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How and When to Use a Commercial Printer

Commercial printing is the production of printed material for businesses or commercial use. There are numerous applications for commercial print and there are several different techniques used in commercial printing. 

There are also many benefits of using a commercial printer for your business needs, such as high print quality, the ability to produce customizations, and speedy delivery. Read on to find out how you can take advantage of utilizing a commercial printer. 

How Does Commercial Printing Work?

Commercial printing works by using an offset lithography method or a digital press to produce high quality printed materials in a timely fashion for business use. 

What is Commercial Printing Used For?

Commercial printing is used for businesses who need to produce printed materials in a cost effective and timely manner. 

What is the Most Common Form of Commercial Printing?

The most common form of commercial printing is digital printing. It is extremely popular for its high quality and low costs. 

Why Use a Commercial Printing Company?

The reason for using a commercial printer is to enjoy timely production that is cost-effective. If you do a lot of printing you’ll want to work with a commercial printing company that has your back and can deliver high quality products and services. When it comes time to meet a strict deadline, your commercial printer can be your best ally. 

Types of Commercial Printing

There are multiple methods of producing commercially printed products. In this section we will discuss the different available types of commercial print and how each of them differ. 

Digital Printing

DIgital printing is the transfer of a digital image directly onto a substrate instead of using a printing plate, as in offset printing. 

Offset Printing

Offset printing is the use of metal plates to transfer an inked image onto a rubber surface and then onto the desired substrate. It is the oldest form of printing and it’s still very popular despite its age. 


Flexography is a printing process that uses a flexible rotating plate to transfer images using a web press at high speeds onto a variety of substrates in a single pass. This allows for high volume production. 


LED UV printing is a form of digital printing that uses UV light to dry specialty UV inks to the substrate. 

Large Format 

Large format, also known as wide format printing, is the printing of images on large substrates, ranging from two feet to fifteen feet in width. These devices typically utilize digital technology to create signage as well as banners for commercial use. 

Benefits of Using Commercial Printing Services

There are many benefits to choosing a commercial printer as your business partner, which we will discuss further in the following section. 

Higher Quality Images

Commercial printing can offer you images of higher quality than you’d obtain if you were to attempt to print your own. Quality commercial printers use state-of-the-art digital equipment and have the ability to enhance your photos to gain the highest image quality possible. 

Ability To Accommodate Various Paper Sizes

Commercial printers can accommodate various paper sizes for your custom prints. Many devices used by commercial print shops have the ability to print on large surfaces and produce wide format print jobs. 

Save Time and Money

Commercial printers can help you save time and money by quickly producing high-quality prints for you to turn around for your business use, which helps you make money. The speed to market helps you stay on top of your business. 

Option To Print on Other Materials

Commercial printers provide the option to print on various materials beyond paper, such as canvas, plastics, vinyls, and even automobile wraps, which you obviously would not be able to professionally accomplish on your own.  

Delivery Options

Commercial printing gives you delivery options. For example, if you were doing a big show somewhere out of your state and needed your custom prints delivered somewhere else, you can know your items will be packed and shipped safely by your commercial printer. 

Commercial Printers Are Valuable Business Partners 

Commercial printers have many benefits such as high quality prints, various surfaces, high speed production, options for delivery, and more. Take advantage of several methods of printing and types of substrates to produce the highest quality prints for your business. Allow Print Bind Ship to be your valued business partner in the commercial print space!