FedEx Peak Season Dates: Here’s What to Expect

Thanks overall widespread inflation, shipping costs have elevated and remained high. Once the general public realized that just about any product could be delivered to their front door, they decided to keep shopping that way. 

While in-store shopping has since become a viable option again, delivery companies will most likely experience a permanent increase in deliveries, which itself will only be compounded during the holiday season.

It’s no secret that FedEx’s peak charges have increased over the last year. So if you’re in charge of shipping for your business, you’ll want to be aware that FedEx peak season dates are coming earlier than ever.

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What Is FedEx Peak Season?

FedEx’s peak season typically runs from around Thanksgiving through early January each year. This is the busiest shipping period due to the holiday shopping season. Due to this strain, shippers have to pay FedEx peak surcharges. 

To maintain its ability to ship packages on time and intact, FedEx must use more fuel, hire more personnel, and handle more complicated logistics, the costs of which it essentially passes onto you. 

That isn’t a criticism; it’s simply a matter of fact — FedEx’s costs and liabilities are going to go up, and they want to be compensated for the increase.

When Does FedEx Peak Season Start?

FedEx peak season dates run from October to January, representing the period with the highest number of product orders. While FedEx peak season dates tend to remain the same every year, the costs of FedEx peak surcharges, however, are subject to increase. 

How FedEx Peak Season Affects Shipping Rates

How much more will the FedEx peak surcharge cost you? You can expect fees to increase across the board, but exact amounts depend on the specific service you use, which means that if you still have last year’s price list, you can go ahead and throw it away.

1. Additional Handling

FedEx already charges extra for packages that don’t conform to their preferred dimensions and weights. These packages must be sorted differently, which costs them time and money. The surcharge amount this year will be $6.55 per package.

2. Oversize Charge

For each package that is larger than 96 inches long or 130 inches in perimeter and length, FedEx will charge $68.75.

3. Ground Unauthorized Package Charge

For each package that is longer than 108 inches, over 165 inches in combined width and length, or weighs more than 150 pounds, FedEx will charge $385.

4. Residential Delivery Charge

When FedEx needs to deliver freight to a residence or business that lacks loading docks, they will charge extra. The exact amount will be determined on a week-to-week basis, depending on how many shipments they must process. 

Each shipper will be subject to a “Calculation Week,” where their shipping volume is calculated. According to the numbers, a shipper may have to pay anywhere from an extra $1.25 to $6 per package for FedEx Ground and an extra $2.25 to $7 per package for FedEx Express.

5. Other FedEx Ground Economy Package Services

If you remember FedEx SmartPost, Ground Economy is what it’s now called. It’s intended to be a cost-effective method for U.S. residential shipping of low-weight, non-urgent, but high-volume shipments. Charges for these services will increase according to these Fedex peak season dates:

  • Oct. 31 through Nov. 27 – $1.50 per package
  • Nov. 28 through Dec. 11 – $2.50 per package
  • Dec. 12 through Jan. 15 – $1.50 per package 

As for why the dates are different from the standard FedEx peak season range, Ground Economy is used under contract only.

Alternatives to FedEx Surcharges

If you’ve read the FedEx peak season dates and begun to panic, don’t! You have options that will let you avoid FedEx peak surcharges.

Personalized Shipping

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International Shipping

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Personalized Solutions

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When is amazon’s peak season in 2022?

Amazon’s dates are October to January. It will charge $3.28 for packages up to six ounces, $3.98 for 12-16 ounce packages, $6.60 for two-to-three-pound packages, and $6.96 (plus an extra $0.32 per pound) for anything above three pounds.

Are there any surcharges during Fedex peak season?

Yes, FedEx applies peak surcharges on certain services during their peak period. This helps manage the excess residential volume. Peak surcharges typically apply to FedEx Ground, Home Delivery, and Express services.

What is the FedEx holiday schedule?

FedEx peak season rates run from October to January. The fees are a per-package Additional Handling Surcharge of $6.55, an Oversize Charge of $68.75 per package, a Ground Unauthorized Package Charge of $385 per package, $1.50 to $2.50 Peak Surcharges, and variable rate Residential Delivery Charges.