How to Increase Online Sales: 10 Powerful Strategies in 2021

Online sales for your eCommerce store can often be just as hard as getting new customers. eCommerce is a unique marketing and sales environment that requires its own specific strategies and tools.

There are several distinct ways for brands to learn how to increase sales online. The Internet is an invaluable tool for companies that want to reach a wider audience with their products or services; in fact, many brands utilize a digital-first strategy, which prioritizes their online customers and drives worldwide sales. 

Getting Started: What You Should Know 

Before you dive into the world of eCommerce marketing, there are certain steps you can take as a company. These steps will help ensure that your marketing efforts will be effective in driving increased sales. 

1. Know Your Buyer Persona 

Your company’s buyer persona is a conceptualization of what your typical customer is like. This includes attributes like; their age, location, and lifestyle, as well as what their motivations might be for buying your product. This can help you to understand how you’ll reach them with marketing. 

2. Determine Your Sales Goals 

In addition, the specific goals your management develops around online sales will depend on the strategies you’re using; as well as your overall revenue projections. From developing a buyer persona to conducting thorough market research of your potential customers and competitors; as well as clearly defining your marketing strategies will help to determine your sales goals. 

3. Solidify Your Brand Messaging 

Most potential customers will only spend a maximum of 15 seconds looking at your online ad. Therefore, it’s important to get your point across clearly. You can do this with a solid brand aesthetic that will appeal to your target audience. It’s also crucial to stay consistent with your branding and messaging across all of your online campaigns. 

10 Strategies to Increase Online Sales 

Once your company has a solid grasp on buyer persona, specific sales goals, and clear brand messaging, you’ll be in a good place to begin further strategizing toward better online sales and increased revenue. 

Invest in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a tool brands largely underestimate. SEO is the concept of increasing your visibility by routing more traffic to your online presence through optimizing your content for search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

You can build your SEO by including keywords in your online materials that your potential customers will be searching for. In addition, by including these keywords, your posts will have a greater chance of being a priority in; online searches, allowing your clientele to find your products more easily. 

Start Omnichannel or Multichannel Selling 

These days, most people use multiple devices to surf the web and shop online including smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that your potential customer is getting the same great experience no matter which medium they’re shopping on.

Start by prioritizing high-quality web design that allows customers to browse and buy seamlessly between devices. Furthermore, omnichannel and multichannel selling practices also include buying over the phone or in person. These are actually two sales avenues that you shouldn’t ignore, even during an online marketing campaign. 

Show Off Customer Testimonials and Trust Signals 

Customers are more likely to buy from a company that they believe to be trustworthy, honest, and high-quality. You can communicate these attributes to your clientele by proudly advertising positive customer reviews on your website, collaborating with an established and trusted brand, or utilizing celebrity endorsement. 

Offer Plans, Options, or Subscriptions 

The creation of choice is a compelling sales tactic for all kinds of businesses. In addition, offering distinctive payment and delivery plans or subscriptions allows your client base to customize their relationship with your brand, which in turn improves customer experience and brand loyalty. 

Create Compelling Value Propositions 

Your online ads should do more than just let viewers know what your product is and what it does. Your marketing campaign should also demonstrate the additional value that buying from your brand specifically can provide.

What makes you stand out from your competitors and how will your product improve the customer’s quality of life? Moreover, you can communicate these details can be through pricing, shipping options, testimonials, and even direct comparison between brands. 

Use Chatbots for 24/7 Sales Conversions 

Artificial intelligence, or AI, has been a significant game-changer in the world of eCommerce. 

Chatbots are AI devices that are programmed into your company’s website to answer basic questions, direct customers to desired destinations, and even schedule appointments or sign customers up for subscriptions. Furthermore, chatbots have been shown to increase the conversion rates of online sales by around 30%. 

Create Urgency 

A sense of urgency is an extremely powerful marketing tool. For example, if a customer is told that a certain deal is only available today, they’re much more likely to purchase the item than they would have if they believed it to be available indefinitely. 

Nonetheless, be intentional with your creation of urgency to make sure that your brand’s value and trustworthiness has been established first. 

Leverage Email Marketing 

Email marketing is a tried-and-true method of online sales optimization. Utilize an email automation service that creates personalized emails for your customers with aesthetically pleasing design and clear information. A newsletter sign-up on your company’s website will allow interested clients to easily provide their email addresses. 

Use Social Ads to Promote Your Brand 

Those who are wondering how to start an online business should start with the Internet’s most popular destination:  Social media sites. Social ads can take many forms, but the key is connecting directly to your audience with unique content that is relevant to them, while also demonstrating the value of your product. 

Offer Free Shipping 

A free bonus is one of the best ways to seal the deal with a potential customer, and with online marketing, free shipping is a typical way to provide just that. Moreover, a free shipping promise can increase your brand’s value and support brand loyalty moving forward. 

Making It Easy

Though eCommerce can seem complicated, boosting your revenue with online marketing is extremely possible with a few key strategies. With a strong brand image and messaging, clear sales goals, and a defined buyer persona, any brand can achieve the online revenue they desire over time.

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