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Our Printing Presses at Print Bind Ship – Which is Best For Your Project

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Have you ever wondered what a printing press is? Or why printing presses are important? We will explain what a printing press is, its advantages, the types of printing presses available, and the history of the printing press itself. 

From its invention nearly 600 years ago to its modern advancements, the printing press has been pivotal in the exchange of information throughout modern age. 

What Is a Printing Press?

A printing press is a mechanical device that transfers ink to paper using pressure, and in most cases, heat. This allows the mass production of printed matter such as books to be achieved at a much faster rate than writing. 

Benefits of Presses

Printing presses provide many benefits which increase production rates, quality, and efficiency, as well as cost reduction. 

Reduces Print Cost

Printing presses reduce print costs by creating long runs with identical impressions generating larger quantities of prints. Costly set up, chemicals, plates, and tools are eliminated with digital presses, thus lowering print costs further. 

Improves Turnaround Time

Printing presses improve turnaround time by eliminating the need for time-consuming setups for individual impressions. Long repetitive runs can be achieved, thus producing prints in a timelier fashion. 

Provides Customizable Options

Printing presses provide customizable options with the invention of digital printing. Data can be customized on individual pages without physically changing the setup of the press. 

Higher Quality 

Printing presses provide higher quality prints due to the technical advancement of the devices along with the uniformity and consistency of long runs. The ability to create higher resolution equates to higher image quality.

Our Press Options

We have several options of printing presses available to choose from. We will describe each press and its functionality to help you decide which printing press is the best fit for your printing needs. 

HP R2000

The HP R2000 Latex Plus Printer applies latex ink to rigid or flexible substrates in amazing color and unprecedented quality. Set yourself apart from the competition with our Latex White Inks which provide a glossy finish to vibrant colors. Use smart printing technology to maximize uptime and meet production peaks. 

Heidelberg Press

The Heid elberg printing press was produced in Germany beginning in 1913 and is regarded by many as the Prince of Presses. It is a durable device with a four plate design, rotating blades, a vacuum for pulling pages, and a cylinder inking system. 

By 1932, the speed of the press had exceeded 3,000 impressions per hour and achieved 10,000 IPH by 1936. The Heidelberg printing press revolutionized printing with its smooth operation, durability, and impression strength. 

Web Press

A web printing press is a large device that prints on uncut rolls of paper which are run through the machine, creating a web throughout. Web printing presses are used for large volume runs such as newspapers or magazines. 

Heat web presses use heat to set the ink on glossy paper at high speeds. The advantage is a lower cost per page, less overhead, and faster production times. 

Indigo Press

An Indigo printing press uses a blanket that is heated, which melts and smooths toner particles into a film creating an image that is then transferred directly to the substrate. HP uses digital technology to match or exceed the color and image quality of an offset printer. The Indigo Press allows individual creations without the set-up cost, time, and overhead of an off-set press. 

Printing Presses Changed The Print World

From the invention of the Gutenberg press to the most advanced digital presses of today, the printing press has changed the way we spread information over the past several centuries. 
Today’s printing presses have advanced features which make production cheaper, easier, and faster, as well as, increase the image quality to achieve amazing results. Learn more about printing and how to grow your business with Print Bind Ship!


When Was the First Printing Press Created?

The first printing press is said to have been created around 1440 in France. However, some accounts describe a press being invented 150 years earlier in China.

Who First Invented the Printing Press?

A German, Johannes Gutenburg is credited with inventing the printing press for its first commercial use in the 15th century. However, there was a man in China named Choe Yun-ui who was said to have invented metal plates covered in ink and pressed onto parchment about 150 years prior.

What Did the Printing Press Do?

The printing press transferred ink from metal plates to paper, allowing the mass production of literature and texts, much faster than written words. This revolutionized the times in terms of the ability to spread information.

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