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Understanding Shipping to an APO Adress

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for “shipping to APO address” information! Getting your letter or package to a member of the armed forces may be complicated, but we’ll talk you through it.  Shipping to military bases is a common occurrence, and they’re quite adept at getting the package to the right … Continued

What Is Media Flat Rate Shipping?

Despite what it may seem sometimes, the government wants people to be smarter. In 1938, the U.S. Post Office began offering lower rates to ship educational materials. Thus, media flat rate shipping was born.  Fortunately, they’ve kept up with the times; “educational materials” no longer means just books. DVDs, CDs, and other digital recordings can … Continued

What Is a Pick List?

When a package arrives at your house, you expect to get what you paid for. A properly filled order isn’t something anyone thinks about — until that order is wrong. How do thousands of shipments get made every day with the right products inside? The pick list. How Does a Pick List Work? You might … Continued

What Does MOQ Mean?

MOQ stands for “minimum order quantity,” and if you’ve ever had to spend “just $5.04 to get free shipping,” you’ve experienced a form of MOQs in action. But what does MOQ mean to you as a producer of goods and products? If you’re in eCommerce, you’re going to need to be intimately familiar with the … Continued

How to Offer Free Shipping for Your eCommerce Store

Customers love free shipping. Case in point — over 200 million people currently pay Amazon to get free two-day shipping. Yes, the irony that people pay for free shipping is not lost.  The point remains that offering free shipping is a great way to entice people to buy from your eCommerce store. People love to … Continued

What Is Carbon Neutral Shipping?

Perhaps you’re concerned about your company’s environmental impact, or maybe you need to satisfy customer demand for carbon-neutral shipping materials and procedures.  Either way, you want to lower your carbon footprint and embrace a greener way to get your products into consumers’ hands. That’s great! But how can you make it happen? There’s no “go … Continued

What Are Shipping Zones?

If you’ve ever had to ship a package, you probably assume that shipping rates are tied to distance. And you’re correct! And not correct. The answer is, “It depends.” Shipping zones (also called mailing zones or postal zones) are how the major carriers (US Postal Service, FedEx, and UPS) determine their shipping rates, and shipping … Continued

Helpful Tips for Interior Book Design

Laying out a book seems like a secondary task to creating the content, right? Well, message and delivery style really can’t be separated. Imagine Donald Duck trying to deliver Franklin Roosevelt’s “Day of Infamy” speech. It wouldn’t work, right?  Similarly, without a solid book layout that allows the reader to follow along, they’ll be frustrated … Continued

How to Create an Ecommerce Checklist

Have you ever had to write out instructions for someone and realized just how complicated it can be to spell out every step? Creating an ecommerce checklist for yourself can feel every bit as taxing if you’re trying to do it from scratch.  If you’re working on figuring out how to make an ecommerce store … Continued