How to Design and Order Custom Family T-Shirts

Whether it’s a family reunion, family vacation or family competition you can become a visible family unit with custom T-shirts. Family T-shirts are perfect for commemorating celebrations and competitions and sparking conversations. We all have that one T-shirt we keep because it holds sentimental value or has a story to go along with it. 

We can’t guarantee that your family vacation will be perfect, but we can make sure your family vacation T-shirt is. Print Bind Ship is here to help you from concept to fabrication, so even if that all-inclusive family cruise wasn’t the trip of a lifetime, your shirt can still be unforgettable.

5 Reasons for Creating Custom Family T-Shirts

Every family has its own rules and dynamics, but no family has a lack of memorable moments that can be captured in a photo or tied together by a witty family T-shirt. Whether it’s a hike through Hawaii or a family cruise, a family T-shirt will remind you of a great time or get you out of the next one.

Chance to Get Creative

Even if your family isn’t that big or close, having the chance to customize family shirts together or as a surprise can be a great way to get your creative juices flowing. Many families get matching Christmas outfits for their kids, but matching family T-shirts for a get-together can be a great way to wax nostalgic when the whole family’s back together. Outside of family get-togethers, family T-shirts can be great ways to transport your parents, kids or siblings back to hilarious and heartfelt moments from the past. 

Making shirts that spell out how your kids said specific words or names when they were babies, weird catchphrases that your siblings and parents used to say, or hilarious mistakes that everyone in the family made are all family-personalized shirts that can be enjoyed for years to come while bringing everyone heartwarming memories. 

Perfect for Events

The most common reason people get custom family T-shirts is for family reunions, but there are other events families attend that could also warrant a custom T-shirt. Birthdays, graduations and other special days are all great opportunities to commemorate the event with a witty or whimsical T-shirt to lightly embarrass or egg on a sibling or child. Instead of just buying a generic T-shirt that all the family members can wear to these events, why not get a custom family T-shirt that all of you will love and want to keep? 

Fun to Wear

Though everyone might not be into it, if you have a sense of humor, there’s a good chance everyone will wear a custom family T-shirt. A family that doesn’t take themselves too seriously can take a reunion to a whole new level with family personalized shirts. In addition to being a great way to show off your family’s sense of humor, customized family T-shirts can also be a great way to bond and have some laughs with your loved ones. 

Long Lasting

Another way to make your custom family T-shirts memorable is to bring competition into them. Whether you’re a football, softball, basketball, soccer or board game family, customized family shirts as jerseys are a way to up the ante at the next family game night. There’s nothing that can top a good old-fashioned rivalry between siblings or cousins, so why not spice things up by putting your family’s competitive spirit on display with some personalized family T-shirts? 

Getting two colors of custom T-shirts makes it easy for your family to break into teams. Having Print Bind Ship print your custom family shirts on high-quality garments will result in durable T-shirts and leave you with long-lasting memories.

Thoughtful Gift

Personalized shirts can be a thoughtful gift for your family. With customized family T-shirts you can include family crests, a stylized family tree or other elements that specifically speak to your family’s history or genealogy. Custom family shirts can also strike a personal nerve when you get them to highlight the achievements or life moments of someone you love.

Print Bind Ship for Printing Custom Family T-Shirts

Print Bind Ship is a family-run printing company that understands the importance of family bonds. Let us help you create your perfect custom family T-shirt by helping you in the following areas.

Custom Design Services

When you’ve been printing as long as we have, you meet some of the most talented designers in the world, and when you work with us you gain access to our network. Whether you decide to work with our in-house team to ensure your photo works for a T-shirt or you need help refining your design, the Print Bind Ship team is here to make your vision come to life.

Choose the Details

Once you’ve chosen the design for your personalized photo T-shirts, it’s time to get down to the details. T-shirts offer the widest variety of any clothing. From fabrics to cut, you can customize almost as many elements of your shirt as you can in the photo you’re putting on it. If you don’t know exactly what you want, you can consult with our in-house team to determine the most effective and cost-efficient options to meet your needs.

Top-Quality Printing  

Modern printing presses include cutting-edge features that not only improve picture quality but also speed up, simplify and lower the cost of production. All of our commercial presses can get the job done, but we’ll always print with the press that makes the most sense for your specific family T-shirt.


Given enough lead time and our range of presses, we can usually make your shirts in a timely manner. We can also accommodate last-minute orders under certain circumstances. We understand that sometimes you may need a shirt for an event right away, and we’ll do everything in our power to work within your timeline.


During the pandemic, we expanded our offerings and became a full-service logistics and fulfillment company, which helped us become one of the fastest-growing printing companies in America — we became a one-stop shop at a time when fulfillment was extremely difficult.

3 Steps for Ordering Custom Family T-Shirts

Ordering your custom family T-shirts from Print Bind Ship is a simple, three-step process.

Step 1: Decide on the Photos or Design

Because ordering customized shirts for your family is personal, you should put some thought into what you want. You can send your design to us, or you can work with our in-house team to flesh out your idea. We’ll make sure you get a quality product.

Step 2: Get in Touch with Print Bind Ship

Print Bind Ship will take a personal approach to guide you through the process of making your perfect customized family shirts. We’ll help you optimize your order whether you’re doing a matching set or individual custom shirts for each family member.

Once you hand us your custom family T-shirt order, we won’t drop the ball.

Step 3: Receive Your Order

Once your order is processed and printed, we can ship each shirt to specific recipients or to your main delivery addresses 24 hours later.

Keep It in the Family

As a family-run business, Print Bind Ship understands how important family is. Whether you’re making matching family T-shirts for a holiday or special event, uniforms for your yearly family tournament or something to commemorate a milestone in a family member’s life, Print Bind Ship has you covered.


How long does it take to order custom family T-shirts?

Once you have your design, ordering a custom family T-shirt is as simple as sending us your files and order requirements, which can take less than 10 minutes. If you want to work with Print Bind Ship from the beginning, we will go at your pace.

What’s the best place to order custom family T-shirts?

Print Bind Ship is the perfect place to get your custom family T-shirts printed and shipped directly to recipients.

What are some design ideas for custom family T-shirts?

Custom family T-shirts can range from a Brady Bunch-styled grid if you have a large family to your family’s crest and last name.