Guide to Real Estate Postcards for Direct Mail

Realtors live busy lives. Between the fierce competition, constant lead chasing, establishing a brand, and developing marketing strategies, there’s little time for other activities. To become a superstar real estate agent, you need top-notch tools to help you stand out.

But there is a tactic you can employ that will boost leads and provide a solid ROI that won’t eat up valuable chunks of your personal life. Real estate postcards take advantage of the fact that people still respond to physical mail. Yes, the world is increasingly digital, but the sense of novelty, nostalgia, and personalization makes direct mail real estate postcards stick out in recipients’ minds.

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5 Benefits of Using Postcards in Direct Mail Marketing for Real Estate Agents

If you’re skeptical about the efficacy of real estate mailers, statistics show they have an average ROI of 15% to 17%. Here’s why.

1. Tangible and Eye-Catching

Two-thirds of adults think physical mail has a personal quality that email can’t match. Emails and other messages can be ignored, but real estate postcards enter into a pile of mail that will get sorted. 

2. High Open and Read Rates

There’s no comparison between email and a real estate postcard mailing campaign. Email open and click-through rates are between 20% and 30%, while direct mail is between 80% and 90%. 

3. Cost-Effective

Compared to traditional advertising methods such as billboards, TV, radio, newspapers and magazines, creating a postcard for real estate marketing is inexpensive and lets realtors target more leads for the same price. Additionally, postcards are relatively permanent. Once someone is finished watching or listening to a commercial or drives by a billboard, the ad is gone.

4. Targeted Audience Reach

Most advertising is broad. Even if you’re advertising on radio stations that cater to specific audiences (i.e., country, talk, rock, etc.), you’re reaching a wide spectrum of people. Real estate mailers can target recipients based on income level, age, location and many other metrics. This benefit also lets you craft your mailer’s language and graphics in a way that is most likely to grab the recipient’s attention.

5. Brand Awareness and Recognition

A key to marketing effectively and building a brand is consistency. Using real estate mailers that feature your brand, name and face ensures you stick in their minds.

8 Best Practices for Targeting the Right Audience for Your Postcard Campaign

To get the success you want from your beautifully designed postcards, you’re going to need to take them from concept to reality to your leads’ mail piles.

1. Choose a Reliable Printing and Mailing Partner

For the best results, you can’t print postcards on your own and run them to the post office. You’ll need a printing partner experience. Print Bind Ship’s Mail Genius is the ultimate solution, with options for notes that truly appear to be handwritten, custom offers and swag to entice potential customers.

2. Define Your Target Audience

Who are you marketing to? Choose your postcard recipients based on hobbies, income, age and other factors to ensure you’re targeting the hottest possible leads. Print Bind Ship can provide precise data to ensure you’re on the right track.

3. Segment Your Audience

You may want to aim your campaign at different groups based on location, need or other preferences. You don’t have to send one postcard! Design several and base the information and graphics around what will inspire them. Print Bind Ship’s design team will work with you to tailor your postcards for each audience.

4. Utilize Geographic Targeting

You can pinpoint regions, counties and specific neighborhoods with your postcards! The more focused you are, the better response you’ll get. Print Bind Ship has printing locations in nearly every corner of the world, ensuring we get mailings out fast to the exact addresses you need.

5. Refine Your Mailing List

A mailing list is only as good as it is up-to-date and accurate. You should regularly comb through them and find old and outdated information, duplicates, typos and recipients who have asked to be removed. At Print Bind Ship, we stay on top of our user data to ensure it always contains the right information. 

6. Personalize Your Postcards

People are much more likely to respond to a postcard with their name on it. Referencing interests or hobbies also make mailers feel like they were written by a person for a person rather than from some sort of automated system.

7. Test and Measure

You can use multiple messages and offers to see what works. Try varied designs, myriad calls to action and alternate offers. By using specific coupon codes or URLs for each postcard, you can see which one is most effective.

8. Maintain Consistency and Frequency

If you do not mail postcards often enough, leads forget about you. Too much, and you become part of the clutter. Keep the mailers on a schedule your recipients will appreciate.

Create Successful Postcards with Print Bind Ship!

While other real estate agents go increasingly digital, stand out with beautifully designed physical postcards. Mailers for real estate have an excellent ROI and higher read rates than emails anyway. When it’s time to create and print your postcards, go with expertise and experience courtesy of Print Bind Ship. Contact us today and see how we can steer you toward more leads and more sales.


What should be included in a real estate postcard?

You should include the agent’s branding, contact information and URL. Also include the offer, coupon or event information.

How can real estate postcards benefit real estate professionals?

Real estate postcards increase brand recognition, generate more leads and increase sales. Additionally, they are more economical than most other types of advertising.

How do I know what size to make my real estate postcard?

There are four main sizes, 4.25” x 6” (small), 6” x 9” (regular or standard), 6” x 11” (jumbo) and 9” x 12” (extra large). The right size depends on your budget, how much information you want to include, and how quickly you want it to arrive. Remember, however, that the USPS only considers the small size a traditional “postcard.”