Managed Logistics Services: Benefits and Use Cases

You may be used to regarding your supply chain as somewhat akin to a real chain. Each link represents a different supplier, vendor, shipper, or some other important partner. 

What might surprise you is that there are businesses that can stand to be every link all at once, handling each of the processes you currently outsource to separate companies. These businesses engage in what are known as managed logistics services, and they can provide tremendous benefits to your existing supply chain.

What Are Managed Logistics Services?

A logistics management service can ensure all of your materials and products are transported from their manufacturers to a storage warehouse, thus acting as a transportation management service. 

Unlike other transportation management services, however, a logistics management service is also in charge of the warehouse itself, taking care of packaging and order fulfillment as well. When a customer places an order, the logistics management service handles the shipping and delivery, too. 

There may be more services available depending on the specific logistics business. Many, including Print Bind Ship, can also take care of picking and packing, print-on-demand, and customer returns. 

A huge benefit to partnering with a managed logistics service is that customer relations become far simpler to handle. Since we handle the returns process, our clients never have to, meaning they can spend their time focusing on improving the customer experience and staying in contact with their loyal users without having to deal with the behind-the-scenes work.

Who Are Managed Logistics Services For?

Any company looking to outsource transportation, storage, and delivery processes can benefit from managed logistics services. Many online sellers make use of managed logistics services to handle order fulfillment, especially if they need print-on-demand services. 

Businesses like Print Bind Ship can handle warehousing inventory for companies that need to have plenty of products on hand, as well as sellers who only need to print materials upon receiving an order.

Sellers who need to expand globally also will benefit greatly from using managed logistics services. As Print Bind Ship operates globally, sellers can save on shipping costs by having us print or assemble materials at the location closest to their customers.

Benefits of Managed Logistics Services

Every business can make use of a simplified supply chain to save time and money. Here’s how managed logistics services do just that.

Optimize Your Supply Chain

Instead of relying on multiple companies, each with its own contracts, policies, prices, and points of contact, you only need to rely on one. In the case of Print Bind Ship, you can have us handle shipments from manufacturers to your warehouse, track inventory, pack your materials and design fun unboxing experiences, take care of kitting and assembly, and ship to customers worldwide. 

Reduce Overhead Expenses

When your business directly handles each of the processes mentioned above, it all involves hiring staff, insuring them, maintaining vehicles, and handling every delivery, storage, and packaging demand (and complaint) your business receives.

Outsourcing to a company like Print Bind Ship frees you up to spend that money elsewhere. The less overhead hassle you have, the more competitive your prices and product lineup can be.

Leverage Technology

Now more than ever, data is king. When you want to find new customers and improve the experience of your pre-existing customer base, you need to have reliable, up-to-date data. 

Print Bind Ship uses the latest in customer logistics software, giving you actionable and rock-solid information. We also use modern inventory tracking tech to make sure you know the exact items you have at all times. With our tools, you can also accurately forecast demand to adjust your product lineup accordingly.

Automation is the name of the game. When you remove the potential for human error as much as possible, you gain accuracy and reliability. Trusting Print Bind Ship means you get the benefit of our high levels of software automation, alongside order fulfillment and tracking, that you can trust without having to spend any money on the software itself!

How to Find a Managed Logistics Services Partner

First, look for the services you need. A managed logistics service should be able to cover the following for your business:

  • Handle shipping between manufacturers and your warehouse space
  • Track inventory
  • Create packaging and kits
  • Print materials on demand
  • Track and store user data
  • Handle shipping and delivery to customers
  • Take care of returns

Then, see what other customers have to say about the business. Does the service have a good reputation? In the case of Print Bind Ship, you’ll receive everything here and more! Check out the testimonials from our customers at the bottom of each page to see the rave reviews that have given us a glowing reputation.

It’s also important to choose a logistics partner that has extensive experience (we have 60 years’ worth!), ships fast, and looks for ways to save you money. The reason you wanted to hire a managed logistics company in the first place was to — as the name implies — have your logistics managed. 

We’ll also add that Print Bind Ship provides design services, which will make maintaining brand cohesion that much easier for you. Want your unboxing experiences to gel with your brand identity? We’ll make it happen.

Let Print Bind Ship Manage Your Logistics

Saving time and money is the goal of every company, and trusting a managed logistics provider is one of the best ways to accomplish it. Let someone else handle all of your shipping, inventory, and order fulfillment needs! 

Print Bind Ship partners with businesses just like yours around the world, and we’re ready to partner with you. Check out the services we offer, and when you’re ready to start streamlining your business, we’re ready to talk!


Is Amazon a Managed Logistics Service Provider?

Yes. Amazon can handle all of the processes and services that a managed logistics services provider can with their businesses, Fulfillment by Amazon and Amazon Supply Chain.

What Does “Managed Logistics Services” Mean?

A managed logistics service takes care of every part of the supply chain, including delivery of materials, parts, and other items, printing, warehousing, inventory management, packaging and kitting, and delivery to customers.

What Are 3PL Logistics Services?

Third-party logistics (3PL) companies satisfy warehousing, distribution, shipping, and order fulfillment needs. Many also handle printing, picking and packing, kitting, design work, and product returns as well.