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Subscription Box Fulfillment, From Customizing to Shipping

Subscription boxes are a recurring monthly box delivery of niche products, designed to provide a unique valuable customer experience. In addition to the value of the actual product, subscription boxes offer value in the unboxing experience since each box is typically customized for that company. Within the past few years, these boxes have taken away the process of purchasing individual items but rather a whole kit of things being delivered to customers several times a year. 

From a buyer’s standpoint, there are a few reasons subscription boxes are so popular. You have convenience of automating your likely purchases and delivering them straight to your door. The cost is relatively low in terms of monthly payments as opposed to annual subscription. Also, customers get a chance to discover other products in that niche they may have not been exposed to otherwise.  

From a seller’s perspective, subscription boxes offer increased predictability, as you get insights into customers preferences which allows easier forecasting and planning for the following months. You have a more targeted audience, since typically someone signing up for a subscription knows exactly what they like. Also, you get more targeted and direct feedback from customers so that you can make changes if necessary moving forward.

What Can Be Included in a Subscription Box?

Subscription boxes can include so many different types of items! The inclusion of items obviously depends upon the company offering the subscription, and the type of products they have. Some of the popular subscription box ideas include clothing items, accessories, shoes, skin care or beauty products, party supplies, office supplies, books, fitness supplies, etc. 

The options are virtually limitless for what can be included. Taking the fitness supplies subscription box idea as a good example. With a fitness company subscription box, you may receive a number of items, such as a booklet, small piece of equipment, water bottle, custom printed DVD and potentially more, all with unique subscription box packaging. 

Can You Make a Subscription Box Yourself?

Sure, you are most likely able to make a subscription box by yourself. But is it worth all of the extra effort? It can be a very long process if you decide to give it a shot yourself. There are many steps that need to be taken, that you may or may not necessarily know how to execute. 

You will likely have to work with a separate designer to design your box both inside and outside, outsource the box printing, order your items, receiving and putting the boxes together, create a plan for safe packaging plus fulfil all the orders quickly and inexpensively. 

The amount of time you would have to invest, and the logistical hoops you would have to jump through may not be worth the cost of having a professional handle it for you.

Outsourcing Your Subscription Box Fulfillment 

Every business has plenty to deal with in regards to regular business operations, adding extra operations can be a hassle. Outsourcing your fulfillment needs can alleviate a lot of stress and allow you to focus on your core business.

Some of the main benefits of outsourcing your subscription box fulfillment needs are lowering your own shipping and operating costs, as well as letting you focus on sales and expansion of the business. This alone sounds exciting enough, but yet, fulfillment companies like Print Bind Ship offer other bonuses. 

Print Bind Ship has an ability to go global, or extend the domestic reach for your company’s products. With the use of technology and great customer service, fulfillment services can be streamlined efficiently and to a broader customer base. 

Getting Your Subscription Box Started

Now that you have decided to enlist Print Bind Ship’s professional services for your business’ subscription box needs, here is how you can get started!

Setting Up a Consult 

Consultations are welcomed and encouraged to understand the needs of you or your business. It is important for us to know how often you wish to ship your subscription box, the quantities, and any other pertinent information so that they can be fulfilled to your exact specifications. 

Customizing Your Subscription Box

We print and assemble all of our subscription boxes in house. That means you gain access to our designer without a middleman. We understand that it isn’t just the outside of the box that matters, we are thinking about the inside, how your items are held in the box, and any packaging protection that is needed to create a custom and seamless experience for your customer.

Getting Your Sample

If you want to get a preview of your subscription box prior to distributing it to customers, we can handle that for you. Mel will send a sample box for you to approve and start promoting with.

Sending Your Items

Send us all of your items you want to be included in the subscription box and forget the rest. We will customize and kit all items in your box to your liking.

Syncing Your Point of Sale

Gone are the days of checking your email and rushing to put together a kit and sending it out before your local shipping store closes. We handle all new orders and specialize in same day fulfillment.

We Manage Your Inventory

Inventory management is a major benefit of Mel’s services, and happens to be one of our specialties. You will no longer need to allocate space or staff to fill your orders, we will even let you know when we are low on stock. Through our customer portal you will be able to view your shipments and your inventory all in one place. 

Local and Worldwide Shipping

Have you been wanting to expand your business’ reach further than you have been able to previously? We can help extend domestically and internationally if that is in your scope of business. Whether you are shipping an item a few miles away or to the coast of Australia, we have you covered.

Scaling Your Business

Mel’s fulfillment services allows your business to focus on what you should be doing, and that is scaling your business. Now that your fulfillment needs are met, you can focus on marketing your newly designed subscription box. 

Subscribe to Success

How can I get started with my subscription box fulfillment needs? In order to get the ball rolling, feel free to contact customer service for a consultation.