Create Custom Kits: Online Custom Kitting for Brands

When it comes to custom kitting for brands, there’s a wide variety of categories of ideas and custom boxes to choose from. Doesn’t matter if the theme is practical, like a shaving kit, or whimsical, like a collection of unicorn trinkets. Custom kits are a beautiful way to present consumers with items that they will love.

Offering custom gift boxes for employees or clients can help set your brand apart and show a truly thoughtful appreciation for the people who make your business possible. For example, you can create a branded merchandise kit for employees to use during team-building events. You may choose to offer subscription boxes or bundle products to upsell. The possibilities are endless!

Print Bind Ship is your ideal go-to when it comes to custom kitting for brands. We can help you build and ship custom-branded merchandise kits, subscription boxes, and more! We print on all kinds of products – ensuring you get the perfect branded merchandise every time. Getting started is super simple – get in touch with Print Bind Ship for a free quote on a project you have in mind!

In the meantime, let’s go over everything to know about custom-branded merch kits and how to create one.

What is a Custom Kit?

custom kit

Custom kits are specialty products that you fill with items that a specific person or group of people would enjoy.

Perhaps your business wants to sell its products in a monthly subscription box. Maybe you just want to design a custom gift kit for past clients for the holidays. A bundle of products can also provide an opportunity to give a unique experience, too. For example, a one-time gift box can offer the information and equipment that a client needs to start a new workout.

Companies can design custom kits for employees that share fun swag, building morale and loyalty. With a bit of creativity, you can bring a smile to any recipient with a custom gift kit.  

How to Make Custom Kits

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Ready to get started? Here are some tips for creating custom merchandise kits for your brand!

1. Identify the Purpose Behind Your Custom Merchandise Kit

The purpose behind what you’re trying to create will dictate the type of products, packaging, and pricing for your custom merchandise kit.

For promotional giveaways, focus on cost-effective items that create brand awareness. Subscription boxes require a thoughtful curation of products that delight customers monthly or quarterly. Gift sets are ideal for special occasions, offering a cohesive collection of premium items. Event swag bags aim to create memorable experiences by providing useful branded products to attendees. You may even choose to create a custom kit specific for bundling merchandise and upselling your current customers.

2. Choose a Theme

A well-defined theme adds depth and cohesion to your merchandise kit. A seasonal theme, like a summer or holiday collection, allows you to incorporate relevant designs, colors, and motifs. Product-focused themes highlight your bestsellers or complementary items, appealing to existing customers. Brand values themes, such as eco-friendly or philanthropic, resonate with audiences who share your company’s ethos.

Ultimately, make sure your custom kit’s theme is in line with your overall brand and compliments it well.

You may also choose to incorporate some brand storytelling. Use inserts, hangtags, or custom packaging to share the inspiration behind your kit’s theme. Highlight brand history, production processes, or the designers involved. This adds value by immersing customers in your brand narrative and fostering a deeper connection.

3. Select Complementary Products

Curate a mix of products that create a well-rounded experience. For example, a lifestyle kit could include a branded t-shirt, water bottle, tote bag, and notebook – items that integrate seamlessly into daily routines. A beauty kit might feature skincare products, makeup accessories, and a branded makeup case. The key is selecting items that make sense together while also offering some variety in product types and price points.

4. Design Custom Packaging

We spoke briefly about the importance of choosing a theme for your custom merchandise kit – and one of the most important focal points will be the kit’s packaging. Packaging is just as important as the products inside when creating a branded merchandise kit.

Invest in high-quality, custom-designed boxes, totes, or wrapping paper that aligns with your brand identity. The packaging should be visually appealing, using your brand colors, logos, and patterns. Consider unique shapes, textures, or materials that create an upscale unboxing experience. The packaging itself can become a keepsake item that customers cherish. Include thoughtful details like ribbons, tissue paper, thank you notes, or branded stickers to elevate the presentation.

Need some help? Look no further than Print Bind Ship! We boast hundreds of success stories helping brands create the custom branded merchandise kits and custom packaging to go along!

Get in touch for a free quote for your project here!

5. Add Delightful Extras

Surprise and delight your customers or clients by including fun branded extras along with the main items.

Small touches like branded stickers, enamel pins, patches, or product samples create a sense of exclusivity and add perceived value. These extras also provide additional brand impressions and can pique interest in your other product offerings. Get creative with the extras – they don’t have to be expensive but should feel special.

6. Get Additional Feedback

Your existing customers are a valuable source of feedback when planning merchandise kit concepts. Survey them about their favorite branded products, desirable price points, and potential kit themes they’d love to see.

You can also invite customers to submit their own kit ideas or vote on suggested options. This level of engagement makes customers feel valued and allows you to create merchandise kits tailored to their interests.

7. Work With a Partner Who Can Help With Custom Kitting for Brands

If you have an idea for your custom kit and have selected your products, then it is time to speak to the team at Print Bind Ship. You can inquire about assembling and shipping your boxes. Our experts will work with you to offer a number of options to help you create the best packaging and branding for your kits.

Next, send any products that you want us to include in your kit to Print Bind Ship. Once received, we will store them or assemble them. If you are selling custom kits, we will assemble each one when you receive an order. We are kitting experts, and we will package your items so that your customers can enjoy an unboxing experience that’s fun and engaging.

If you’re selling custom merchandise kits, you can link your eCommerce platform to Print Bind Ship for the most seamless experience. This way we will receive the order immediately. You will be able to see where we are in the process at each step of the way.  

Outsourcing Custom Kits to a 3PL like Print Bind Ship

Looking for an extra layer of convenience? Hiring a 3PL service to assemble and ship your custom kits is a great way to streamline your business. Especially if you have other things to focus on. Our services can improve your efficiency and productivity, all while ensuring that your products get to the consumer as quickly as possible.

Custom Kits with a 3PL Service

When you hire a 3PL company, once your customer clicks to order, we will carry out the rest of the process by gathering the items, assembling them, and shipping them in custom boxes you design. If you own an eCommerce business and process online orders, 3PL services can greatly improve your productivity.

Large companies can also benefit from our services when they want to send out holiday gifts or mark anniversaries. While you and your employees need to focus on your business, our business is assembling custom kits. We can handle the process to ensure that your custom kits for employees or clients look beautiful and that your items get where they need to go efficiently.

Print Bind Ship Creates Beautiful Custom Kits

Print Bind Ship is your ideal partner when it comes to custom kitting for brands. Looking to send our branded gifts to employees or clients? We can print your brand’s logo on just about anything – ensuring a perfect product every time. Looking to upsell your current customers with subscription boxes or product bundles? We’ve got you covered. As a 3PL, we can manage all aspects of warehousing and order fulfillment – including kitting and assembling. Plus, we can print your custom boxes and packaging in-house! Talk about some extra convenience.

Ready to learn more, contact Print Bind Ship for a free consultation today!


What types of kits can Print Bind Ship produce?

Print Bind Ship has extensive capabilities to produce a wide variety of merchandise kits including subscription boxes, gift sets, corporate gifts, event swag bags, product bundles, and more. Whether you need monthly replenishment or a one-time custom order, our team can bring your vision to life.

What packaging options are available for merchandise kits?

Print Bind Ship offers fully customizable packaging solutions tailored to your branding. Options include custom-printed boxes, totes, wrap/tissue paper, hangtags, and inserts. Our experts will work with you to create a branded unboxing experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Can Print Bind Ship support subscription kit programs?

Yes, Print Bind Ship has extensive experience producing subscription box kits for various brands. Our 3PL operations are optimized for cost-effective inventory management and order fulfillment. Our experts will work closely with you to plan out your distribution logistics and take of shipping, customer returns, and more!