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What Is SIOC Packaging?

SIOC packaging is a shipping method in which the manufacturer ships their product in its own original container, as opposed to placing it in an additional box prior to sending it out to the customer. SOIC packaging will minimize the number of packaging materials used and can create an entire customer experience with the proper branding. Read further to learn how SIOC packaging works, how to become SIOC certified, and what the benefits are of converting to SIOC packaging. 

How Does SIOC Packaging Work?

SIOC packaging works by allowing customers to ship products in their own container as opposed to requiring an Over-Box from Amazon, which cuts down on wasted packaging. Products must meet e-commerce packaging standards for design, testing, and ISTA 6 certification.  

What Is SIOC Certified?

SIOC certification is an Amazon 2nd Tier certification that allows e-commerce entities to ship a product in its original packaging provided it meets the criteria for weight, dimension, and compression testing. 

How Can SIOC Packaging Help Save Your Business Money?

SIOC packaging enables the original product packaging to serve as the primary shipping container for the product and can save businesses money by eliminating the added cost of additional packaging, such as an Amazon Over-Box. 

How Can Businesses Utilize SIOC Packaging?

SIOC packaging is commonly done by Amazon, but if your business doesn’t ship with Amazon, you can utilize a third-party logistics company, such as Print Bind Ship, to provide cost-effective, brand-focused, and sustainable packaging options that meet SIOC standards. 

Example of Ship In Original Container Packaging

Many items can be shipped in their original container. Toothpaste is an example of an item that is already in a six-sided box that does not require an additional package prior to shipping. 

Advantages of SIOC Packaging For Your Business

SIOC packaging has many advantages for your business. This shipping method can not only lower operational costs but can also improve the overall experience for your customers. 


SIOC packaging is more sustainable because it helps to eliminate the use of added materials, thus diminishing waste and benefiting the environment. 

Lower Cost 

SIOC packaging can provide lower costs because it eliminates the need for additional packaging and incentivizes e-commerce companies to create the most efficient packaging possible prior to shipping their products. 

Better Experience

SOIC packaging creates a better customer experience by making the package more appealing to the customer, aesthetically, and creating a brand experience. It also makes the package easier to open with less waste to dispose of for the customer. 

Eliminated Unnecessary Packaging

SOIC packaging eliminates unnecessary packaging by removing the need for an Over-Box and incentivizes customers to minimize the amount of packaging they use in order to meet SIOC certification requirements. 

Profit Margin Expansion

Earning the SOIC packaging certificate and revamping packaging is an up-front cost in the beginning but over time the reduction in packaging materials and the growth in brand recognition will help to expand your profit margins. 

Switch to SIOC Packaging and Grow Profits Now! 

SIOC packaging helps to create sustainability, lower packaging costs, increase brand recognition, and expand profit margins over time. Switch to SIOC packaging to become certified and change the way your brand is perceived when customers open your products. Utilizing a 3rd party service offered by Print Bind Ship can help you become fully prepared to ship your products in SIOC packaging.