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How to Create Custom-Branded Fitness Equipment for Your Business

If you’ve ever spent much time thinking about fitness equipment, you may realize how simple most of it is. What sets branded fitness equipment apart is the branding.

Famous trainers promote workout plans and custom fitness gear because consumers trust them, which means people are more likely to buy a particular trainer’s branded fitness equipment over similar offerings. If you’ve been working on building trust with your clients, how can you turn it into a line of branded gym equipment?

Benefits of Custom-Branded Fitness Equipment

Here are some of the reasons it’s worth putting your logo and reputation behind custom gym equipment:

Increased Brand Recognition

Think of custom fitness equipment as another marketing avenue. Whenever your users pick up one of your barbells or ab rollers, your branding elements will be staring them in the face.

Improved Customer Experience

If you’re creating your own branded fitness equipment, you can tailor your product around your customer base. You can also offer greater customer support because the buck stops with you regarding any issues with the equipment.

Greater Customer Loyalty

Keeping your users within your brand encourages them to stick with you for all their fitness needs. Your customers are looking to get fit, not choose between multiple brands of fitness equipment. Give them what they need to make them customers for life.

Additional Revenue Streams

A line of custom fitness gear, among other additions, can bring in more money, provided you carefully consider your costs and product line.

Types of Custom-Branded Fitness Equipment

The products you can put your logo on are as varied as the equipment in any gym. You can brand dumbbells, medicine balls, benches, weight racks, ropes and giant tires.

You can also add your brand to cardio equipment, weight machines and other complex devices, to say nothing of accessories like sweatbands, hats, shirts and shorts.

Tips for Choosing the Right Custom-Branded Fitness Equipment

Which gear is right for you and your burgeoning brand? Here’s how to decide.

Consider Your Budget

You may want to start small with branded free weights, resistance bands, yoga mats and other simple items. If you think your customers need more, you can add more complex offerings such as weight machines, exercise bikes, treadmills and wholly original designs.

You’ll also want to take into account what your customers are willing to spend. If your target market can’t drop thousands of dollars on a branded machine, it’s best to stick with more affordable items.

Consider Space Available

Can most of your customers have treadmills or stationary bikes delivered to their homes? If not, it doesn’t make much sense to sell them.

To answer questions like this accurately, you can always poll your customers to see what they’d like you to carry.

Consider Customer Needs

Are most of your clients trained athletes? If so, consider what type of equipment will help them excel in their specific sports or disciplines. By the same token, low-impact equipment might be more appropriate if you’re targeting seniors.

You need to know your customers’ fitness goals to create product lines that align with their needs.

How to Create Custom-Branded Fitness Equipment in 5 Steps

If you’re ready to see your logo on premium fitness equipment, here’s how to make it happen.

1. Stay True to Your Business’s Brand

Your business’s ethos needs to permeate every product you sell.

You’ve already considered your customer’s needs. Now, consider their perception. Ideally, your entire branding aesthetic should be cohesive and instantly recognizable.

2. Look for Suppliers and Manufacturers

Print Bind Ship can partner with you to make your branding stand out on the gear you want to bring to market.

Our custom printing services will put a permanent, attractive logo on any piece of equipment imaginable. We can get your products out the door and on the way to your customers within 24 hours, no matter where they live.

3. Test Your Branded Fitness Equipment

Look for an independent testing facility that specializes in testing workout equipment to see whether it’s safe. The last thing you want is a lawsuit associated with your brand because one of your products breaks and injures a customer.

4. Create a Plan for Marketing and Distribution

Start by advertising in your fitness studio or gym. You can also use promoted posts on social media to find users across a wide range of platforms, from young users on apps like TikTok to Gen X and older users on Facebook and Twitter. You can even use email campaigns and direct mail to provide exclusive offers. 

As for selling, will you rely on retail stores, your gym or the internet? Whatever your preferred outlet, you’ll need to set up a distribution chain to ensure your branded gear reaches its destination for sale.

5. Find an E-Commerce Partner

When you work with Print Bind Ship, you get a proven partner that will take care of warehousing, packaging, shipping and returns. We’ll handle the behind-the-scenes duties, leaving you to take the credit for customer satisfaction.

Want Your New Brand to Work Out? Go with Print Bind Ship!

Starting your own brand of fitness equipment isn’t complicated. All you have to do is decide what type of gear you want to sell, identify your target audience, and let Print Bind Ship get your products to your customers.

We have much experience working with fitness brands, and you can breathe easy knowing you’re partnering with an expert, highly-rated third-party logistics (3PL) provider that serves customers around the globe.
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How can I create my own custom-branded fitness equipment?

You can have your logo printed on various fitness equipment and accessories by partnering with an equipment manufacturer with a solid reputation and commitment to quality.

Where should I sell my own branded fitness equipment?

You can sell your equipment in your gym or studio, retail shop, online store or all of the above.

What are the profit margins on custom-branded fitness equipment?

You can count on a margin of approximately 22%, which means you’ll need to carefully consider your budget every step of the way.