How to Use Custom Stickers to Promote Your Business

As a business, you need creative ways of improving your brand. You can make use of custom stickers. You can use stickers in various ways; to gain people’s attention, impress your clients using a small gift, or share them during a trade fair or events. This can be a great way of boosting your branding especially when you are running on a low budget. Plus, it’s an inexpensive marketing tactic.

A third-party logistics (3PL) fulfillment partner can help your business scale through the provision of supply chain management services like order fulfillment, kitting and arrangement, warehousing, barcode labeling among others. For instance, when most business owners often forget to create their barcodes for their products, 3PL fulfillment partner can print stickers and barcode labels to your inventory.

Why Make Custom Stickers

Making Custom Stickers is an amazing way to showcase your brand to new customers at a minimal cost. Making custom stickers makes it easier to publicize your business by sharing them in a relaxed environment, and using innovative ways as opposed to the traditional marketing techniques.

For a long while, people have made custom stickers for marketing and promotion purposes. Custom stickers are a unique strategy for less expensive and remarkable brand promotion. 

Additionally, custom stickers are simple yet diverse. They’re designed to fit your products specifically and are easier to print. Custom stickers allow you to select designs that fit your marketing strategy effortlessly, thus creating a strong impression on your target audience. Custom stickers promote your business visibility and greatly improves your packaging.

Start Making Custom Stickers

Labeling your product is key to brand recognition growth and sales increase. Making custom stickers gives endless options for branding. Choose colors and designs that help you put your product in the best image. Surprisingly, custom stickers are very affordable. 

Now that you’re convinced of how much value custom stickers bring to your product marketing, you may want to start figuring out the procedures needed in choosing a skilled supplier. 

The use of custom stickers can go a long way, making a difference no matter the size of your business. The following guide will walk you through the custom sticker design, printing, and ordering.

Identify Your Goals

Certainly, every business’s goal is to sell more. So, you want to consider how to produce more sales. Despite the allocated resources to branding and marketing of their products, businesses should consider how their custom product stickers designs can influence the sales of their products.

You should start by stating your objectives. Consider the interests and behaviors of your customers, how your custom stickers and labels would address the needs, questions and choices of your customers. State what your target audience should get and begin your design from there.

You may not fully figure out how your stickers will turn out to be when just starting out. However, ensure you understand the guidelines on the necessary information to be provided. You may want to consider using a 3PL partner as they would help you communicate your desired value to your target audience as they have proficiency in this field, help you cut unnecessary costs, maintain quality and save time which you can use on your business.

Make A Plan

Your budget greatly matters in here. High-quality custom stickers are cost-effective but low-quality stickers on the other hand will cost you more. You should consider who is running the process. You should consider using 3PL If you have a small team. 3PL partners can provide guidance and assistance.

Your schedule also matters. When targeting to launch a product on a specified date, rebranding, reordering product labels but wanting a different label, it is advisable to consult 3PL about the deadlines before committing to something unachievable.

Custom Stickers Design and Printing

Custom stickers give a wide option to product label enhancement. However, seeing that your idea comes into execution can be quite technical. Making custom die-cuts is appealing for some businesses. However, can an unusually shaped label or the usual round-shaped stickers work just fine? Can custom stickers be designed and applied to look as though your products have no label on them

Types of Stickers

For some products, a bit of visual punch is necessary. Using a metallic die, you can cut custom stickers into various shapes in smaller and larger sizes. You can get any shape you desire. There are numerous options to spice up your creativity and chances to sell more products and build your business brand simultaneously.

Die Cut Stickers

This kind of sticker is typically a great choice for advertising and branding purposes. They are available in either glossy or matte lamination, which can be used outdoors. Glossy and Matte Die cut stickers have finishing with no obvious backing, and a crack and peel attribute. Hence they can be peeled, sticked and loved.

Kiss Cut Stickers

The finishes for these stickers are with a small square of obvious backing around them. This is another great sticker for promoting your brand! They can be finished on a reel for labeling or logo addition to products needing to withstand the weather as an outdoor resilient sticker with long-lasting adhesive.

Clear Stickers

They are printed on transparent material so you can see your logo and designs on the sticker. It can be printed with a layer of white ink behind your artwork to increase your design’s opacity. They are also an excellent choice for window stickers and can be printed with a front or back adhesive, thus they can be used on the outside or inside of a window facing outside.

Silkscreen Stickers

Silkscreen stickers are durable and ideal when your custom stickers will be used in outdoor-setting under harsh climatic conditions. They are printed on resilient outdoor vinyl with UV hardy inks. They are printed with a customary spot color technique with typically up to 4 spot colors.

Choosing the Right Size and Shape

The way you want your stickers to be used determines the size of your stickers. The area you want them to be used on determines how small or large the stickers would be. More importantly, you should select a size that fulfills your stickers’ needs. You should also consider the shape of your custom stickers. The shape of the custom stickers determines if they would curl up or not after use.

Working with a Custom Stickers Fulfillment Partner

3PL partners are third-party logistics companies and they offer services such as outsourced supply chain management, distribution, warehousing, among others. They provide businesses with cost-effective and competent services. Usually, they specialize in combined logistics and warehouse operations services, and they fulfill the needs of their partners.

Their services can also include truckload shipping, fulfillment (pick and pack, kitting), and more. Using their services saves you money which you could have used in getting staff to handle the outsourced services. They are experts in the field so you can rely on their expertise, your international logistics get handled and the process gets simpler.

Working with Print Bind Ship

Print Bind Ship can help you design, print, package and provide all the services you need to see your business gain more awareness as well as the provision of fulfillment services. We would walk with you through the process of choosing a design for your custom sticker and ensure they fit perfectly into your marketing goals and achieve more sales for your products. Contact us now to get started.