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Custom Calendar Printing Online

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Imagine if you could give out swag that would be useful for an entire year, complete with gorgeous images and graphics. That’s the power of promotional calendar printing. 

Calendars provide the long-term visibility and brand reinforcement you’re looking for — promotional items are only as effective as they are useful.

For quality custom calendar printing, reach out to the printing and shipping experts at Print Bind Ship. In the meantime, take a look at this guide to help you get an idea of how the process works.

Benefits of Custom Calendar Printing

Even with so many possible marketing goodies available to businesses, you should consider custom bulk calendar printing.

Increased Brand Visibility and Recognition

Pens live in drawers, shirts hide in closets, and mugs sit in kitchen cabinets. But calendars are always out in the open. People jot down important events on specific days and reference the calendar as those days close in, and your logo and brand identity stare them in the face all the while.

Cost-Effective Marketing Strategy

Getting custom calendars bulk printed is relatively inexpensive, and because they’re small and light, they’re equally as cheap to ship and easy to hand out at events. 

Enhanced Customer Loyalty and Engagement

People typically only have one or two calendars around their homes, which means yours will get plenty of attention. It’s the constant use of a calendar that permanently etches your logo and branding into the minds of customers. 

Types of Custom Calendars

Before securing calendar printing services, you should have an idea of what type of calendar you need. 

Wall Calendars

Typically, these are 12-month calendars that fold in the middle. There’s room for graphics on the top and the typical grid of the days of the week on the bottom. You can use eye-catching designs while leaving room to write important notes and dates. You can choose a typical 12”x12” page size or go with letter-sized pages at 8.5”x11”.

Desk Calendars

Desk calendars are small enough to fit in with the usual stars of the desk — staplers, a laptop, tape dispensers and so on — but large enough so that users can scribble notes onto the dates. Vertical dimensions usually measure between 8” and 10”, and horizontal dimensions are often around 4” or 5”. 

Magnetic Calendars

If simplicity is what you’re after, single-image magnets are perfect. You can include a logo, phone number, URL and some graphics above the dates for a tidy package. Just keep the size of your images in mind: You’ll be working with a space of roughly 6”x4”, so you won’t match the resolution of a 12”x12” wall calendar.

Custom Calendar Printing Process

Because the first calendar people get each year is often the one they use most, get your custom calendars ready now.

Find a Reliable Printing Company

Partner with a company with experience, expertise, responsive customer service and excellent results, like Print Bind Ship. Our high-quality printing produces gorgeous calendars that are sure to win over new customers, and we’ll get those calendars out the door and into your hands anywhere on Earth faster than you might think is possible. 

With our Mail Genius service, we can even send those calendars directly to customers, among other awesome swag items, unique offers and custom notecards that look handwritten.

Understand Different Printing Techniques and Options

Two common methods for printing calendars are digital and offset. The former offers low costs but lower resolutions, while the latter, which relies on etched plates to transfer images, offers fantastic quality and is still one of the most popular printing methods. For speed and flexibility, go digital, but for gorgeous, super-crisp images, offset is an excellent choice if you don’t mind the wait.

Finalize the Calendar Design

Consider the size of the calendar, whether graphics and dates will be on the same page, how many pages the calendar will have and any messaging you want to include. Make sure your colors, font, wording and design support your brand.

Print and Delivery Considerations

For most businesses, printing in bulk and shipping to a single location is best, but Print Bind Ship also offers print-on-demand services, so if you include calendars with other items, we can craft the calendars as needed and send them to customers with their other orders.

Marketing Strategies With Custom Calendars

Calendars are practical, but they can be fun and exciting with unique images and graphics. Here’s how to leverage them as marketing tools:


Your clients and customers love feeling appreciated, and you can show them you do with some well-made and useful calendars.

Launch a Direct Mail Campaign

Winning over new customers by sending calendars with direct mailers is more effective than sending letters or single-page cards. Target potential customers early to ensure your calendars make it on the wall.

Leverage Event Marketing and Trade Shows

At trade shows, businesses hand out all sorts of items that may or may not be used. Handing out card calendars or magnet calendars is much more effective. You can also offer calendar subscriptions to ensure your calendars stay on the wall permanently, which fosters customer loyalty and brand-building.

Tips for Maximizing the ROI of Custom Calendar Printing

You need realistic goals for your calendars. Consider what you require as a form of return on investment (ROI), be it more subscribers to a service, a specific increase in profits, or a boost in customer retention. 

The correct user data can ensure you’re targeting the best potential customers, and you can reel them in with special offers and discounts. Measure your outcomes to track your campaign’s effectiveness.

Make a Date to Contact Print Bind Ship for Your Custom Calendars

Swaying customers with promotional items requires using the most effective and practical items possible, and that’s why calendars are such a popular choice. But you have to get them quickly so you can secure your calendar’s spot on your customer’s wall, so contact Print Bind Ship to get started customizing your calendars right away.


What are the different paper options available for custom calendars?

Depending on the effect you want, you can choose gloss or matte finishes. Usually, the cover paper is heavyweight, at around 120 pounds, with lighter, 80- to 100-pound paper inside.

How long does it take to get a custom calendar printed?

Calendar printing can take around two to three business days.

What types of businesses could benefit from custom calendar printing?

Lawyers, doctors, car dealers and photographers, to name a few — any business that relies on customer loyalty and wants to build a brand image.

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