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Menu Printing – How To Create Custom Menus

Custom menu printing allows restaurants to show off their best dishes, showcase their entire menu, and provide customers with a way to order food both in-house and for takeout or delivery. There are so many different custom printing options available, including various sizes, styles, and materials, giving you the power to transform your image and create the perfect finished product, no matter what kind of restaurant you run. 

If you’re switching to take-out or have decided to start offering disposable printed menus, that’s another reason to consider revamping and reorganizing things or looking at a whole new printing solution. Regardless of where you’re at in the process or what you need, Print Bind Ship is here to help. 

How Do You Create A Food Menu?

Creating a food menu isn’t a challenging process. It’s about making sure you include everything, pick the best photos, and choose a template or layout that fits. 

Write Down All Menu Items

This is easier for those who already have a printed menu. If you’re starting a new restaurant, you’ll need a list of all of your menu items. Separate them into appropriate categories: appetizers, soups and salads, breakfast, lunch, dinner, kids’ meals, and so forth. It’s up to you to choose how you categorize things, but make sure that it follows a logical flow so that menu items are easy to find. 

Add Professional Photographs Of Your Options

Spend the money on some professional food photography. Have your chef make your best or most popular dishes, and then have them photographed for the menu. If you really can’t afford professional photos, make sure that you take the best possible ones that you can and double-check how they’ll render in print before committing fully. 

Choose A Menu Template

There are different themes and styles of menus available for all the different types of restaurants out there. You can find simple dine-in menus for upscale restaurants, bi-fold cardstock menus for take-out and delivery, and everything in between. Find the right template and style that suits your brand. 

Some people choose a simple menu that lists the items and prices. Others may list a description of each item and have photos. Still more menus might be a basic placement that can be custom-designed for kids or other needs. It’s about what fits your restaurant best. 

Types of Restaurant Menus

To help you choose the ideal solution, here are the most common types of restaurant menus and what they offer. 

Dine-In Menus

Dine-in menus are designed for use in your restaurant. These will be given to diners at the table and are available in both reusable and disposable options. They come in flat and folded styles, including bi- and tri-fold options, and can be laminated for easy cleaning and sterilization. This is a great choice for anyone who wants something simple but elegant, and can be customized with any style or design. 

Pocket Menus

Pocket menus are great because they are literally designed to fit into a pocket or small purse. They can fold down to small sizes and can hold up to four or more panels, allowing you to even add images and more detailed menus if you want. These convenient menus are great for takeout or marketing when you want something more than a standard disposable menu. 


Placemat menus are popularly known for being used as kids’ menus, but they can also be used as a general menu for your restaurant. With their affordable pricing, you can even have regular and kid-friendly options available to offer something for everyone. These are great because they’re disposable and don’t require cleaning, and they can be made in custom sizes and designs. 

Table Tent Displays

Table tents are great for line-of-sight promotions and getting people’s attention. You’ve seen these before, and perhaps even used them yourself, and they offer easy setup and an affordable marketing solution. They can be custom printed in every way imaginable to suit your needs, as well. Use them for drink menus, weekly specials, and more. 

Take-Out Menus

Take-out menus are typically disposable menus designed to be given to customers with their to-go or delivery orders. They can be made available in your restaurant and delivered with your food items. Some people also choose tri-fold menus which they turn into mailers and send to local addresses. 

What Is The Standard Menu Size? 

While most menus are the size of standard letter paper or smaller (8.5”x11”), some are larger, offering a grander impression. Like all things, you can customize the size and style of your menu to your needs. 

Custom Menu Styles

No matter what you have in mind, there are several menu styles to choose from and most can be customized to your exact needs. 

Single Page Menu

A single-page menu is usually nothing more than a standard sheet of 8.5”x11” paper. It may be printed on one or both sides and could be in color or black and white. The menu could be smaller or larger, depending on the preference of the restaurant, and these are usually designed for in-house dining. Many are laminated for easy cleaning. Some are disposable, as well. 

Long Menu

A long menu is typically still a single page, but it will usually measure 8.5”x 14” or about 4”x8” to offer a slimmer profile. These are used for dining in the restaurant or takeout and can sometimes be easier to read or offer a more modern design. They’re also easier to handle for some people. Again, they can be printed on one or both sides, in color or black and white, and with any design and template you desire. 

Bi-Fold Menu

Bi-fold menus are available in multiple sizes, although they often come in an 8.5”x11” sheet that is folded in half. In some cases, they may be smaller so that they have slim panels like a tri-fold menu without the third panel. These can be printed in full-color, black and white, and with print on all sides. They’re also able to be laminated or designed as disposable products for takeout. 

Tri-Fold Menu

Tri-fold menus are generally made of a standard 8.5”x11” sheet of paper that is folded three times. This offers a total of six panels for your menu, specials, restaurant, information, and more. They can be printed in black and white or color and can be made from many types of paper. 

What’s Next: Menu Printing With Print Bind Ship

If you find yourself in need of a menu upgrade, now is the time to act. At Print Bind Ship, we have a full range of custom menu solutions to help you get everything that you need. Whether you’ve already got a design or you’re just in the market for a new menu and want some assistance along the way, our team of experts is here to help. 

We have a selection of paper stocks, menu formats and templates, and resources to ensure that you get the most professional-looking menu that reflects your restaurant’s image, no matter what that means to you. Feeling eco-friendly? Ask about our recycled paper options, too.