Postcards for Direct Mail: How to Boost Your Marketing 

Direct mail offers one of the best returns on investment (ROIs) of any marketing outreach method. Physical mailers are more impactful than automated email or social media messages. One study found that the average response rate of the direct mail is around 2.7% to 4.4%, significantly higher than email’s rate at around 0.6%. In short, businesses can see real gains by using services like Print Bind Ship’s Mail Genius to send postcards for direct mail campaigns.

Understanding Direct Mail Campaigns and Postcards

Direct mail postcards advertise promotions, offers and incentives. Postcard marketing is a primary way that companies build brand awareness and generate leads for increased and sustained sales.

Postcards for direct mail are so beneficial because they get right to the point using easy-to-digest messages with clear calls to action. A pamphlet or booklet might be too much to take in and will overwhelm potential customers with scores of information. 

The term decision paralysis applies here. With a postcard, there’s usually a short, clear, and direct ask, such as, “Check out this new product” or “Get 10% off by using this code.”

5 Benefits of Using Postcards for Direct Mail Marketing

It is a common misconception that longer is better for direct mail campaigns. Here’s a list of reasons you should consider postcards instead.

1. Cost-Effective Compared to Other Forms of Direct Mail

You get an excellent bang for your buck with postcards. There’s little material used compared to multi-page offerings, and you can get excellent bulk rates from the USPS and other entities.

2. Relatively Strong Response Rates

Direct mail provides the best response rate of any marketing channel by a wide margin. While the reported numbers may vary, they all agree that direct mail is the number one method.

3. Easy to Design and Produce

With the small surface area of a postcard, it’s easier to ensure clean, uncluttered visuals. Using contrasting colors, clear images and large text allows you to get your message across at a glance. Postcard printing is far more reasonably priced and budget-friendly than more complex alternatives.

4. Versatility in Target Audience and Messaging

Any company that seeks to increase brand awareness can benefit from postcards. Whether you own a grocery store, a car dealership, a toy shop or a brewery, a direct-mail postcard campaign can work for you.

5. Can Be Easily Tracked and Measured

Postcard mailing services offer detailed tracking data so you can see who received and responded to the postcards. This feature can fuel your product and service strategy decisions.

Best Practices for Successful Postcard Direct Mail Campaigns

Strategy is key for getting the most out of your postcards.

Target the Right Audience

Do you want to use targeted mailing or every-door direct mail (EDDM)? Talk with your direct mail company for help deciding.

Use the Right Mailing List

Sending postcards to the wrong addresses is a waste of money. Your mailing list needs to come from a reliable source. You can use house lists, which are sourced from existing customers. You can also use purchased lists, which feature curated audiences that can be considered hot leads.

Time the Campaign Effectively

When creating a successful postcard campaign, timing is everything. Send your mailers out around big holiday shopping times, seasons when your industry sees big sales, grand openings and other pertinent occasions.

Consistency in Messaging and Branding

Every aspect of your postcard needs to support your brand and tone. Colors, logos, copy and images must be consistent or recipients won’t associate the postcards with your business.

Measuring the Success of Postcard Direct Mail Campaigns

You want to know that your direct mail campaign is achieving success, right? Here’s how to do that.

Track Response Rates and ROI

You want high response rates, but how people respond is crucial. Are they buying your products at the rate and price you wanted? Are you getting responses from the regions and types of customers you expected?

Analyze Data to Make Informed Decisions for Future Campaigns

With all the data you’re collecting, you can make appropriate changes to your products and marketing. Alternatively, you might find that everything’s working great. 

Designing Postcards for Direct Mail

To ensure that your postcards don’t end up in the circular file, make them as compelling as possible. If you follow these tips, you can bring your postcard to the next level.

Creating Eye-Catching Designs

Catch the eye with bright, bold and contrasting colors and clear, large text. Your goal is to be noticed and to convey information as the recipient sifts through a stack of mail.

Include a Clear Call-to-Action

Consider what you want the recipient to do, whether that’s signing up for a newsletter or buying a product that’s on sale. Then, convey that desire using a clear call to action.

Use Personalized Messaging to Increase Response Rates

With Print Bind Ship’s Mail Genius, you can get notes that look like they’ve been handwritten and include the recipient’s name. Personalization increases response rates.

Select High-Quality Printing Materials and Colors

If your postcards use flimsy paper, have typos and feature smudged images, the first impression will be negative. Print Bind Ship offers strong cardstock, well-edited text and durable, high-resolution images. 

Print Bind Ship also knows formatting backward and forwards. You can rest assured that your postcards will be in the right format for mailing!

Why Choose PBS for Your Postcard Direct Mail Marketing Campaign?

Printing is our area of expertise. Mail Genius provides accurate tracking, quality postcard mailers and a printing partner with a track record of success. We’ll work with you to target the right audiences so you can grow your brand and increase sales.

Send Postcards that Establish Brands with Print Bind Ship!

Take advantage of the stellar ROI provided by postcard direct mail campaigns. Print Bind Ship’s Mail Genius works with businesses like yours around the world to send high-quality, well-timed and properly targeted direct mail campaigns. Get started by contacting Print Bind Ship today.


What are postcards commonly used for in direct mail campaigns?

Common promotions are event announcements, discounts, special offers and product sales. Postcards generate new leads and drive sales.

How can I ensure my postcard reaches the right audience?

Having the right targeted mailing list is key. A reputable mailing service can provide appropriate targeted lists and allows you to select parameters such as location, income, hobbies and age.

How can I create an effective postcard for my direct mail campaign?

Have a clear, direct message. Your graphic design needs to be easy to read, brand supportive and eye-catching.