Custom Postcard Printing – How To Create Effective Postcard Marketing Campaigns

Custom postcard printing is a popular choice for mailing and marketing campaigns. Postcard mailers with custom printing are one of the most affordable ways to reach people and an easy way to get their attention. It’s also going to give you the chance to build your brand image, offer coupons or deals, and more. Take the time to read all about custom postcards, what they are, and how you can create them for all marketing needs. 

Then, find out how you can partner with the team at Print Bind Ship to create stunning results in all of your printed marketing materials. 

What Are Custom Postcards?

Custom postcards can be anything that you want– they come in all shapes and sizes and can be designed with everything from simple information to full-color designs that are sure to get noticed. They’re often the preferred choice of businesses, colleges and universities, and retail brands who want to get people’s attention with a simple direct mail product. Here’s how to create your own. 

How Do I Design A Postcard?

When it comes to designing your postcard, you can pick and choose a lot of different features. Make sure that you think about both sides and how they will be used, as well as leaving room for a mailing address if you are going to be sending out your cards. There are pre-made templates available to help. 

Your postcard design can be anything that you want, from a full-color print to a simple coupon printout that’s mostly black and white. They can also be designed in multiple sizes, and more. Read on to learn the details. 

What Size Is A Postcard For Printing?

While 4×6 postcard printing is generally the standard, you can also choose from a variety of other sizes and styles. For example, a lot of companies enjoy the 5×8 postcard mailers that make a much bigger impression or that have more room for coupons and information. Like all of our custom printing solutions, we can make postcards in any size you want. 

Can I Print Postcards In Landscape Or Portrait?

Based on the artwork, preference, and layout of your postcard, it can indeed be printed in landscape or portrait mode. The majority of postcards are a landscape design, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick with that. Do what works for you. 

Where Can I Get Postcards Printed?

It’s best to work with a professional printing service when you’re designing custom postcards for marketing and other needs. Print Bind Ship makes it easy to print custom postcards, whether you need 10, 100 or 100,000 of them. Plus, we can integrate this with the rest of your printing and marketing efforts for a comprehensive solution. 

How Much Does It Cost To Print Postcards?

Print Bind Ship has some of the most affordable pricing for postcards and other custom printed marketing materials. You’ll find high-quality products at a fraction of the cost of many more well-known brands that charge far more. Plus, with postcards, the more you print, the more you save. You’ll even spend less than you would on most digital marketing and other campaigns. 

When Should You Use Postcards?

There are plenty of great ways to incorporate custom postcard printing into your business. Check out some of the most popular uses for custom postcard printing below. 

Promoting A Sale

When you are trying to promote a specific sale or deal, postcards are a great way to get the attention of new and existing customers. This is the leading use of postcards in marketing when it comes to commerce. Sales promotion and coupons are easy to showcase on postcards, and they’re affordable, too. 

Launching A New Product Or Service

You can also market a new business with custom postcards or use postcards to promote your existing business. Even if you aren’t offering specials, it’s still a great way to introduce yourself or your new product to the community. It is cost-effective and catches their attention, and won’t get tossed nearly as quickly as that door flyer or envelope-bound mailing. 

Holiday Cards

Sending holiday cards to customers can be a great use for postcards. Plus, they’re more affordable than folded cards that require envelopes, allowing you to send them to everyone without spending a small fortune. When you’ve got an audience that loves that personal touch, sending holiday greetings is a great way to increase loyalty. 

Invitations For Events

Perhaps you’ve got a business that has events, or there are industry events related to your business that are taking place. You can use postcards to create invitations for your customers and clients for events of all kinds. With several types of stock to choose from and plenty of custom designs, everything from simple to elegant invitations are an option. 

Advocating For A Cause

Postcards are also a great choice for advocating your cause. Again, they’re simple, but noticeable, which makes them quite effective. A lot of charitable organizations use postcards to notify of upcoming donation events, for example. You can advocate for something relevant to your business or just something important to you as a person. 

How To Create Effective Postcard Marketing Campaigns

Postcard printing for marketing campaigns is a great way to keep in touch with your existing customers and to reach out to new ones. It also has other benefits if you do it correctly, as explained below. 

Target Specific Prospects

You can use your customer lists to target specific prospects for your postcard marketing campaigns. Make sure that your message and offer matches your audience– for example, don’t try to market ski equipment to your customers in Florida, unless you know they travel often for ski trips. 

Create A Meaningful Campaign

When you choose meaningful campaigns and send these postcards regularly, you will be able to make a connection with your audience in a whole new way. They will come to know your brand for this and expect to see your mailings in the future. It’s a great way to become familiar with your customers, both old and new. 

Add Personal Messages

If you haven’t heard, customers love personalized messages and marketing contacts. When you use postcards for personalized marketing, you can make connections with your audience in a whole new way. As mentioned, you can send holiday cards or even use postcards for birthday greetings and special offers. Postcards are great because they can be generic for marketing to the masses, but they can also be customized for specific customers. 

Don’t Focus On The Sale

While you do want to include promotions and sales on your postcard, those shouldn’t be the focus. You’ll want to focus on just connecting, and offer the deal as an aside to keep people engaged. If you get too salesy, people could be deterred. 

What’s Next: Postcard Printing With Print Bind Ship

If you’re ready to put postcards to work for your business, Print Bind Ship can help. Contact us to discuss your needs, check out our design templates, and see how we can give you the custom postcards that you have in mind. Whether this is your first time using postcard printing and marketing or if you’re just starting a new campaign, we’re here to help. Call us today to get started!