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Global Fulfillment Solutions & Services Guide

To take their brands globally, e-commerce businesses find ways to keep shipping costs down. They also have to find ways to increase transit time! With that being said, global fulfillment is not easy; given that you have to pay taxes, import duties, and tariffs. Even after all of those obstacles, challenges still remain.

In this article, we’ll cover how to fulfill your orders globally. We’ll explain how a fulfillment center can help with incoming orders as well. By the end of this article, you will have a better understanding of the complex global fulfillment process; and what your solutions are.

What Is Global Fulfillment & How Does It Work?

Global fulfillment enables eCommerce businesses to reach new customers and thrive in new markets. While it may sound simple at first, fulfilling orders globally can still be challenging.

eCommerce businesses experience several factors that may limit timely delivery. The need to enhance the customer experience and improve efficiency is there. Nonetheless, global fulfillment services can help.

This is because you can depend on a fulfillment partner for the infrastructure and technology needed to go global; such as with Print Bind Ship! With a fulfillment partner, you can store stock at any warehouse; which will ultimately improve your shipping times and order processing.

The 3 challenges stopping e-commerce stores from expanding globally.

Although serving customers worldwide is beneficial for online stores, they lack the support to do so. To better explain, below are some of the common reasons online businesses struggle when launching in global markets.

Too Expensive

Expenses can be improved by storing your inventory all in one place when shipping orders globally. Furthermore, keep in mind that by partnering with a 3PL, finding a global order fulfillment service can better help in the long run. Great 3PLs should have their own warehousing where you can store your products. That way, orders can ship globally in a more timely manner.

Shipping Takes Too Long

Shipping away from your home can lead to shipping delays. By storing your products in the country in which you are shipping your orders, shipping times are reduced; which leaves you with a happy customer. It’s worth learning more about shipping and the importance of last mile carrier logistics.

Too Complex

It should come at no surprise that every country has its own rules and laws for shipping orders. When entering new markets for the first time, understanding customs and taxes can be challenging. However, Print Bind Ship’s global fulfillment experts can work with you to ensure that your global launch goes smoothly.

Global Fulfillment Costs And Considerations

If you want to ship worldwide, knowing the many factors can help you in the long run. Wherever your e-commerce business is based to better improve shipments to countries worldwide, you should consider the following:

Free Trade

Free trade zone is a geographic area where goods can be; received, stored, handled, manufactured, or reassembled without complications by customs officers. Free trade zones exist to reduce the trials of cross-border sales. With that said, you should keep in mind that once the goods are transported to the country’s end consumers, they are subject to the existing customs.

Package Dimensions

The dimensions of each shipment can affect your final shipping cost.

The pricing technique used for commercial freight transfer is dimensional (DIM) weight. So, even if you have a lighter order, if these dimensions are large, you can pay the shipping rate for the size, not weight. This is due to limited space.

Commercial Invoice

Commercial invoicing helps to process and clear a package through customs. When it comes to commercial invoices, you must detail the goods and price. Additionally, you should include; the seller’s and the ship’s shipping destination, and delivery and payment terms are necessary documents.


Customs are the country’s import and export laws and regulations; the customs department administers and collects duties on goods. When customs approves a package, it can be transported to the shipping destination.


Duties are payments or taxes that must be delivered before shipment; this varies internationally and is a legal requirement. On some occasions, customers have to pay additional fees and taxes before shipment, which is sometimes surprising, forcing them to pay more money and get their package.

Scaling Globally With A 3pl Fulfillment Partner

3PL gives you access to various shipping options, a global fulfillment partner gives you the benefit of total fulfillment services. One can take advantage of a fulfillment warehouse to store your inventory, so when an order arrives. The product will be shipped to your fulfillment partner automatically, will pick up, pack and ship for you.

Third party logistics refers to outsourcing eCommerce logistics processes including; inventory management, warehousing, and fulfillment. Print Bind Ship is a 3PL that processes logistics and fulfillment services.

How Can A 3pl Fulfillment Partner Help

If you sell globally, you can ask yourself this question: Should I use a fulfillment warehouse to make shipping for my online business expensive and attractive to my overseas customers?

There are many benefits of getting a 3PL partner, which is not limited to the following:

Keep shipping costs down.

Fulfillment warehouses ship in large quantities from multiple vendors, which helps keep costs down.

Meet delivery times and shipping requirements.

Besides saving on shipping costs, keeping your inventory at supply centers locally reduces time in transition.

Manage inventory levels easily.

Using Fulfillment Warehouse allows you to store your inventory in one place, which will make it easier to manage the inventory.

Minimize shipping errors.

When you are growing quickly, it can be not easy to face orders globally. 3PLs are experts in fulfillment services; which are capable of performing global fulfillment services in the most efficient way.

Scale operations faster.

Infrastructure and features are not required when you use a global fulfillment solution. Nonetheless, you can speed up procedures by partnering with a 3PL network of fulfillment services.

Working With Print Bind Ship For Global Fulfillment

Global fulfillment can be a challenge as well as expensive and slow. However, fulfilling orders globally has the potential to be very useful for e-commerce businesses. With Print Bind Ship, you are given the tools that’s needed to take your business worldwide.

Print Bind Ship handles everything from warehousing to shipping. We can even even help with marketing and other fulfillment solutions.