How to Print and Order Custom T-Shirts for a Cause

If you’ve ever been involved in a charity 5K, you more than likely popped on a T-shirt with the name of a nonprofit on the front before lining up for the start. You probably weren’t the only one, either, with large groups of identically clad runners and walkers around you unified for the same cause.

Afterward, the shirt likely made its way into your closet, becoming a regular fixture in your rotation of casual clothing for yard work or errand running. It’s this long-term use that’s the real power of charity T-shirts.

3 Reasons to Design Your Own T-Shirts for a Cause

Anytime a charity or nonprofit organization wants to cement its name in the popular consciousness, it turns to advertising. One of the more effective and affordable methods of advertising is creating charitable T-shirts, whether for a specific event or just to raise funds in general. 

1. Get Creative

Quirky clothing is all the rage, and even T-shirts for charity organizations can get in on the trend.

The best designs will be visually related to the organization’s purpose. For example, if a homeless shelter wanted to release a shirt, it might go with a design featuring the word “homelessness” slowly being rubbed out by a giant eraser.

2. Make the Biggest Impact

The best marketing bonus offered by T-shirts is that they broadcast an organization’s logo every time they’re worn. The phrase “walking billboard” is often used, and that’s because it’s accurate. Those who wear shirts with your organization’s branding automatically become ambassadors for your cause.

3. Collaborate with Designers

There are more than likely many talented designers in your community ready and willing to lend their talents to creating one-of-a-kind charity T-shirts.

This builds goodwill by presenting your organization with an opportunity to support a local artist. You may also be able to get design work donated, depending on the artist’s own feelings toward the cause.

Print Bind Ship for Printing T-Shirts for a Cause

When creating charity and nonprofit T-shirts, quality matters.

Whether the shirt is a free perk for runners in a race or a fundraising item, you want to partner with a printer that knows how to make long-lasting, comfortable, well-made shirts. You want a partner like Print Bind Ship.

Custom Design Services

Our designers work with companies and nonprofits around the world to create compelling, impactful designs that command attention. That’s right — we’re worldwide! We can ship globally, which opens up many avenues for nonprofits may not have had before.

Choose the Details

The specific materials, sizes, fits, fonts and colors are yours to select. Our T-shirts are custom in every sense of the word.

We’ll offer design suggestions, but these shirts will exist to represent your organization. We’re just here to bring your vision to life.

Extensive Reach 

Print Bind Ship is proud to work with nonprofits and charities to create top-quality apparel. We provide clothes for disaster relief initiatives, educational organizations, animal rights groups and arts organizations, and we’re privileged to be part of the efforts of charities in every part of the world.

Top-Quality Printing  

Whether you want to create a huge batch of custom T-shirts or offer buyers print-on-demand services, you can expect the same level of detail and quality in every shirt.

We Handle Shipping and Logistics

While you see to the hard work of running a charity, we’ll handle the grunt work of warehousing, shipping and logistics. If you have an online store, we’ll connect with it to manage all sales and returns so you don’t have to.

3 Steps for Ordering T-Shirts for a Cause

Ready to raise awareness and money for a worthy charity? Here’s how.

Step 1: Decide on the Design

Search for existing designs online (free-use images exist, but remember that you usually get what you pay for) or hire a designer to create a graphic just for you.

Print Bind Ship’s designers are the best in their field, but we also understand if you want to support a local designer or one willing to donate a design.

Step 2: Get in Touch with Print Bind Ship

The next step is to reach out to Print Bind Ship and let us know what you need. A giant batch of unisex shirts? A limited run of an exclusive design? Print-on-demand services for preorder specials?

The more details you give us, the better. We want to make sure you and your supporters are happy with the finished product.

Step 3: Receive Your Order

We’ll ship your shirts directly to you. Our crew can get a delivery out the door within 24 hours anywhere in the world. We can also set up an ongoing shipping arrangement if you’d prefer that the shirts trickle out as supporters order them.

Worthy Causes Supported Through Quality Branding Thanks to Print Bind Ship

Creating T-shirts for a cause is a great way to turn supporters into brand ambassadors. 

Every shirt you get onto a supporter is a chance to spread your nonprofit’s message. It all starts with putting eye-catching designs on quality garments.

Talk to Print Bind Ship today to see how we can benefit your organization.


How much do T-shirts cost for charitable donations?

Custom T-shirts vary in price depending on the order size but generally cost between $7 and $10 per item. Charities may be able to take advantage of reduced rates.

How can I make T-shirts to raise money for charity?

If you create designs intended for sale, a suggested price would be between $25 and $30. The difference between the cost of printing and the final sale price would be the amount raised per shirt.

How do I design my own T-shirts for a good cause?

Either create a design yourself using online templates or design software (depending on your experience) or hire a designer to whip something up for you. Just make sure the resulting file is compatible with your printing service.