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3 Steps to Creating a Workshop Workbook

Workbooks are great tools to have on hand for learning and training purposes. Workshops, both virtual and in-person, are designed to help people learn new things or gain insight into familiar topics. Whether it’s for the sake of business training, self-help, or even a marketing seminar, for example, creating your own workshop workbook can be an invaluable resource.

People enjoy workbooks. They like getting something that they can use. When you have a colorful, engaging, printed workbook for them to reference in a seminar, training session or other workshops, they will be more engaged and more productive. Workbooks make learning and participating enjoyable and beneficial for everyone!

In this guide, we’ll cover how to come up with the ideal content and finished product for your workbook, as well as how to get it printed and delivered to your attendees, employees, or customers.

Step 1: Identify which information from your workshop to include in your workbook

Workbooks not only offer a way to keep track of information, but they are also tangible assets that help people be more attentive. If you have people going through a workbook, especially in a virtual workshop, you will find that people are engaged, more so than if they are just expected to sit and listen.

If the workshop is a situation where people should be taking notes, workbooks are a way to guarantee that they’re prepared to do so. Plus, a workbook allows you to highlight the important parts of the workshop so that attendees have guidelines for their note-taking and learning. Make sure to include all relevant or important information that you want people to retain when creating your workbook. Consider adding things like:

●  Terms and definitions that are relevant

●  Industry rules, regulations, or laws

●  Specific tasks or exercises

●  Policy and procedure information

●  Job skill or duty requirements and insights (for workplace training)

●  Topical tips and questions that promote creative thinking

Make sure that you leave plenty of space for people to write, fill in answers, doodle, or do whatever else they need to to make the best use of the workbook, too! You might even want to add a few extra blank pages at the end for notes.

Step 2: Decide how your workbook will look and feel

The workshop attendee will truly appreciate a workbook if it is done correctly. They will know that you are taking the time to invest in and assist them. Of course, doing it correctly is what counts. Part of that comes in creating a good design.

Is your workbook a physical product? Will it be virtual? Maybe you’ll offer it as a PDF so people can print if they want, but don’t have to. Think about these questions because they will determine your choices for publication partners.


The graphic design of the workbook might not be your forte. That’s okay because you can find templates online or even outsource the work to a third-party designer or graphic design firm. If you happen to have someone in-house that can do the work, that’s even better. There are a lot of options here, so just find what works best for you.

Some people are limited in their options because they can’t afford to hire a designer. If that’s the case, don’t panic. That’s another reason that you can use templates. You can also enlist the assistance of a third-party printing and binding service to create the design for you. 

Benefits of Printing a Workbook

Creating a tangible workbook gives people something to hold onto. It offers a way for them to take information with them. Plus, studies have shown that when people physically write things down, not type them, they retain the information better. Having a physical workbook serves as a reminder of the great seminar or training class that they attended. It’s also a way for them to learn more and get more out of the process.

Other benefits of printing a workbook include:

●  More engagement and fewer distractions, both in the workshop and outside of it

●  Can spark interesting discussions within the discussion group or workshop

●  Allows people to work independently outside of the workshop

●  Fills gaps in training and education when time is limited

●  Tangible workbooks give people a lifetime reference and resource

While PDFs and fillable documents are fine for some things, there’s something to be said for printing an actual workbook that people can use. Whether it’s for self-help, workplace training, or anything else, the physical product will do more for them than any computer file ever could.

Workshop Workbook Binding: Going the Extra Mile

Not only that, but you can create a beautifully-bound workbook that is professional and sets a great impression for your brand, and you can do it for a lot less than you think. With Print Bind Ship, you can send us your completed workbook file and we will turn it into a tangible product, bind it professionally with our high-quality spiral bound book printing for easy page-turning, and then deliver it to you or your customers in a timely fashion.

When you deliver a workbook that looks professional, people feel more professional and get a sense that their contributions and learning matter. Anyone can print a cheap workbook or staple some copies together, but your brand is worth more than that. Consider workbook binding with our spiral binding services to enhance your finished product.

Step 3: Consider partnering with a fulfillment center

No matter what you’re planning in terms of a workshop, the workbook can be the icing on the cake that gives your attendees the resource that they need. For corporate events, educational events, and any other workshop, you can create the perfect custom workbook every single time.

How Fulfillment Services Enhance Virtual Workshops

Whether your workshop is in-person or online, a 3PL fulfillment service is the perfect addition to your team. A fulfillment service will kit and assemble any workbooks, DVDs, apparel, or other tools and ship them directly to a workshop attendee. For example, when an attendee signs up for your virtual workshop, a 3PL fulfillment service gets the notice and puts together a “workshop kit” (designed by you), and ships it to their front door.  Talk about valuable!

Print Bind Ship is perfect for all of your printing and fulfillment needs. We can create and print your workbook, bind it, and even ship it out to your workshop attendees or employees directly. We can also ship the books directly to you if you prefer. And, , with on-demand services available, we can print as many or as few copies as you need.

If you’re ready to take your workbook printing to the next level, the team at Print Bind Ship can help. You have the information to convey and we’ve got the resources to help you convey it in a professional, impressionable way. Let us help you keep people engaged and get them talking about your brand. Even if it’s just a training workbook for your employees, they’ll appreciate the effort that you put into their careers. Plus, you won’t have to do much of the work at all!

If you’re ready to get your workbook in the hands of your workshop attendees, contact Print Bind Ship today.