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What Is An Order Management System (OMS)?

An order management system, or OMS, is a streamlined, digitized way to manage the flow, processes, and communication required across the entire order time frame. Modern logistics have made most customer’s experiences seamless and pain-free – there’s little to do other than wait from the moment you place your order to when it finally arrives … Continued

Why Online Visual Merchandising is an Effective eCommerce Strategy

Have you ever felt attracted to a mannequin dressed up with the perfect set of clothes behind the store’s glass outside the street? If yes, that store successfully applied visual merchandising! Brick-and-mortar stores have long charmed their shoppers by utilizing expert visual merchandising. However, visual merchandising is not just a strategy for physical stores. This … Continued

What Is a Fulfillment Center?: Why Fulfillment Centers Are Important in eCommerce

With more and more people staying at home and avoiding in-person situations due to the coronavirus pandemic, eCommerce businesses and online ordering have become more popular than ever before. Because of this, it’s vital for online retailers to provide a wide selection of; available products, easy ordering, quick shipments, simple returns, and excellent customer service … Continued

Warehouse Management System (WMS) Benefits & Importance

If you think of a business like a restaurant, the warehouse is the kitchen. That’s where ingredients—just like inventory—get pulled from shelves and prepared to be shipped out to diners. If a kitchen is poorly managed, you may find you don’t have the ingredients you need to make the dishes that customers are requesting. Otherwise, … Continued

5 Eco-Friendly Packaging Strategies For eCommerce in 2021

Using eco-friendly packaging materials is one of the biggest things your business can do to be more sustainable. While direct shipping may be convenient for your customers, it can have a harmful impact on the environment. The eCommerce sector used 9.4 million tons of plastic packaging in 2019. That number has likely gone up since … Continued