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Direct Mail Printing: What Is It, and Why Is It Important?

Customers can tell when advertising is more about sales than their needs or wants. Direct mail printing allows businesses to take a more personal tack with potential customers. Statistics show that response rates for print mailers are greater than other advertising methods. Consumers respond more positively to tangible materials than digital ones, especially when the … Continued

10 Best Practices for Your Direct Mail Marketing Strategy 

Plenty of documents and reading materials that once relied on printed paper have since become strictly digital. Everything from instruction manuals and stock prices to breaking news is now more likely to be composed of ones and zeros in a computer’s memory than ink on a page.  And this shift has benefits. For example, it … Continued

How to Make Your Own Supplements in 7 Steps

While it may seem intimidating, the ability to make your own vitamin pills and supplements can actually be more affordable in the long run. Whether your goal is to create your own supplements or create your own supplement brand, this guide is your go-to. 7 Steps for Making Your Own Supplements No guide on how … Continued

How to Sell Supplements: Guide to Supplement Marketing

The most health-conscious generation to ever live is most likely the current one. Products are increasingly eliminating preservatives and chemicals, alcoholic beverages are reducing their ABVs and calories, fast food chains are focusing on low-calorie items and supplements are a huge industry.  While this might make it seem as though supplements sell themselves, your supplement … Continued

Hardcover Book Printing: A Step-by-Step Guide

With so much entertainment going digital, you may be surprised to learn that books haven’t become completely screen-based yet. Why is this the case? For many readers, the tactile pleasure of holding printed paper is irreplaceable, and a shelf full of hardcover books can be a joy in and of itself. For authors looking to … Continued

Automated Handwritten Notes for Business

New technology brings new expectations. In the 1990s, the internet went from being an obscure computer term to a service as indispensable as electricity and running water, and businesses had to evolve accordingly. Along the way, email, instant messaging and social media became some of the best ways to reach consumers. These were new and … Continued

Postcards for Direct Mail: How to Boost Your Marketing 

Direct mail offers one of the best returns on investment (ROIs) of any marketing outreach method. Physical mailers are more impactful than automated email or social media messages. One study found that the average response rate of the direct mail is around 2.7% to 4.4%, significantly higher than email’s rate at around 0.6%. In short, … Continued

The Ultimate Guide to Retail Fulfillment: How to Optimize Productivity

Engineers know that simple designs are more reliable, less expensive to manufacture and have tighter tolerances. The same principle applies in retail order fulfillment, where fewer, more streamlined moving parts are almost always better. What Is Retail Fulfillment? Retail fulfillment encompasses all the actions and processes required to deliver a product to the customer, including … Continued

The Ultimate Lookbook Guide: From Concept to Printing

Showing your skills or products in a portfolio presents your work in a pick-what-you-like fashion. Portfolios rarely follow an order or presentation format. To truly impress your potential customers, it’s more effective to place images in a lookbook. Creating a lookbook gives you more control over the order and arrangement of your images and allows … Continued