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Ultimate Guide to Print on Demand Books

All of your hard work is finally coming to an end! You’ve finished writing your manuscript and you are now ready to publish your book! However, you are not sure what publishing route you can or should take.  If you are leaning towards self publishing your book, we don’t blame you. The self publishing option … Continued

How to Sell Print on Demand Books Online

Whether you want to retain creative control or are just having a difficult time getting attention from traditional publishers, “print on demand” is like getting the keys to a radio station across the street from the SiriusXM headquarters. You get to release your books on your own terms and build up your readership without interference … Continued

The Benefits of Print on Demand Services

Print on demand is a great way for businesses to produce and distribute their products in a cost-effective and efficient manner. It has revolutionized how businesses operate, providing them with a way to produce high-quality products without having to worry about storing them in warehouses or taking on large production costs. But what are the … Continued

What is Kitting and Assembly?

In today’s eCommerce-driven world, bundling to save is not just something customers can take advantage of; companies can also save money by bundling companion products as one product, thus saving on packaging and shipping. A necessary of Print Bind Ship, and most reputable 3PL companies, kitting and assembly is the process when a fulfillment service … Continued

How to Ship Everyone in Your Company a Gift

In the past, when the average person didn’t know the words “COVID” or “coronavirus,” the giving of company, client, and business partner gifts would be done almost exclusively in person.  However, the pandemic allowed many workers to become remote employees, and some freelancers even operate from the other side of the planet. There may be … Continued

Pick, Pack, Ship: E-Commerce Fulfillment 101

Having your own online store can be fun. However, if you’re fulfilling in-house this would mean you have to pick, pack, ship, and process returned orders all by yourself. The pick, pack, ship process is what eCommerce fulfillment essentially is.  In this article, we’ll cover the fundamentals of eCommerce fulfillment. We’ll also go over fulfillment … Continued

What Is the HP R2000?

The HP R2000 is a large format flatbed latex printer developed by Hewlett-Packard delivering unprecedented quality and color on rigid substrates. The HP R2000 has the ability to print widths as great as 98 inches wide as well as print on rigid and flexible surfaces up to 2 inches thick.  Boasting the world’s first white … Continued

What Is a Heidelberg Press?

Developed and manufactured by the Heidelberger Druckmaschinen company, the Heidelberg Press is a “platen press” known for its speed, efficiency, and unique design that revolutionized the printing industry in the early 1900s.  Unlike other printing press machines of its time, the Heidelberg printing press drastically reduced printing time and error with its trademark double-sided rotating … Continued