WooCommerce is a popular WordPress e-commerce plugin. What makes it popular is the price tag—free to install! WooCommerce currently powers over 99% of WordPress e-commerce websites in the US, Canada, and the UK.

Not only is the WooCommerce plugin-free, it’s also very easy to install and use. With just a few clicks, your WordPress site can transform into a fully-functional e-commerce store. Furthermore, when you use WooCommerce, you can easily integrate fulfillment processes with third-party logistic (3PL) services such as Print Bind Ship.

How To Add WooCommerce To Your Website

If you already have a WordPress site, you’re already halfway done with setting up a WooCommerce store! This is because installing WooCommerce is as easy as one, two, three. Seriously! All that’s left to do is:

Installation – Search for it in the WooCommerce plugins options in your plugin dashboard, and install and activate it with a couple of clicks.

Setup – After you install WooCommerce, its Setup Wizard will walk you through setting up the basics to get your store up and running. With the Setup Wizard, you’re able to cut through the endless eCommerce options WooCommerce offers. Furthermore, the Setup Wizard highlights the most important options so you never miss a step.

WordPress Theme Integration – Because WooCommerce is compatible with WordPress, it works well with almost every WordPress theme. You can even select the free Storefront theme that’s designed for the eCommerce plugin.

How Does WooCommerce Fulfillment Work?

Once you launch a virtual store, you can start receiving orders and fulfilling them! Fulfillment is the process that comes after your customers complete their checkout. If you’re storing your products in-house, you’re probably also in charge of packing and shipping. Or, if you’re just starting out, you may not know where to start with fulfillment. 

Whether you’re drop shipping products, buying in bulk, or manufacturing your own, fulfillment is a crucial process of getting products to your customers. 3PL WooCommerce fulfillment services such as Amazon, or partners like Print Bind Ship, can help with making the process fast, effortless, and seamless.

Benefits of Outsourcing Your WooCommerce Fulfillment Needs

Consumers now-a-days are getting comfortable with two-day (or even next-day) shipping options. So, the demand is high for shipments that are speedy and, most importantly, on-time. 

When your order fulfillment process isn’t consistent or timely, it can lead to struggles with getting shipments delivered on time. Overall poor fulfillment processes end up hurting your business. This is why 3PL fulfillment services can be very beneficial to integrate with your WooCommerce store. From warehouse storage to shipping and returns, using 3PL services assists with every aspect of your e-commerce needs.

Customer Support

If you are selling a high volume of products through your ecommerce store, It can be overwhelming to figure out what fulfillment service works for you. That is why Print Bind Ship is very keen on great customer service; making it a notable benefit to utilizing 3PL partners. 

Most of the time, business owners can get lost in figuring out all the aspects of fulfillment processes. Our customer service, at Print Bind Ship, is here to walk you through each step of order fulfillment. Because we are leading experts, we can help house your inventory in our warehouse and integrate your woocommerce store. 

Furthermore, once you’re all set up, we start shipping your orders to your customers as quickly as possible.


Oftentimes, when it comes to fulfillment services, businesses have a hard time considering 3PL services because of the preconceived notion that it’s more expensive. However, by choosing a fulfillment partner, it can actually be way more cost-efficient. 

Even though WooCommerce is a free and highly-functional plugin, there are other things you would have to consider. This can include the possibility of running out of inventory space or packaging and shipping fees. Not to mention processing returns or the cost of staffing and management fees.

Depending on the fulfillment provider you choose, 3PL partners can simplify all of those things. At Print Bind Ship, you will have access to our warehouse for storing your products as well as shipping them within 24 hours of order processing. As a certified shipping center, our shipping and freight costs are among the most competitive in the industry. 

Overall, when deciding to use a WooCommerce fulfillment partner, you can save money on shipping, staffing, and warehouse costs


Another benefit of utilizing 3PL services is the time-saving aspect. If you’re so busy dealing with order fulfillment, you probably don’t have time to focus on growth. As a business owner, you should be able to devote time to sales and marketing, expanding, sourcing new products and ideas, and otherwise improving your business.

When you decide on your WooCommerce fulfillment partner, no time is wasted after a customer places an order. This is because we have the ability to quickly carry out the fulfillment process. In other words, you save time with storing your products in our warehouse. By having your products being stored with us, we can quickly package, print your business labels, and ship customer orders in a timely manner.


Lastly, the overall benefit of outsourcing is that it is stress-free. From the warehouse storage to packaging and shipping, you can have a hands-off experience that’s worry-free. Rest assured, your fulfillment process will be an effortless and stress-free experience. This stress-free solution will free up your time to focus on growing your business and more.

What’s Next: WooCommerce Fulfillment with Print Bind Ship

In addition to warehouse storage and shipping, fulfillment partners may also offer additional services. At Print Bind Ship, we are experts at helping you scale your business. Want a custom box to wow your customers when they receive your packages? We can do that! Need book printing, logo wear, DVD printing or custom packaging options? We can handle that too.

There are many different ways we can help you take your business to the next level. Are you ready to get started? Get in contact with us and find out what we can do to simplify your WooCommerce fulfillment process.

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