How to Send Everyone in Your Company a Packet

When hiring new employees, the hiring process is only the beginning. Once you’ve chosen a new employee, you will need to determine the best way to orient them to the company and their role. A packet is an excellent way to do this, and it can be a helpful tool for existing employees and clients as well. 

With the right packet, you can not only provide essential information, but you can also create a sense of community and show your appreciation for that employee or client. This is why it is important to learn how to send everyone in your company a packet

What Is a Company Packet?

A hire packet for new employees, or a company packet, contains essential documents. They may describe the company’s purpose, detail co-worker contact information and explain important procedures like setting up email or virtual desktops as well as how 401(k) and healthcare plans work. 

There may also be company-branded items like pens, flash drives or even fidget spinners. These items are meant to help the employee feel at home.

How Does Sending a Company Packet Work? 

It’s important to decide how to send everyone in your company a packet in a way that makes sense for your unique corporate climate.

This will be the employee’s first introduction to many of the functions of their job, from the general and universal tasks like setting up their voicemail to more specific tasks for their role. So, each hiring packet needs to be tailored to the employee and their role with the company. 

As far as how to send everyone in your company a packet, this will depend on the nature of your company. For example, if you employ remote workers, you could mail their packets to their homes. 

For in-office employees, you might have the packet waiting at the worker’s desk, or have it hand-delivered by another employee in person. If you have a new or expanding company that is mass hiring, holding a meeting where each employee receives a packet as they enter could be best. 

Benefits of Company Packets

While understanding how to send everyone in your company a packet is important, it is also essential to know why.

Boost Camaraderie 

When a new employee is hired by a company, they want to feel like they have joined the company. The packet provides essential information, but the presentation and small gifts can help them feel welcomed. Because each employee receives a packet, they will all feel like they’re being greeted into the same culture.

Showcase Appreciation

A happy employee is more likely to be a productive team player. By making the packet exciting and warm, you’re communicating that you’re thankful the employee is there. 

And you don’t have to reserve packets only for new hires. You can create packets for your current employees as well, both to make them feel appreciated and to update them on any company news.


You may also wish to send packets to clients, shareholders and customers. A shareholder will likely prefer to stay informed on company activity, and a packet is a great way to provide those updates. Including branded items along with this information can also increase their familiarity with your logo and, therefore, your business.

5 Steps for Sending Everyone in Your Company a Packet

To best know how to send everyone in your company a packet, there are five steps you will need to follow:

Step 1: Fine-Tune Your Purpose

Decide who your packet is for. This will determine its contents. For example, a packet for new hires would contain important documents and instructions, while a vendor packet might include updates on shipping procedures or changes in materials. 

Step 2: Choose What to Include

Aside from the necessary documents, what company merchandise would you like to include? Keychains, USB memory drives, pens, cups and shirts are all great options. The design professionals at Print Bind Ship can help you brainstorm ideas and source what you decide to include.

Step 3: Decide on Packaging

The packaging should be both attractive and practical, especially if you include larger items like travel mugs. With Print Bind Ship, you can customize your packaging to make your packets more memorable. 

Step 4: Ensure You Have Everyone’s Information

All contact information should be up to date with names spelled correctly. The contact information you include will vary depending on who the packet is for. For example, a customer may not need a company roster and phone extension list, but your new hire will. 

Additionally, if you’re mailing out your company packets, you’ll need to have the correct addresses so that information reaches the right hands.

Step 5: Contact Print Bind Ship

To seamlessly ship your packets, contact Print Bind Ship. 

We’ll first collect any relevant information, such as which company documents to include. Then, we can work with you to make your ideas and designs for your packets a reality. 

Once you are happy with the packet contents, we will print and craft your packets, which we can then send directly to your recipients. Print Bind Ship can make sending company packets a stress-free process.

Welcome New Hires with Packets from Print Bind Ship

Providing a company packet can create a sense of community among your employees and keep clients and shareholders up to date on important company news and developments. 

With Print Bind Ship, you can ensure your packets are not only sources of information, but fun and memorable as well. We can assist with brainstorming and sourcing, and our professionals will craft your packets to your satisfaction and send them to your recipients smoothly. For quality packets for your company, contact Print Bind Ship today.


What should be in a new hire packet?

The packet should include the necessary documents for properly orienting an employee into a company, in addition to some fun and useful branded items.

What documents should be included in a new hire packet?

Documents such as the company history and purpose, policies, setup procedures, an employee roster and phone list, benefits information and any documents pertinent to that particular employee’s position should all be included.

Do you need a new hire packet?

While a new hire packet isn’t strictly necessary, it’s an excellent way to integrate a new hire and show appreciation to current employees.