The 5 Best Kinds of Shipping Software for eCommerce in 2021

Running an eCommerce business today is very different than it may have been even a few years ago. The online market has changed in a multitude of ways, but the methods that businesses use to ship their products to their customers have also changed significantly.

The online marketplace has always involved some form of fulfillment and shipping. However, the most significant change that has occurred for eCommerce businesses in the past few years is the advent of shipping software. 

The Importance of Shipping Software for eCommerce Businesses 

Today, shipping software helps businesses of all sizes to handle the complex logistics that come along with the shipping and fulfillment process, while also providing management oversight to keep things running smoothly.

All in all, the best shipping software can help to simplify and streamline the many moving parts involved in online sales. Today, we’ll explore some of the specific ways that eCommerce businesses can benefit from shipping software. 

Streamlined Operations 

These days, customers aren’t content with simply waiting around for their package to arrive for a long amount of time.

Customers expect an estimated date for delivery that they can trust the business to stick to. In fact, many customers make their buying choices based on their ability to accurately track their orders while it’s in transit.

The process isn’t over once the item arrives at the customer’s door, either. In the event that your customer wants to return their items, this is a great opportunity when you have an established return process. This is because having quick and easy returns, that won’t cost anything, is the best way to maintain a high level of customer service. 

The best way to streamline and optimize these complex parts of the shipping and fulfillment process is through high-quality shipping software. 

Enhanced Competitive Advantages 

Though the customer experience is a major catalyst for eCommerce businesses to improve their shipping and fulfillment, developing and maintaining a competitive advantage against similar brands is another major inspiration.

Due to the sheer number of online businesses out there today, modern shoppers have had to become savvier in order to find the best deal. Online sellers are aware of this; as it means that they have to compete even harder against other sellers to provide optimal value for their buyers.

The best shipping software is designed to help eCommerce businesses reduce their shipping costs as much as possible, while still providing fast and accurate shipping times to their customers.

Studies show that 88% of online customers are more inclined to purchase a product that offers free shipping. Though free shipping isn’t “free” for the seller, shipping software can help to keep shipping and fulfillment costs as low as possible. This ultimately allows your business to provide free shipping deals for certain kinds of purchases. 

Time and Money Saved

eCommerce shipping software helps to save processing time. In the past, individual businesses would have to; create and pay for each individual shipping label, schedule times for package pick-up and drop-off, and handle the packing process by themselves.

Shipping software may not be able to handle all of these tasks. Nonetheless, it can certainly cut out some of the more time-consuming and simple work that shipping demands! 

Shipping software can automatically track the best shipping rates and timelines and then create labels. This will save you time, money, and stress, especially as your company grows in size with more orders to fulfill. 

5 Best Shipping Software for eCommerce in 2021 

eCommerce shipping software is the way to go for any business that uses online sales today. Let’s discuss some of the best options out there and what they can offer. 

Shopify Shipping Software

Currently ranking high as one of the most popular platforms for eCommerce is Shopify and for good reason. Shopify seamlessly integrates with online storefronts using the company’s own framework. This makes fulfilling orders easy and allows customers to browse real-time shipping rates.

Though Shopify lacks certain advanced features that are available on other platforms, it tends to work best for eCommerce sellers who want a user-friendly experience with which to manage their shipping. 


The platform ShipStation helps online sellers to lower fulfillment costs while supporting efficient operations. ShipStation offers various integrations that allow customers to view product dimensions and weight. They can even automatically calculate shipping rates right from the shopping cart.

ShipStation’s pricing system tends to be affordable for businesses; however, the company does not offer phone or live chat support with its lower-tier plans. 

FedEx Fulfillment 

FedEx Fulfillment pairs its excellent small and medium eCommerce business logistics with worldwide brand recognition. 

Businesses that use FedEx can count on quick fulfillment, timely delivery, and high customer satisfaction when they use FedEx Fulfillment. However, FedEx Fulfillment doesn’t tend to be the best financial choice for shippers with low volume. offers affordable options for shipping, making it a popular choice for small businesses. With, sellers can purchase and print shipping labels at home, allowing them to skip the line at the post office and simply drop off parcels. 

Generally, is best for businesses with a low shipment volume. 


ShippingEasy offers a user-friendly interface, easy integration, and several useful features included into low monthly costs. ShippingEasy’s best angle is its pricing. The platform also decreases shipping times by using automated functions. Low-volume sellers can even access ShippingEasy’s free plan. 

Streamline Shipping and Fulfillment with a 3PL 

Having high-quality shipping software can help eCommerce businesses of all sizes save time and money in the fulfillment process. However, nothing can streamline a company’s supply chain like a third-party logistics company (3PL).

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