Shipping to Australia: Everything You Need to Know

There are many shipping options for businesses of all sizes. Each one comes with different fees to consider, processes for customs, and shipping laws that vary by country. With all of these things combined, international shipping can be an overwhelming process — and shipping to Australia is no exception. 

However, the process doesn’t have to be complicated. Print Bind Ship makes it easy for you to handle all shipping to Australia. In this article, we’ll cover the basics of shipping to Australia, from expected shipping time between Australia and the USA to international shipping fees and regulations to be aware of. 

By the end of this article, you’ll have a deeper understanding of what is involved in the process of shipping to Australia.

Shipping to Australia Foundamentals

There are many things to know before you start sending packages across the country. Factors like international fees, service taxes, and how much it will cost to ship to Australia can influence your decisions. Just as you’ll need to research the best shipping companies, it’s also important to understand the logistics of international shipping to Australia.

Having a basic understanding of the finances involved will save you a great deal of time and stress, while making the process of shipping to Australia that much easier. 

Australia is strict with its customs regulations and customs duty fees. For this reason, it is also essential to have an understanding of the regulations in place before you send out a package. 

How Much Does It Cost to Ship to Australia?

Shipping calculations are an important part of the shipping process, and determining your shipping costs ahead of time is a great way to save money. 

The process of calculating shipping costs is easy, but it requires you to consider a few different factors, including:

  • Package weight
  • Package dimensions 
  • The destination of the package

By understanding and evaluating the above, you can gain an estimate of the shipping cost. However, you will also need to think about handling customs duty fees. 

Australia:  Common Customs Fees and Taxes

Both handling and customs duty fees are an influential factor in the international shipping process, especially when shipping to Australia. 

The customs duty fees, also referred to as customs duties, are simply an import tax that is applied by customs authorities on goods that come into the country. 

Customs duties can add a maximum of 5% of the import’s value. With that being said, it is important to know that because the USA and Australia have a Free Trade Agreement, there are not high customs duties in place. 

Handling fees are another important factor to understand when it comes to international shipping. Furthermore, handling fees are an amount that is charged by the carrier on top of the order subtotal and shipping fees. It’s possible for handling fees may be waived for orders over a certain price, but are often required for large or heavy packages. 

In addition to handling and customs duty fees, there may also be other expenses to consider, including: 

  • Service taxes 
  • Remote area surcharges 

You also need to have a general idea of the path that your package will take to get to or from Australia. Some authorities have restricted the movement of cargo through their countries, and this can increase the time it takes for your package to get to its final destination. 

So if you’re asking the question, “How long is shipping to Australia from the USA going to be?” keep in mind that the answer will depend on where your package is going and how it will pass through other countries along the way. 

Service Taxes

If your goods have a value of over 1,000 AUD, there will be service taxes to pay, as well. The Goods and Services Tax is generally 10% of the value of the taxable imported goods that you are shipping. 

Therefore, many carriers will charge you an additional 10% on top of the shipping costs and handling fees. It is best to ask about this charge when you’re getting a quote from a shipping company. 

Possible Remote Area Surcharges

When there is no storage facility readily available in your area, the company you use is likely working with a third-party shipping company. This shipping company will store your package until it ships. In this case, you will be charged an additional fee, which is known as the Remote Area Surcharge.

Ultimately, this will increase the cost of your international shipment. So, it is important to ask your shipping company about this fee. 

Logistics Providers Have Restrictions, Too

It is prohibited to ship cargo and imports through Egypt, Bangladesh, and other countries to get to Australia. Your carrier must be aware of this. That’s why it is ideal to use a company that ships directly to Australia. 

The last thing you want is a complication with international shipping laws; as this can hold up your package and delay its arrival time. 

Carriers for Shipping to Australia

How long is shipping from Australia to the USA? What about shipping to Australia from the USA? Unfortunately, there is no universal answer to that question. Most importantly, your expected shipping time will be dependent on the shipping carrier that you choose to partner with. 

There are quite a few to choose from, but the most popular for international shipping are: 

  • USPS
  • UPS
  • FedEx
  • DHL

Each company brings its own set of benefits to the table. With that being said, it is vital that you know what you need before you schedule service. 


If quick delivery isn’t a priority, then USPS is a great option to consider. There is one flat-rate cost for shipping that depends on weight and size, and you can easily drop your package off at the post office or in the mailbox. 

Using USPS to ship to Australia does have a major drawback, however. This is because they transfer packages to the national Australia mailing service. When this happens, your tracking number will no longer be usable. The end result is you have to wait for a new one from the Australia Post. 

It may go without saying, but waiting for a new tracking number can add a few extra days to your delivery. However, if you aren’t concerned with speedy shipping, USPS might be the best option for you.

2. UPS and FedEx

If you’re looking to have your package delivered as quickly as possible, then UPS and FedEx are the ones to call. Your package will be tracked through the system from drop-off to delivery. You can rest easy, knowing you have access to that information at any point. 

UPS and FedEx will charge higher rates depending on the weight of the package, however. Because of this, they are a more expensive option. If you’re willing to pay higher prices and want quick, reliable shipping, then UPS or FedEx might be right for you. 

3. DHL

DHL is known as the leading international shipping carrier; they are a great option for shipping to Australia from the USA.  

DHL offers competitive rates and their delivery speed is on par with that of UPS and FedEx. There may be additional fees that apply, depending on the package, but for a better price and fast shipping, you can’t go wrong with DHL. 

Make Shipping to Australia Easier with a 3PL

Now that we’ve covered the basics, you can enjoy a deeper understanding of the factors involved in shipping to Australia from the USA. However, there is still one more thing to consider:  Using an experienced 3PL company like Print Bind Ship. 

3PL companies specialize in printing, packaging, and global fulfillment for businesses of all sizes. These types of companies are a one-and-done solution and are dedicated solely to storing and transporting your goods. 

At Print Bind Ship, we provide all of the services you need for your international shipping. It’s simple, really! We offer a wide variety of shipping solutions and have warehouses to keep your order safe until it ships.

Using the services offered by Print Bind Ship is a great way to:

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