Personalized Print-On-Demand Home Decor with Print Bind Ship

The home decor market presents a massive opportunity for e-commerce entrepreneurs. People today want personalized touches that reflect their style in everything from pillows to wall art. Launching your line of customized decor can be lucrative if done right, but manufacturing and shipping physical goods can get complicated fast. This is where print-on-demand shines.

The print-on-demand model lets you design beautiful products while outsourcing material costs and labor until the point of sale. As orders come in, your prints are created to order so you don’t take on inventory risk. Finding the right partner to produce high-quality goods affordably and efficiently is key to succeeding in home decor.

Print Bind Ship specializes in print-on-demand with integrated printing, binding, and shipping, which makes us the ideal solution for decorative projects from posters and canvases to photo books. Our tools simplify the process so you can get to the market faster. Let us handle the busy work so you can stay creative and scale your custom home decor shop.

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Benefits of Print-on-Demand Home Decor

The global print-on-demand market was valued at $7.7 billion in 2023 and is expected to hit over $38 billion in value by 2030. With such fast growth, the market represents a viable opportunity for entrepreneurs and creatives looking to capitalize on its potential.

Thinking about introducing a print-on-demand home decor line? Take a look at some of the benefits of doing so.

Unlimited Versatility and Customization

With print-on-demand, customers have the freedom to choose from a wide range of designs and styles, allowing them to decorate their homes in a way that truly reflects their taste and style. Whether it’s a vibrant abstract painting, a minimalist geometric pattern, or a vintage floral print, the possibilities are endless.


Traditional methods of home decor production often require large quantities to be produced upfront, leading to high production costs. However, with print-on-demand, products are created on demand, eliminating the need for bulk production. This not only reduces costs for customers but also allows designers to create and sell their designs without the burden of inventory and storage costs. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Reduce Waste and Minimize Environmental Impact

By producing items only when they are ordered, there is less overproduction, which means less wasted materials, energy, and resources. This promotes sustainability and aligns with the growing trend towards eco-conscious consumption. With print-on-demand, customers can feel good about their purchase, knowing that they are making a positive impact on the environment.


One of the most exciting aspects of print-on-demand for home decor is the availability of unique designs and styles. Traditional home decor offerings often revolve around mass-produced items that can be found in countless homes. However, with print-on-demand, designers can create and offer exclusive designs that are not found in mainstream retail stores. This allows customers to adorn their homes with one-of-a-kind pieces that truly stand out and showcase their individuality.

Types of Print-on-Demand Home Decor Products

There are no bounds to creativity when it comes to a print-on-demand model. Here are just some of the products you can introduce to consumers.

Canvas Prints: Transform your favorite photos or artworks into stunning canvas prints, adding a touch of sophistication to your walls.

Throw Pillows: Infuse your living spaces with comfort and style by customizing throw pillows with patterns, quotes, or images that resonate with you.

Wall Tapestries: Create a statement wall with large-format wall tapestries featuring intricate designs, landscapes, or abstract art.

Rugs and Carpets: Personalize your floors with custom rugs and carpets that complement your decor theme and color scheme.

Cushion Covers: Upgrade your cushions with personalized covers, allowing you to change the look of your space effortlessly.

Wall Clocks: Make a functional statement with customized wall clocks, combining practicality with unique design elements.

Furniture Decals: Add a creative touch to furniture pieces by applying custom decals, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Posters: Showcase your favorite designs, quotes, or artwork on high-quality posters that serve as focal points in any room.

Bedding Sets and Towels: Cozy up your bedroom or bathroom with personalized bedding and towel sets, featuring patterns, images, or text that reflect your taste.

Mugs and Drinkware: Extend your decor into the kitchen with custom-printed mugs, drinkware, and other homeware accessories – combining functionality with personalization.

Window Curtains: Elevate your window treatments with custom curtains featuring designs that match your overall home aesthetic.

Laundry Bags: Bring art into your daily life by carrying custom-designed laundry bags to brighten up and organize your space.

Wooden Signs: Embrace rustic charm with custom wooden signs that convey meaningful messages or showcase your favorite quotes.

How to Get Started with Print-on-Demand Home Decor?

If you’re looking to venture into the world of print-on-demand home decor, we’ve got some tips to help you get started. When it comes to this business, here are some of the key aspects you need to focus on:

Select a Niche or Design Style

Take some time to research and identify what kind of home decor products are in high demand and what style resonates with your target audience. It’s important to find a niche that you’re truly passionate about, as it will help you stay motivated throughout the process.

Create or Outsource Your Designs

If you have an artistic flair or design skills, you might enjoy creating your own designs. There are many design software options available that can help bring your ideas to life. If you don’t have a talent for design or simply prefer to focus on other aspects of your business, outsourcing designs is a great option. You can hire freelance designers or work with design agencies who can create unique and eye-catching designs for your products.

Remember, professionalism is key in this industry. Make sure your designs are of high quality and align with current design trends. It’s important to keep your designs fresh and appealing to your target market.

Set Up Your Online Store

You’ll need a virtual storefront where customers can browse and purchase your beautiful creations. Consider platforms such as Shopify, Etsy, or even your own website. Ensure your store is user-friendly and visually appealing, with high-quality images and detailed product descriptions.

Place Your Orders With a Print-On-Demand Company

When it comes to placing your print-on-demand home decor orders, you’ll want to ensure you’re working with the best partner for the highest-quality printed products. At Print Bind Ship, we work with a wide range of customizable products and provide leading printing, fulfillment, and even shipping services. 

We can help you launch a variety of home decor items like canvas prints, throw pillows, and wall tapestries while offering competitive pricing, fast production, and reliable shipping options.

Promote and Market Your Products

Professionalism is the key to standing out in the crowded online marketplace. Start by creating a strong brand identity that reflects your style and target audience. Utilize social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest to showcase your products in visually appealing ways. Engage with your audience by sharing insights into your creative process and offering exclusive behind-the-scenes content.

One of the newer, more exciting ways brands are promoting their products online is through TikTok shop. By becoming a TikTok Shop, you can connect with and sell directly to your audience. Learn more about selling on TikTok here.

Additionally, consider collaborating with influencers or bloggers who align with your brand’s aesthetics and values. This will help increase the visibility of your products and attract potential customers. Don’t forget to optimize your online store for search engines by using relevant keywords in your product descriptions and titles.

Launch Your Custom Home Decor Business With Print Bind Ship!

The possibilities are endless when you leverage print-on-demand to sell customized home furnishings and art. With minimal upfront investment, you can validate your ideas in the market and scale the most popular designs. And by outsourcing manufacturing and fulfillment, you remove the complexities of running an e-commerce operation.

Print Bind Ship empowers entrepreneurs to turn creative visions into thriving decoration shops. Our integrated printing, binding, and shipping services allow you to deliver unique products to delight customers. So if you’re ready to monetize your interior design skills or artistic flair, join us and launch your own customizable home decor line today! Get in touch for a free quote for your project!


How does print-on-demand work for home decor products?

With print-on-demand, home decor products are created on-demand after an order is received. This means that there is no need for inventory as each product is produced individually when it is purchased. It involves printing high-quality designs, artwork, or photographs on various home decor items such as canvas prints, throw pillows, tapestries, and more.

Can I customize the designs on print-on-demand home decor products?

Absolutely! One of the main advantages of print-on-demand is the ability to offer personalized designs. Customers can choose from a wide range of pre-designed options, or even upload their own artwork or photographs to be printed on the desired home decor product. This way, you can truly make the decor unique to your tastes and preferences.

How can I start my own print-on-demand home decor business?

Starting your own print-on-demand home decor business is easier than ever. First, research and choose a reliable print-on-demand provider that specializes in home decor products. Set up an online store or platform to showcase and sell your products. Next, design or curate a collection of appealing home decor designs that will resonate with your target audience. 

Promote your products through various marketing channels, such as social media or email campaigns. Finally, ensure excellent customer service and timely shipping to build a loyal customer base.