FedEx Money Back Guarantee Suspended

From December 13th, 2022 to January 2nd, 2023 FedEx is temporarily suspending its money-back guarantee for a range of their FedEx Express services. With December being a critical time period for holiday shipping, we’re going to go over everything you should know about what this change in policy means for you.

What Is FedEx’s Money Back Guarantee

The FedEx money-back guarantee protects FedEx Ground  & FedEx Freight shipments within the U.S. and Canada. The FedEx money-back guarantee gives partial or full refunds or credit to clients with service failure at the hands of FedEx, 

Why FedEx Is Suspending Money Back Guarantee

Like most of the US, FedEx is facing a major staffing shortage. Having to reroute over 600,000 packages a day the company doesn’t have the bandwidth to handle the volume of shipments that will increase over the holiday season. Outside of this labor shortage affecting shipments, the company’s stock has dropped to its lowest position in over a year. The company planned to hire augmented staff for the peak holiday season but is still facing bandwidth issues.

What To Know About FedEx Money Back Guarantee Suspension

With FedEx’s suspension of the money-back guarantee during the holiday season here are some key things to keep in mind if you use FedEx as your shipping servicer.

Possible Service Disruptions

The purpose of the FedEx money-back guarantee was to protect consumers from a service failure, and the suspension of this failsafe doesn’t signal security. Though hurricane season is over for most of the US, snow storms have already started in parts of the country. With the holiday season coming up, a shortage of staffing to handle the bandwidth of shipments, and the added component of possible weather-based outages, a money-back guarantee is probably necessary.

Less Consumer Protection

Since FedEx is already rerouting over half a million packages a day, now is not a time that you still have to pay for unreliable service. Without the FedEx money-back guarantee consumers are left footing the bill for FedEx’s service failures. Worse still, the holiday season is one of the most-time sensitive consumer shipping times of the year due to Christmas, Hanukkah, and other holiday gatherings. 

Fewer Savings

Even though FedEx is experiencing a labor shortage, the company is also spending 13% more on staffing year-to-date. With this increased spending and loss of around $450 million dollars due to internal logistics problems, FedEx already raised its prices. Now that FedEx’s money-back guarantee is suspended, customers also lose the added benefit of protection. Because the FedEx money-back guarantee is suspended, there is also no added pricing benefit that could be gained by using the money-back guarantee waiver since it will not be offered during this time.

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