Guide to Mass Mailers and Bulk Mailing

The process of mass mailing can seem daunting and time-consuming, but with the right mass mailer service, it can be a great way to acquire new clients. This guide covers the different types of mass mailer options and how to decide which one may be right for you.

How Mass Mailer Services Work

Mass mailer services allow businesses to send a large number of letters or postcards to a targeted group at one time. Mass mailers are a great way for local businesses to let their neighbors know about sales and reach out to potential customers. 

Guide to Mass Mailer Services

Though any major carrier should be able to handle mass direct mail, choosing a direct mail servicer that can guide and help you through the process can be key.

Step 1: Develop Your Targeted Mailing List

Most mass direct mail services will allow you to either purchase a list from a list broker and upload it or compile a list of your own. PBS can help you create a laser-focused list but when making your targeted list make sure that you understand your geographic boundaries and demographic specifics. 

Step 2: Decide on the Type of Direct Mail

Once you have your mailing list, you need to decide the type of direct mail you want to send to your potential client base. The most common types of direct mail are letters and postcards. Though letters can be a great way to fully explain your messaging, postcards are straight to the point and people generally want to read less. On the other side of the spectrum, catalogs are also a form of direct mail and are perfect for lists that include people that are already your clients.

Step 3: Solidify Your Campaign

Now that you know the who and what you’re sending in your campaign, it’s time to start putting together your campaign messaging, and other assets and objectives. Regardless of the type of mailer you choose, your messaging needs to be clear and direct.

Since the information in mailers is generally short and sweet, you should create a corresponding landing page that is easily accessible on your website. Now that QR codes are common use, adding one and a short URL to your mailer can help interested parties find out more about what your company has to offer. Not only will this make it easier for people to convert, but it will also allow you to track them within your analytics suite.

Step 4: Get in Touch with Print Bind Ship

Once you have your campaign ready to go, the next step is to get in touch with a company that understands the ins and outs of direct mail marketing. And in this case, that company should be Print Bind Ship, which has specialized in printing and mailing for over 60 years. Compare prices and services to find who can best fill your needs, but within 24 hours of processing, your timely messaging can be sent out.

Step 5: Select Your Printing Settings

Now that you’re ready to print your direct mail pieces, it’s time to choose your printing specifications. The specifications for your printing needs will include paper stock, dimensions, print quality and quantity.

Step 6: Choose Delivery Options

Your main options are standard and priority mail. If you don’t have a deadline or promotion going, you may be able to save on shipping costs. 

Step 7: Mail and Track Your Campaign

Now that your direct mail campaign is prepared, processed and printed, it’s time to get mail and track your campaign. With a shipping partner like PBS, you’ll know the moment your mailers have gone out. Tracking the success of your campaign will depend on your campaign objectives, so make sure you have a clear call to action. 

Mass Mailing Works Well for All Types of Businesses

Direct mail functions as a workable way to promote your products and services. It’s an accepted technique used to build brand awareness and increase sales. You can personalize your message to individual recipients, allowing you to communicate with customers on a more personal level. By sending a physical piece of marketing that is customized to your customer, you tap into a cost-effective way to connect with customers and track the return on investment for your marketing dollars. 


How do I send out bulk mailers?

Choose a direct mail servicer, create or buy a direct mail list, work on your messaging, print and then choose your delivery method.

How do I get mass mailing addresses?

Mass mailing lists can be bought from brokers, targeted with specific carriers’ internal APIs or uploaded from pre-built lists of your customers/