What Are Click Funnels?

If you are wondering what exactly are click funnels, you are not alone. Lots of business owners, marketers, and consultants also come to us asking about click funnels. There are two “types” of click funnels. One is the company while the other one is the actual concept. 

The company ClickFunnels helps entrepreneurs create actual sales funnels with their web builder. Their web builder is great for sellers who aren’t too keen in coding. By working with ClickFunnels, entrepreneurs can create beautiful web pages. These web pages will harbor a sales funnel which is also known as the concept, click funnels. 

Now, you may be asking, “what exactly is a click funnel?”

While it sounds strange at first, this single core concept can take a business from virtually non-existent and unknown to a multi-million-dollar money making machine, seemingly overnight. In addition to learning about what a click funnel is, we will also be explaining click funnel fulfillment. 

Once you start generating leads with your click funnel, you’re going to want to be able to fulfill all your orders!

What is a Click funnel?

So what exactly is a click funnel and how can it help you? 

A click funnel is a series of multiple web pages that guide leads through a predetermined sales funnel set by you. Their only job is to get people to buy what’s being sold in this funnel. What you sell can either be physical goods or services.

When most people talk about click funnels, they also bring up sales funnels. Simply put, a sales funnel is a series of online pages that are intentionally crafted to turn visitors into leads and leads into customers, step by step. You can see how the two terms can be interchangeable.

Continuing on, a click funnel is all about automating the sales process to control every stage of the buyer’s journey. The funnel guides users through your web pages that aim to sell your products and services, while also adding options to upsell your products. 

Weight loss as well as nutrition programs are great examples of click funnels. The main goal of this type of marketing is to increase the number of people who sign up for a weight loss consultation. In addition to signing up, there are usually options to buy additional weight loss products that can be beneficial when completing the program. 

Instead of a single landing page, which serves as the end goal of encouraging a user to share their information and sign up for a consultation, you would design and set up various types of click funnels to optimize the purchasing process.

Types of Click funnels

Being that click funnels are a broad type of sales funnel that online businesses use to market their brand, there are many types of click funnels. Choosing which one to go with depends on your business need, product, or services offered. Here are just a few to give you an idea:

Membership Funnel

Membership funnels are created to sell people into either membership sites, paid newsletters and more. A membership site is not a funnel technically. However, it offers a creative, unique, and fun way to deliver your products and services to people in a customized way.

You can lock certain areas of your website depending on the member’s purchase, and send content to them based on their registration. You may have noticed the Washington Post and other media outlets often use this feature on their articles. This framework includes two things:

  1. A registration page where members can sign up for your membership.
  2. Customizing the content in the members’ area, setting when the content will be unlocked, etc.

Squeeze Page Funnel

Squeeze pages may be the most versatile click funnel. A squeeze page is designed to funnel all interested leads into the same place. Moreover, the squeeze page that your visitors view is for subscribing to your newsletter or receiving a lead magnet (such as a free eBook, coupon code, or template). 

To further explain, from the squeeze page, leads provide information for your data collection purposes in order to receive something (an eBook, etc.). After filling out a form, visitors are sent to a “thank you” page that presents an option to buy what you’re selling. While here, you can offer your customers a special deal to be used on a future purchase to help solidify this budding connection.

This is also great if your visitor decides not to convert at this time. Here is where you have the chance to build a relationship with them! Through email marketing, you increase the chances that they’ll come back and finalize a purchase.

Webinar Funnel

The webinar funnel is great when you want to do a live webinar. Webinar Funnels give you more time to close potential customers at a higher price point, as most webinars are at least one hour long, and give more time to address the false beliefs of customers. If you need to capture the visitors registration and confirmation pages, you should take them through the webinar funnel.

Webinar Funnels are an “event” and are broken into two phases:

  1. Visitors will register for a seat to attend and hear success stories to increase curiosity. These events are often advertised as free. 
  2. Visitors will then attend the live webinar where they get a taste of what is being sold, usually a service. As they watch, the window to buy begins to close, creating true scarcity and urgency. The webinar typically ends with a special offer code to purchase the product/service. 

Webinar funnels make the most sense when your product or service is somewhat complex and has a longer sales process. Webinars educate people and ease them into purchasing, while providing you with a longer list of contacts to reach out to via email marketing.

The Survey Funnel

Survey click funnels are great for generating leads. Even better is that you can categorize your leads based on the answers provided. In other words, with survey funnels, you’re able to ask potential customers for specific responses. Those responses can be used to segment them into different lists and/or trigger a pixel audience. 

A pixel audience is an audience gathered by the analytic tool called a pixel. This 1×1 transparent pixel allows you to track events and even demographics on each user. Pixels are great for collecting audience user information. Furthermore, you can use these pixels anywhere on your site. Analytic tools, like Facebook and Google, will keep track of this information for you to better target your audience.

So, survey funnels aren’t just for receiving feedback. They’re also for targeting leads. With a survey click funnel, you can ask specific questions to determine who is more likely to buy your product (and which product) and then target them on social media and/or with Google ads. 

The Custom Funnel

Depending on your goals or what you’re selling, you can create a custom click funnel. Custom click funnels are used all the time. Building pixel-perfect custom click funnels exactly as you want is becoming easier each day. If you are an entrepreneur, you can build a summit funnel to add more value to your venture. Or, you can use a bridge funnel when you need to connect two different, but related ideas for customers. 

No matter what, click funnels is a great marketing tool for you to sell products or grow your audience. 

Click Funnel Fulfillment

When you start to use your funnel, you can expect a lot of orders to start pouring in. 

With the new influx of completed transactions, it can be beneficial to consider a fulfillment partner. A third-party logistic (3PL) partner is a service that allows you to outsource operations from warehousing, all the way through to delivery. 

3PL fulfillment partners are a great way to allow you to focus on other parts of your business.

How Does Click Funnel Fulfillment Work?

Click funnel fulfillment is when your 3PL partner takes over after your customer submits their order. Depending on the services you need, 3PL partners can help with shipping your orders out from their warehouse as well as process returns. 

When an order comes through from your click funnel, you can count on your fulfillment partner to take action as soon as possible. This is a great advantage in today’s age where Amazon shipping creates the expectation of fast delivery. 

Furthermore, utilizing a fulfillment partner will give you a necessary boost in fulfilling your orders. You’ll be able to better manage and scale your business which ultimately is better for you and your customers.

Choosing Your Click Funnel Fulfillment Partner

There are many 3PL fulfillment partners to choose from. However, these fulfillment partners services can vary. 

Print Bind Ship is a great partner to consider because they are experts in assisting businesses with scaling. Print Bind Ship is a certified shipping center and is able to ship orders worldwide within 24 hours of order processing. Additionally, Print Bind Ship offers commercial printing, packaging, direct mail, and more!

To learn more about how Print Bind Ship can assist you in click funnel fulfillment, get in contact with us today and speak with an expert.