How to Ship Everyone in Your Company a Gift

In the past, when the average person didn’t know the words “COVID” or “coronavirus,” the giving of company, client, and business partner gifts would be done almost exclusively in person. 

However, the pandemic allowed many workers to become remote employees, and some freelancers even operate from the other side of the planet. There may be few times when they’ll be in the office simultaneously — if any. The question then becomes how to ship everyone in your company a gift without it becoming a full-time job.

Before we discuss “how,” let’s discuss “why.” Why send gifts to your employees and clients? Reminding them that they matter and that they keep the company going is tough even when they are always in the office, but it is doubly difficult in the remote-work era. 

Showing that you care about them increases retention, morale, and loyalty. They need to know you recognize their contributions.

How Does Shipping Everyone in Your Company a Gift Work?

To send gifts to your employees, the old-fashioned ways just won’t work. Individually ordering gifts or getting a bulk shipment and then repackaging items to take to the post office would be massively inefficient. 

However, that burden would be off your shoulders with a company like Print Bind Ship. Sending gifts to clients and employees becomes simple and automated.

We can send gifts to employees or clients means that each gift can be personalized and customized without any extra work on your part. Let us handle the rest as long as you provide us with the addresses and customizations you want. 

Let’s look at the steps involved so you can see how the process works a little better. 

6 Steps for Shipping Everyone in Your Company a Gift

Okay, you’re ready to send gifts to employees with the help of Print Bind Ship. The process is simple on your end, and here’s how it works: 

Step 1: Choose Your Gift

You can always go the traditional route with high-class pens and stationery, corporate branded mugs, tote bags, and the like. But if you’re going to send gifts to employees, you could make it a more unique experience. 

How about corporate-branded t-shirts? Canvas-printed pictures or paintings?

Tell us about your company, and we can work with you to come up with something truly unique.

Step 2: Customize

Speaking of customizing, one thing you might not have thought of is completely individualized gifts for each employee or client. 

When you were researching “how to ship everyone in your company a gift,” you might not have realized there would be the option to select packaging and gifts with their names, favorite colors, samples, and more.

Step 3: Consider the Unboxing Experience

You might have gotten the idea that you can send gifts to employees that will totally wow them, and that’s the truth. 

The entire unboxing experience can be tailored to make an impression, from elaborate fold-out designs and graphics to hidden compartments and more. You can work with a Print Bind Ship designer to ensure that unboxing the package is as memorable as the gifts inside.

Step 4: Finalize the Details

Have all the gifts and kit ideas ready? Awesome! Now, it’s time to tell us when and where you want each gift delivered. We can send them to corporate offices or homes. This can be delivered to us in a simple excel spreadsheet – we’ll verify all addresses and report back if there are any inaccuracies.

You’ll need to get all the info to us with plenty of time so we can come up with shipping estimates and delivery times. We’re fast, but during busy seasons, we just need to make sure we can take care of everyone in an orderly manner.

Step 5: Send Your Ideas to Print Bind Ship 

We’ll work with you to run through everything with a fine-tooth comb. You’re working hard to ensure your employees, clients, and partners get cool gifts, and we’re experienced at making memorable deliveries. 

Our team just needs to take a little time to ensure all the details are in place. If you’re going to be Santa Claus for your employees, we might as well check the list as many times as he does.

Step 6: Sit Back!

Don’t worry; your job is done, and it’s on us now. We’ll take care of creating, packaging, kitting, and shipping the gifts to the right places at the right time. You get all the credit without all the labor.

How to Ship Everyone in Your Company a Gift: Use Print Bind Ship

It’s really that easy! Your employees and clients might be located in diverse areas around the world, but you can still show them they matter. 

Get customized gifts shipped right to their door, office, or cubicle with Print Bind Ship! We have the experience, the designers, and the passion to make some truly memorable presents. Contact us right away, and we’ll get started on fulfilling your employees’ and clients’ Christmas dreams.


How Do I Ship a Gift Package to My Employees?

Contact Print Bind Ship, decide on the type of gift you want to send, select the customization options, tell us the address and the date you want it to arrive, and we’ll handle the rest.

Why Should Companies Give Gifts to Employees?

Companies need to show employees they matter for the sake of loyalty and retention, especially when people work remotely and can’t enjoy face-to-face interactions. With Print Bind Ship, employees can get gifts that show you care.

What Is Swag Fulfillment?

This process involves creating a memorable assortment of swag (branded cups, pens, koozies, etc.) for employees and clients and then shipping these goods to their homes or offices.