How Long Does Flat Rate Shipping Take?

When a business considers the merits of using flat rate shipping for their eCommerce efforts, particularly when they determine to do it in house, they may worry that the results are like an earnest New Year’s resolution; a great idea in theory, but difficult to live up to in practice.  With the rapidly growing demand … Continued

Best Shipping Options For Small Businesses

One of the challenges small businesses tend to face is managing shipping orders. Slow deliveries can put a dent in customer relationships. Fast deliveries, on the other hand, can be a means to retaining customer loyalty. So what are the best shipping options for a small business? There are diverse shipping options for small businesses … Continued

Last Mile Carriers

The “last mile” refers to the very last leg of a shipment’s journey, which usually originates at the shipping hub and ends at the destination address. While it is usually the shortest part of the journey, it is often the most expensive and inefficient for last mile carriers. In this article, we’ll discuss last mile … Continued

USPS Zones 101, How to Get The Best eCommerce Shipping Rates

USPS (United States Postal Service) shipping zones are geographical reasons to which USPS shipments are delivered. These zones are defined by groups of zip codes, grouped by the distance from the point of origin (where it was shipped from) to the destination. These zones are assigned specifically based on rules and guidelines set forth by … Continued