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Direct Mail Printing: What Is It, and Why Is It Important?

Customers can tell when advertising is more about sales than their needs or wants. Direct mail printing allows businesses to take a more personal tack with potential customers.

Statistics show that response rates for print mailers are greater than other advertising methods. Consumers respond more positively to tangible materials than digital ones, especially when the message is geared toward solving their problems or tapping into their interests.

Direct Mail Printing Explained

Direct mail printing services send physical mail to select recipients, informing them of events, sales, new products and other developments. These mailers display branding and images consistent with the business’s other marketing efforts as well as calls to action intended to drive engagement from recipients.

Multichannel strategies almost universally have more success when they incorporate direct mail. Experienced direct mail printing services like Print Bind Ship’s Mail Genius alleviate the burden of managing direct mail and boost the return on investment (ROI).

Types of Direct Mail Printing

Direct mail printers can send a variety of mail types. Choosing the right one can be the deciding factor in a campaign’s success.


Generally, postcards are between 3.5” x 5” and 4.25” x 6”. They’re inexpensive and offer enough space for short, punchy messages and attractive graphics. 


The most basic brochure design is an 8.5” x 11” trifold or half-fold, but larger custom sizes are also available. Well-made brochures look professional and attractive and provide plenty of room for detailed information.


If you want the visual impact of brochures but don’t need them to fold, flyers may be the right choice. These are usually letter-sized at 8.5” x 11” but can be larger or smaller. Flyers are typically made from heavy stock to preserve their colorful graphics and keep them from bending in the mail.


Catalogs are pricier than postcards and flyers but can generate consistent sales. If your catalogs are attractive enough, they’ll earn a spot on the coffee table as repeat reading material.

Benefits of Direct Mail Printing

Direct mail print materials are budget-friendly and allow for a personalized experience. 

Physical mailers also make measuring results more accurate, as it’s easy to track how many households received a mailer versus how many responded.

By providing measurable results, businesses can more effectively refine their strategies for future campaigns.

How to Create a Direct Mail Campaign

If you’re ready to drive engagement with the help of Print Bind Ship’s Mail Genius, get started on the right path by doing some legwork first.

Define Your Target Audience

You can use various metrics to narrow your focus, including income, age, gender, geographic location, interests and occupation.

Choose a Direct Mail Printing Medium

Postcards will be perfect if you have a simple message with a clearly defined call to action. By contrast, catalogs might be more useful if you hope to be a reliable source for products and services over months or years.

Design and Layout

What kinds of images and designs will wow your recipients? You only have a few seconds to grab their attention, so your print mailer needs to instantly communicate a specific intent and imprint your branding in their consciousness.


Keep messages short. The clearer you are, the easier it will be for the consumer to figure out whether they want what you’re selling.

Printing and Mailing

It’s time to bring your direct mailers to life! Print Bind Ship is a knowledgeable and experienced direct mail printer that’s helped businesses worldwide grow and improve their operational efficiency. Our printing is fast, high-quality and capable of reaching every corner of the globe.

Choosing a Direct Mail Printing Service

You need a direct mail printer you can trust to work closely with you and get results. Businesses around the world turn to Print Bind Ship’s Mail Genius. Here’s why.

Experience and Expertise

Print Bind Ship’s been creating printed marketing materials across dozens of industries for decades.

Quality of Printing and Materials

Our printed materials look and feel attractive, durable and professional.

Customer Service

You can expect timely communication and quick solutions from Day One of our partnership. Our customer service team prides itself on providing a first-rate experience.

Pricing and Turnaround Time

We know your budget isn’t arbitrary, and we’ll always work within it. We can get your materials out the door and on their way within 24 hours of printing.

4 Tips for a Successful Direct Mail Campaign

Here are a few pointers for getting the most out of your direct mail pieces.

1. Use Attention-Grabbing Headlines

Write short, pointed headlines like “Get affordable health insurance with more benefits” or “New cars for under $10K!” 

2. Personalize the Message

Always use the recipient’s name in the message, and make sure to reference their specific needs and interests. It can also help to mention times they’ve reached out for information on products or services in the past.

3. Include a Clear Call To Action

Tell your recipients explicitly what you want them to do, whether it’s taking advantage of a sale, signing up for a free consultation or showing up at an event.

4. Follow Up with Leads

Don’t leave potential customers hanging! Close the deal by following up with them promptly and offering to answer questions or provide a product demonstration.

Leveraging Direct Mail With Print Bind Ship

Direct mail is still an incredibly impactful marketing method with fantastic rates of return. 

If you want to spread your branding and bring in more loyal customers, turn to Print Bind Ship’s Mail Genius. Our direct mail printing services rely on multiple data points to pinpoint the most receptive potential customers and win them over with beautiful direct mail pieces.

Contact Print Bind Ship today to supercharge your direct mail strategy with Mail Genius.


Why use direct mail printing?

 Among other reasons, direct mail has high response rates, is budget-friendly and provides useful user data for future campaigns.

What types of products can be printed for direct mail?

Various items like letters, postcards, brochures, flyers and catalogs, all of which can accompany swag or gifts for a memorable impact.

What are some common mistakes to avoid in direct mail printing?

Forgetting a call to action, getting lazy with the overall design, including an unappealing offer, targeting the wrong audience and using the wrong type of mailer are all errors you should make an effort not to commit.