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Is it Hard to Switch Book Publishers?

Published authors may not have to deal with constant rejection letters, but they have other problems. Sometimes authors are backed into unfavorable contracts. Sometimes they’re not paid competitive royalty rates. And sometimes tumultuous relationships with the publisher are enough to make authors wonder whether it’s hard to switch book publishers. It can be difficult, but … Continued

How to Translate Your Book: Tips for Self-Publishing

Translating your book into other languages can exponentially expand your potential audience, allowing you to reach new readers and make more money.  The good news is that learning how to translate your book won’t require fluency in another language. With the help of a skilled translator, you can get your book into the hands of … Continued

Printing Political Postcards in 4 Steps

Voters still respond to direct mail campaigns even as everything seems to be going digital. Political candidates need to reach people who will never click on a website link or accept an unsolicited phone call, and a campaign postcard can do just that. The power of physically holding a postcard is still tremendous.  If you’re … Continued

6 Tips for Lowest-Cost Book Printing

If you’re self-publishing your literary works, you’re very likely interested in how to print books cheaply. Because every upfront cost is yours alone to cover, you may not have the funds to invest in an extravagant book-binding service. After all, you still have to market your book, and that’s a costly process. Cheap book printing … Continued

How to Print on Demand Shirts in 3 Easy Steps

When watching videos on YouTube, you may have noticed a merchandise section under the video viewer. Sometimes, this section has plushies, hats, or tote bags with the face or logo of the YouTuber. Most often, however, the items for sale are shirts.  Usually, these shirts aren’t sitting in a warehouse somewhere, waiting to get shipped … Continued

Can You Offer Multiple Bindings of Your Book?

While digital books have increased in popularity, book lovers still enjoy holding a physical copy. Bookbinding refers to the physical act of binding the pages of your book together in a way that’s both functional and visually pleasing. But can you offer multiple bindings of your book? Traditionally, it depends on your publisher. But self-published … Continued

Manufacturing for Fulfillment

Crafting products that customers want is difficult enough even before you factor in data analysis, marketing research, and production logistics. Adding order fulfillment to the mix can feel like adding another ball to the half-dozen you’re already juggling. How much more can you handle? Many businesses are in the same boat, which is why manufacturing … Continued

Will My Publisher Edit My Book?

Few accomplishments are as gratifying as writing your own book, and it’s exhilarating to finally hold a printed copy in your hand. But you’ll need an editor to make corrections and refinements before your book goes to the printer. Most writers know this, but many new authors wonder, “Will my publisher edit my book?” With … Continued

6 Steps to Self-Publishing

If you’re the kind of writer who’s self-motivated, business-minded and loves promotion, you’re the perfect candidate to self-publish a book. Even if that sounds like a lot of work, don’t worry, as learning how to self-publish a book isn’t as difficult as you might think. It also comes with some incredible benefits.  If you’re weighing … Continued

What Is an ISBN Number?

How does a library or bookstore know which books it has in stock? How does it know which books are written in which language, who the publisher is and which editions it carries? With computer tracking, it’s easier than ever. Even so, how does the computer keep track of this information without laborious manual data … Continued