How to Print Business Cards for a Corporation

First impressions can be lasting. When you meet a potential client at a networking event, you need to have a professional, high-quality business card to hand them. 

Printing business cards at home seems like a great way to save money, but home-printed cards don’t have the level of polish to make a positive splash. If you want to know how to make your own business cards that make a favorable impression, here’s how.

How Does Printing Business Cards Work? 

You’ve likely researched how to print business cards for a corporation, and no doubt you’ve run across many online businesses that are more than happy to take your design and make a batch. However, corporations have larger needs than freelancers and solo entrepreneurs. 

The company that handles your business cards needs to create huge numbers of personalized cards for a wide swath of employees. These cards will have different names, titles, addresses and departments. They’ll also need to be shipped to various addresses for different corporate or franchise locations.

Hiring a company that is more hands-on with the card creation process, such as Print Bind Ship, can guide your designs to be effective and memorable. 

Even if you use stock templates as a guideline, your card printer can optimize the graphical elements for you. You might even ask how to print a double-sided business card or if it’s worth doing so.

6 Steps for Printing Business Cards

Say you’re satisfied with your business card printing partner. Now you need to know how to print business cards for a corporation based on actual steps. Why? Because you’re going to be involved in them.

Step 1: Choose Your Design

Your business card design needs to reflect your corporate identity and branding. Font, logo, colors — everything needs to be cohesive. You might be operating on a strict budget and so can only print in black and white, or you might want full-color, glossy cards. Having a solid print partner will get you the most bang for your design.

Step 2: Choose Your Business Card Template

To be able to swap information in and out quickly (and share design drafts with your printer), you’ll need to pick some standard templates from one of the more common sources, such as Canva or Microsoft Publisher. 

These templates will dramatically cut down on design time and make your setup modular for easy swapping of names, addresses, titles and other personal information.

Step 3: Choose Your Business Card Paper

The material on which your cards are printed makes just as much of an impression as the content on the cards. Do you want your cards to be thick and rough textured, perhaps made of recycled materials? Or do you want them thin, sharp and glossy? 

The paper will reflect your brand identity and level of professionalism, so when you’re researching how to print business cards for a corporation, choose a material that properly conveys the message you want to send.

Step 4: Send Your Files to Print Bind Ship

At Print Bind Ship, we’ll examine your files to make sure they’re set up for the best possible quality. Before we print a single business card, we want to make sure we’re making cards that will benefit your business.

Think About Add-Ons

Add-ons are entirely optional, which is why we’re not listing their consideration as a full step. But if you want to make your first impression even more memorable, you might want to add extra swag, like pens, backpacks, shirts or other items. 

Additionally, add-ons don’t have to be just for potential clients; your employees would appreciate it if some swag arrived in a custom box along with their business cards. 

Step 5: Print!

Now, it’s time to print. One of the reasons printing business cards at home is a less desirable option is that it’s hard to cut them right. Some cards are even perforated, which creates a less-than-professional look. 

At Print Bind Ship, all cards are cut laser perfectly every time. We print on your desired material, slice the sheets in exactly the right place, and ensure that your cards stack perfectly and evenly. 

If you’ve been wondering how to print a double-sided business card to make sure it looks right when cut, we have it down to a science. Our printers handle both sides at once, resulting in perfect placement.

Step 6: Ship Your Cards

As a print and fulfillment company, we take care of massive orders every day. Rest assured that your cards will get shipped to the exact address and person that they should be. Want to send the cards to your employees’ homes instead of the office? We can make that happen for you.

Make the Perfect First Impression with Print Bind Ship

Printing business cards is only complicated if you try to do it yourself! 

At Print Bind Ship, we know how to make great first impressions by guiding you with the designs, templates, printing and shipping of your gorgeous new business cards. Ready to get started? So are we! Contact Print Bind Ship today. 


How do I create a business card for my company?

First, find a reputable printing company, choose your design, then find a template you like. Send the files to the print company, select any add-ons you want, then have them print and ship your cards.

How much does it cost to make business cards?

On the low end, you can spend as little as $10 for a batch of 100 from a simple service. Professional printers may charge $500 to over $1,000 for design work and then anywhere from $100 to $300 for a run of several hundred cards, depending on the paper quality.

What printing method is used for business cards?

There are several, including foil printing, embossing, laser cutting, die cutting and matte lamination.