recognition. Along with shipping the book, 3PLs can also send targeted, custom-made marketing swag. 

Entrepreneurs use self-publishing as a marketing tool because they educate their prospects and establish a reputation through their books. Take Tim Ferriss for example. This entrepreneur, author and business guru got a huge jump start in the technology industry with his best-selling book, The 4 Hour Work Week. The success of Tim Ferriss’ book paved the road for him to become an angel investor and launch a wildly successful podcast. 

Book Fulfillment with Print Bind Ship

Print Bind Ship is a 3PL specializing in book printing and eCommerce fulfillment. From start to finish, Print Bind Ship handles everything: 

  • Printing small and large runs
  • Printing on-demand
  • Warehousing
  • Shipping and distribution
  • And even assisting with marketing and other fulfillment solutions 

Our integrated technology solutions allow you to connect to your eCommerce platforms and other sites so that you can consistently monitor inventory, provide accurate stock levels to customers, and keep everything streamlined for easy order and inventory tracking.

Here at Print Bind Ship, we’re offering the cost-effective book fulfillment services that you’ve been looking for. We work with our clients to create custom solutions for the best possible rates, because when we find savings, we pass them onto you!

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