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How to Market Your Self-Published Book

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Creating your own book can be a gratifying experience, but getting that book into the hands of readers can be a challenge. For some writers, marketing a book can be more difficult than writing it. 

Fortunately, self-published book promotion is a well-worn path with avenues to success. Learning the process of how to market your self-published book is an essential skill, especially if your goal is to make a profit

What Is a Self-Published Book?

The traditional publishing route involves securing an agent, who then submits your work to a publishing house. The publishing house can market your book and ensure that it ends up on store bookshelves. 

In contrast, self-publishing is on the author’s shoulders. Typically, a self-published author will partner with a print-on-demand company, such as Print Bind Ship, to craft the books and send them to customers. 

How Does Self-Publishing a Book Work?

One of the biggest differences between having a publisher and being self-published is that you’ll need to learn how to promote your book. You will have to create a digital storefront, manage sales, engage potential readers on social media, buy advertising, and arrange signings, and readings yourself. 

The techniques for how to market your self-published book can vary depending on the kind of author you are. If you’re a children’s book author, you may work hard to get your book into school libraries or market to teachers. 

A universal aspect of self-published book marketing for any author is the need to reach your future readers and show them that your book is worth reading.

7 Tips for Marketing Your Self-Published Book

When it comes to how to market your self-published book, there are seven key strategies that can make the process more effective:

1. Social Media 

In the 21st century, social media is an essential part of marketing for self-published authors. It’s how you can build a following and generate excitement for new releases. By interacting with your audience, you can also find out what they enjoy and tailor your books to their interests.

2. Social Media Ads

A key aspect of how to market your self-published book effectively is using social media. 

While advertising on TV, radio, and magazines is still viable, it is far more expensive than targeted social media ads. By advertising on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other platforms, you can spend a few dollars to get your book in front of users who are more likely to engage with your ad. 

These platforms let you select your audience by interest, demographics, and location, which gives you a higher chance of success.

3. Amazon Small Business Tools

Amazon is the go-to place for many self-publishers, especially digital booksellers. With Kindle Direct Publishing, you can create a physical book to sell. But selling on Amazon and relying on another printer is also viable and can allow you to have more control over your book quality. 

You can use apps to make selling on Amazon easier, such as Octoparse, which can automate Amazon scraping, or Keyworx, a handy keyword tracker. Using outside tools as a seller gives you an edge when figuring out how to market your self-published book.

4. Amazon Reviews

Amazon book reviews are one of the main ways readers find out if a book is worth buying. They also influence search engine algorithms. Reach out to readers to ask for reviews of your book, or create a launch team of around 40 people. 

This team can get an advanced copy of your book to submit a review to Amazon later. You can also reach out to top reviewers, such as bloggers, for a review.

5. Facebook Groups

Find Facebook groups that make sense for your genre. Are you a horror writer? Find horror groups. Submit your book to get their opinions, or if you’re already established, you can post that you have a new book for sale.

6. Goodreads

The Goodreads Author Program is free and well worth joining. By going to Goodreads, self-published authors can claim a profile page where they promote their book to readers. Once you’re verified, your profile will get the Goodreads Author badge, which will let your fans follow you on Goodreads.

7. Outreach Campaigns

You can offer special deals through email marketing, such as sales and giveaways, contests, or reader profiles. By staying connected with perks, readers will develop loyalty. 

Invest in a Strong Design

Marketing a self-published book becomes easier when the book looks the part. Unlike the old adage, people do judge a book by its cover. 

With Print Bind Ship, you not only get excellent fulfillment services and consistent quality printing, but you have access to our expert designers, too. A fitting book design goes a long way to capturing readers’ attention.

Craft Your Self-Published Book with Print Bind Ship

Running social media channels, engaging with readers, advertising your book, and creating outreach campaigns can make marketing and selling your self-published book stressful. Print Bind Ship can lessen that stress. 

We specialize in print-on-demand services that let customers order books without having to have inventory sitting on shelves. When they order a book, we print and send it out to them. Ready to get started publishing your masterpiece? Contact Print Bind Ship today.


How Do I Get My Self-Published Book Noticed?

Marketing is essential. By engaging on social media, buying ads, asking for Amazon reviews, and creating compelling campaigns, you can create serious word-of-mouth.

Can You Sell a Book Without a Publisher?

Yes, you can. By creating your own storefront or relying on existing ones such as Amazon and Shopify, you can create an avenue for people to buy your book.

Can You Print Your Own Book and Sell It?

Yes! You don’t have to rely on a traditional publisher to get your book in print. Print Bind Ship can take your manuscript and transform it into a book ready for customers’ bookshelves.

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