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Your product labels have eight seconds to grab a customer’s attention. Considering how many options there are for goods and services, it’s not surprising that customers often take one glance at a label, decide they don’t like the colors, graphics, product name or accuracy of placement and move on.

Take a look at your product labels. Do they convey quality and stand out from other similar products? It might be time for a visual overhaul. Make your products fly off the shelves — contact Print Bind Ship and get a quote for custom product labels.

Benefits of Using Custom Product Labels

Humans are visual creatures. This is why quality product label printing is fundamental for success.

Tailoring Labels to Match Specific Product Characteristics

Products and containers can be cylinders, cones, pyramids and all sorts of strange, unique designs. Labels need to flow and conform naturally. You can print product labels in all sorts of custom shapes for bottles, jars and boxes. 

Adhesive pressure-sensitive labels can be moisture repellant for refrigerated beverages, be made of recycled materials to be eco-friendly or contain noticeable features such as holograms or temperature-sensitive colors.

Shrink-sleeve labels are perfect for oddly shaped containers. The sleeves use heat to shrink and fit snugly around a product, which means designers need to account for the shrinking in their label designs. Shrink sleeves also allow for easy tamper-evident packaging, using perforation around caps and openings.

Enhancing Product Appeal with Eye-Catching Designs

Your labels need to have a compelling design that complements the product. Consider:

  1. Color: Red is exciting, blue is calming and green and brown evoke a sense of “natural” or “environmentally friendly.”
  2. Branding and logos: Does your branding make sense for your products? Do your logos fit well with the overall design?
  3. Fonts: Tall, thin, straight lettering feels austere and upscale. Cursive feels elegant. Short, blocky capital letters feel industrial.
  4. Copy: Does the copy convey what you want the customer to feel? Is there too much text or not enough? Does the tone match the product?

Providing Necessary Product Information and Compliance Details

Complying with government regulations is about more than adhering to laws — it’s also about communicating with your customers. Consumers want transparency and honesty so they know there’s zero danger from the products they buy.

Building Customer Trust and Credibility

Consumers want to know what to expect from your product based on the label. The more you communicate with them through honest copy and a design that fits with the product, the more they’ll trust your brand.

Steps for Product Label Printing

Once you know what you want from your custom label printing, it’s time to get those new labels onto your products.

Get in Touch with Print Bind Ship

For attractively designed, durable labels with 100% regulatory compliance, Print Bind Ship is the printing partner you need. Our printing experience affords you peace of mind so you can focus on the other aspects of your business.

Choose the Right Design for Custom Product Labels

All the different elements must come together for your label and represent your brand. Color, graphics, text and font should interact and balance each other. The text must be legible, the colors should complement the product and the graphics must appeal to your target audience.

Ensure Label Compliance and Legal Requirements

Depending on your product, you’ll need to include specific product information for legal compliance. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates food labeling, for instance. Packages must contain the net weight, ingredients, dietary information, manufacturer address and contact information. 

You’ll have to adhere to the rules of the governing body for your particular goods. It’s best to consult with experts to ensure you have the right information.

Explore Printing Methods

Consider how many labels you’ll need and what your budget is. Digital printing is inexpensive and can produce high volumes of labels. Flexography takes more setup — it uses individual rollers each with a specific part of the design that applies one color layer to the label at a time. Once it’s set up, it’s a fast process, but it takes more time on the front end.

If you want to give your labels more texture and a high-end look, you can use screen printing. It’s a durable method that can also be used to print information directly to a product, such as a beverage container, eliminating the need for labels. 

If you’re having trouble deciding which method is for you, contact Print Bind Ship.

Applying Your Product Label 

Applying labels by hand is a tedious process with inaccurate results. If you plan on labeling your products yourself, it’s best to invest in labeling equipment. These machines ensure labels stick securely and evenly. 

If you use Print Bind Ship as your printing partner, we can apply the labels to your products in-house. Our labeling equipment is well-maintained and professionally operated to ensure product labels look appealing.

DIY vs. Professional Product Printing

Printing your own labels may sound like a way to save money, but you’ll need to invest in quality printers. While printing in-house offers more flexibility, there’s no recourse when you make a typo. 

Outsourcing to a professional printer such as Print Bind Ship allows you to skip purchasing, maintaining and operating printers. You ultimately pay less, and if the printer makes a mistake, it will correct it and send you new labels.

Successful Labels Start at Print Bind Ship

Want customers to fall in love with your brand? Trust your labeling to Print Bind Ship! We’ll work with you to develop designs that drive sales. And if you want to impress your customers with epic unboxing experiences full of custom notecards, exclusive offers and neat swag, use our Mail Genius service. We can even provide notes that look genuinely handwritten. Contact Print Bind Ship to get started today.


Why should I invest in custom product labels?

Labels grab customer attention. Attractive, high-quality labels result in more sales.

How can I select the right design for my custom product labels?

Your label design should support your brand and make sense for your products. Work with experienced designers to ensure your labels entice consumers.

Can custom product labels be used for various product types?

Yes. Custom labels can be made in a variety of shapes and types to fit any product or container.