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Sending Cards That Can Play Videos: How-To Guide

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The first electronic postcards, or e-cards, debuted in the mid-1990s. While they originally were little more than electronic versions of standard greeting cards and postcards, the technology advanced quickly. 

E-cards now allow senders to add sounds and flash animations, and you can send cards that can play videos. Today, video e-cards are quite common, and they’re a fun way to spruce up electronic greeting cards.

What Are Video E-Cards?

E-cards are electronic cards that can play videos. With e-cards, senders can go beyond the limitations of a physical greeting card, creating a personalized video e-card by using a video greeting card maker. 

The recipient receives the video e-card via email or through social media and will be able to view it there. These types of cards are excellent for faraway relatives, long-distance relationships, family members traveling abroad or in the military, kids off at college, and anyone else who would appreciate hearing and seeing their loved ones.

Video e-cards are also great for business clients. If you have a vendor that’s been a loyal partner for many years, a personalized video card featuring messages from your company’s leadership — and perhaps some other gifts — could strengthen the business relationship.

How Does Sending Video E-Cards Work?

Most websites offering cards that can play videos feature premade card templates. Each site has its own uploading methods and guidelines. For instance, you might be restricted to a 30-second video or a 50-megabyte video. 

They may feature an editor that will allow you to trim the video to include only the message you want to send. Once your video is uploaded, you can attach it to the card template so that it’s ready to send.

Once you have created your video e-card, you may be able to immediately send the card. Other websites will require you to download the card first and send it through email or social media yourself. 

If you send the card on your own, you will need to take care with creating an appropriate subject line for your message to make sure it gets opened and doesn’t go to the spam folder. The website you used to make the card may also have HTML code that allows the card to show up in the message body rather than as an attachment.

5 Steps for Sending Video E-Cards

Most websites that allow you to send cards that can play videos will have easy-to-follow instructions for their video card maker templates. For these websites, you can expect the same basic process that includes five steps:

Step 1: Brainstorm Video Ideas

The first step to sending a video e-card is creating a concept for your video. Often, people will gather friends and loved ones to offer a greeting, such as singing “Happy Birthday” or giving a short congratulations. 

For a video e-card of any subject, make sure that your content will fit within the required time. Once you’ve settled on the content, you can choose your template.

Step 2: Choose a Template

There are many sites where you can create custom video cards, such as JibJab, American Greetings, and Hallmark. Whichever website you choose, if you want to create an original design, Print Bind Ship’s designers are ready to assist.

Step 3: Film Your Video

Even if you have everyone in place and ready with a well-timed greeting, you may still have to record it several times. Be prepared for multiple takes. 

Also, try to choose a space that’s well-lit and doesn’t have reverberation or echo. When filming the video, make sure everyone is in the frame and in focus.

Step 4: Edit Your Video

Do you want to add filters or music? Do you need to splice several takes together into one video? If you need more extensive editing options, you can use a free online video editor. You may also choose to purchase one if you plan on sending video e-cards often in the future.

Step 5: Download and Share

Many sites will let you send the card right from their platform, while with others, you might have to download it and send it yourself. This is where you want to consider the technical capabilities of the person you’re sending to. 

They may or may not be tech-savvy, or they may be in a location that restricts internet access. If you ultimately decide you’d rather go the old-fashioned way and send a live card, Print Bind Ship can help you design your ultimate greeting card.

From Designing Your E-Card to Printing Live Cards, Turn to Print Bind Ship

Sending cards that can play videos is a lot of fun, and adding a video makes them more personalized. If you haven’t found the template for you, the designers at Print Bind Ship can help. 

We can even take your ideas and turn them into a physical card. However you choose to honor a loved one with a “Congratulations” or “Happy Birthday” message, reach out to Print Bind Ship for a card they’ll love.


Is It Appropriate to Send Video E-Cards to Business Clients?

Now more than ever, it’s important to show business clients that their relationship matters. A video e-card featuring your company’s leadership could be an excellent way to show appreciation for their services.

How Can I Make a Custom Video E-Card?

First, shoot a video containing the message you want to send. Then, find a website that allows you to send video e-cards. Choose your template, upload the video, and send the e-card to the recipient via email or social media.

Many sites that specialize in e-cards have free options, but they may be more restricted in video length and file size. For more elaborate designs and fewer video restrictions, you may need to pay for your video e-card.

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