Manufacturer for Liquid Supplements: Guide to Launching Your Products

Traditional pills can take a long time for the body to dissolve, and for people who have difficulty absorbing nutrients, this can mean there’s little to no benefit from taking them. 

The rise in the popularity of liquid supplements comes from the demand for supplements that can be absorbed nearly instantly. This demand is also the reason liquid vitamin manufacturers have become more prevalent.

Of course, high demand is likely why you’re starting your liquid supplement manufacturing operation! But before you begin, you’ll have some crucial market research to do, even if you plan on partnering with a supplement manufacturer.

What Are Liquid Supplements?

Many consumers rely on supplements to provide nutrients missing from their diet. These supplements may contain minerals, vitamins, enzymes or other nutrients essential to the user. Supplements can be sold in solid pills, gel caps, powders or liquids.

Unlike solid pills, liquids are already in a form the body can use. And though liquid supplements generally have a shorter shelf life, they have fewer preservatives than traditional supplements, which can appeal to the growing number of consumers who prefer more natural private-label liquid vitamins. 

Top Qualities to Look for in a Liquid Supplement Manufacturer

Because a focus on quality is paramount to consumers, ask questions about possible manufacturing partners:

  1. Do they have effective quality control?
  2. What do they offer in their product catalog?
  3. Do they have proper certifications?
  4. What ingredients do they offer?
  5. What is their history of adhering to regulations?
  6. Do they have positive reviews?

Also, they should be knowledgeable about every aspect of production and be willing and able to answer your questions.

The Liquid Supplement Manufacturing Process

You’ll collaborate with your manufacturing partner to develop your products and their formulas. Then, it’s time to source ingredients with the necessary properties (mixes well with other ingredients, is stable with a long shelf life, etc.). 

Your manufacturer will blend them, bottle the resulting liquid supplement, package it, label it and prepare it for shipping. If your manufacturing partner handles fulfillment, you can choose whether they ship to you or directly to the consumer or retailer.

Compliance and Regulations

Supplement regulation is under the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It’s up to the FDA to ensure products are safe for consumption and labels are accurate. Labels must include:

  1. Name of the supplement (statement of identity)
  2. Net quantity of the supplement
  3. Nutrition information
  4. Ingredient list
  5. Name of manufacturer and address

This info must be on the front panel (aka the principal display panel) or the information panel, which is generally to the right of the front panel. Remember that your marketing cannot make health claims. 

Since the FDA considers supplements to be food and not medicine, you won’t be able to get away with stating, for instance, that your supplements help lose weight or treat a specific illness. That said, you may be able to make certain dietary or wellness claims if you have evidence that your product is effective and provide that evidence to the FDA.

All liquid supplements must be made under OSHA’s manufacturing safety guidelines and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) regulations. The FDA enforces the GMP regulations, and they’re in place to reduce or eliminate contamination, incorrect labeling, damaged products and other errors. 

Print Bind Ship adheres to all FDA and OSHA requirements for safe and compliant supplement manufacturing, which means when we’re the manufacturer of your supplements, you don’t have to worry about whether your products are safe and legal.

Marketing Your Liquid Supplements

Who are you marketing to? Consider age, income and other key factors before you begin marketing efforts.

Social Media

Use targeted ads on appropriate social media outlets and pay attention to which ones are more likely to generate sales based on your ideal customer profile (e.g., Instagram skews younger, Facebook skews older).

Content Creation

You’re not just launching supplements products; you’re creating a brand. Your website needs content, such as blogs and videos, to position your company as a trustworthy expert.

Sales Channels

Will you sell directly from your website? Through e-commerce sites? In physical retailers such as GNC or The Vitamin Shoppe? Go where your customers are!

Working with a Contract Manufacturer

By working with a supplement manufacturer, you don’t have to build and maintain a facility or worry about compliance, and you can scale up easily as your business grows. Contract manufacturers are also a knowledge source that can guide you in making positive business decisions thanks to their experience in the industry. 

Why Choose PBS as Your Liquid Vitamin Manufacturer?

Print Bind Ship’s decades of experience working with supplement brands gives you a head start over your competition. You don’t have to learn about manufacturing and develop that infrastructure because we’ve already done that. 

We’ll work with you to generate effective formulas, develop attention-grabbing labels, develop sales channels and scale alongside you as business increases. 

Print Bind Ship Is Your Trusted Liquid Supplements Manufacturing Partner

Supplement manufacturers face plenty of pitfalls — adhering to government regulations, identifying potential customers, developing a marketing strategy and more! That’s why brands around the world rely on Print Bind Ship. 

Our experience creating and distributing liquid supplements allows companies like yours to craft a winning brand without the hassle of product manufacturing. Ready to get started with a reliable, honest, expert manufacturer? Contact Print Bind Ship today!


How are liquid supplements manufactured?

They are formulated using specific proportions of vitamins, minerals, herbs and other natural ingredients and are combined, filtered and bottled in a sterile environment.

Is it necessary to get FDA approval for liquid supplements?

Yes. The FDA has jurisdiction over dietary supplements and must approve them to ensure they are safe for consumption and also effective.

How long does it take to manufacture liquid supplements?

The manufacturing process depends on the type of supplement, but in general, manufacturing can take as little as a few hours and as many as several days.

What kind of packaging is suitable for liquid supplements?

Liquid supplements require airtight, opaque containers to maintain freshness and potency. Containers may be glass or plastic bottles or pouches.

Can liquid supplements be customized to meet specific dietary needs?

Yes. Supplements can be tailored for consumers requiring vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free or other diet-restricted products.