How to Create and Print Custom Restaurant Uniforms

A great-looking restaurant uniform helps set the mood for your guests while creating an impression of professionalism. Uniforms can be customized to match the specific needs of your restaurant and to delight patrons. Including your logo, branding and color palette enhances the look and feel of your uniforms and helps to make your business stand out from the competition. With a few tools, the help of a reputable printing and design company and some imagination you can design your own custom restaurant uniforms in no time.

How to Choose Custom Restaurant Uniforms

Choosing the best uniforms for your restaurant takes some consideration. First, you need to know who your customers are and how they are likely to tap into the vibe at your restaurant. What sort of style do they prefer? What kind of experience are they anticipating as they walk into your establishment? 

Once you hone in on this information, you can begin your search for the perfect uniforms for your business. Whether you are designing your own uniforms or working with Print Bind Ship’s in-house team to help you, the first step is to decide what message you want to communicate to your customers with your uniforms.

Consider your brand

Do customers see your brand as casual or formal? The style of your restaurant will have a big impact on the style of your uniforms. By choosing a style that reflects your brand, you will reinforce the image you are trying to project to potential customers. A comfortable pair of jeans and a t-shirt might work for a sports bar while more formal clothing might be appropriate for an upscale restaurant. Selecting a hostess or host uniform style that complements your brand is important if you are hoping to drive customers to your location and build a loyal customer base. 

Get creative with the design

Spending time on design choices will pay you back in spades. Colors, styles, logos and crucial details help you carve out a memorable niche among your competitors and establish your brand. And it’s more than just the actual uniform. Does the color and style work to amplify your brand? How about the extras? For example, are you using aprons to protect the front of your staff’s shirts or are you trying to add a splash of color to your dining room with a fun patterned fabric? Details matter and go a long way in helping create a winning experience for every customer who walks in your door and raises the chance that they will come back and bring their friends.

Be intentional with fabric

Choose from a huge selection of high-quality materials including cotton, polyester, twill, satin, denim and more to create stunning uniforms that are sure to impress your customers. Fabric can have a ton of influence on the design of your uniform, but you’ll want to make your choices with practicality in mind. For example, if your restaurant is especially warm inside or fast-paced, cotton will prove to be more breathable than polyester. Whatever your vision is for the design of your uniforms, you can find a fabric that matches it perfectly at Print Bind Ship.

Examine multiple designs

Once you’re clear on your direction and vision, it’s time to review multiple designs. Though the first design may end up being the best, you still want to consider your many choices. You don’t want to settle for something that doesn’t correctly encapsulate your brand. Review as many different designs as possible before settling on one that you are happy with. In the end, you want to create a uniform design that is not only functional but also complementary.

Work with experts

Once you are happy with your design it is time to let the pros go to work. Working with an experienced supplier will ensure that you receive a high-quality product that conforms to the specifications laid out in your design. They can also help you brainstorm additional design ideas so that you can customize your uniforms even further. At Print Bind Ship, we pair you with the right creatives and work closely with you to ensure that each order is customized to meet your exact needs.

How to Order Custom Restaurant Uniforms

Whether you’re using designers or a sourcing company, here are key things you need to do when ordering custom restaurant uniforms.

Step 1: Get the Details Down

Knowing your design and fabric choices is a great place to start to have a smooth process. If you don’t know the specifics, you can consult with the team at Print Bind Ship or a sourcing partner to determine the most effective and efficient way to get your uniforms made.

Step 2: Choose a Supplier 

A supplier that you work with regularly will have a familiarity with your brand and how to communicate it to the manufacturers. At Print Bind Ship, we’re hands-on with you all the way through the process. Print Bind Ship can guide you with technical and creative concepts to create great restaurant uniforms. 

Step 3: Place Your Order

Now that you’ve done the work, it’s time to hand it off for Print Bind Ship or your supplier to do the heavy lifting. With years of experience working with different suppliers in various countries, we know how to best communicate your needs and work with your team to produce the perfect product for you.

The Right Fit for Your Prints

Printing uniforms is something you should be able to set and forget, and with over 60 years in the printing and fulfillment arena, Print Bind Ship has you covered. With printing expertise in the clothing and canvas sectors, your uniforms will end up with a luxe look and feel. On top of that, Print Bind Ship can do large or short-run printing and on-demand printing to customize your uniforms for the employee.


What type of custom restaurant uniform is best?

A uniform that fits your brand and works practically is the best choice for your restaurant.

Is it easy to create custom restaurant uniforms?

Yes, it’s easy to create custom restaurant uniforms with a supplier that understands your needs.

Are restaurant hostess or host uniforms necessary?

Though not necessary, it is a far better impact for your customer when they instantly understand your brand by the first person they meet.