What is a Certificate Of Mailing? Everything to Know About Proof of Mailing

A certificate of mailing is a receipt issued by the United States Postal Service (USPS) that provides evidence that an item was mailed. It’s considered an official record, and it can help you prove that an item was sent if someone has yet to receive it or is disputing the shipment or send date.

Have more questions? We’ve got you covered. We’re diving into exactly what is a certificate of mailing, how it works, and why it can be so important.

How Does a USPS Certificate Of Mailing Work?

A USPS certificate of mailing confirms the date that the mail was accepted for sending. This does not confirm delivery or guarantee that an item will be delivered at a certain date. It only verifies the send date. In this way, it functions as a proof of mailing.

The USPS doesn’t keep copies of these certificates, but they can be used for domestic or international mail. When you fill out this form, you will keep a copy for your records, along with your receipt for the postage, and that is the proof that you will need if something goes wrong. 

Some key points about a certificate of mailing:

  1. It serves as proof that mail was given to the USPS on a certain date, but does not provide any tracking of delivery.
  2. It is an inexpensive service offered by the USPS, usually costing under $2.
  3. To obtain one, you take your mail item to the post office counter and request a certificate of mailing form. The clerk stamps the form when presented with the mail piece.
  4. It provides the sender with evidence that the mail was given to the USPS, which can be useful for things like proving tax or legal documents were mailed on time.
  5. However, unlike certified mail or other services with delivery confirmation, a certificate of mailing alone does not prove the item was received by the intended recipient.

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Where Can You Get a USPS Certificate of Mailing?

You can get a USPS Certificate of Mailing at any United States Post Office location. They will add it to the mailing and explain the additional cost. You can also find these certificates in the Individual Article with Firm Mailing Book. Today, the USPS also has many of the forms available online for download. If you work with a shipping partner, they’ll be able to acquire any forms and extra services you need from the USPS or other carriers. 

How Much Does a Certificate Of Mailing Cost?

The cost of a certificate of mailing varies depending on several factors. Whether the certificate is for an individual article or a grouped shipment is the biggest factor. The basic form costs $1.50 at the time of this writing, but that is subject to change.

You may pay slightly more for a certificate that accompanies a larger shipment, as well. However, you won’t typically spend more than $3 for a certificate of mailing, unless you add other services or protection, such as signature confirmation or a return receipt. 

3 Types Of USPS Certificates Of Mailing

There are multiple types of certificates available from the USPS. The standard form covers small shipments, while there are forms available for larger shipments, as well as for bulk mailing internationally and domestically. They are typically only available at your local USPS branch at the time of mailing, although some official USPS forms are now available online for download in PDF format, as mentioned above. 

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1. USPS Form 3817

USPS Form 3817 is essentially the basic Certificate of Mailing form. This document will provide a record listing when the item was sent, who and where it was sent from, and where it is being sent to. The date of acceptance for mailing will be included on the certificate, which you will retain a copy of as your proof in case it is needed. 

2. USPS Form 3665

USPS Form 3665 is also known as a Certificate of Mailing and is used for multiple pieces in a single order or mailing. The form allows mailers to list multiple items by line and ensure that all items are accounted for with a proper acceptance for the mailing date. The form then becomes the receipt, as with all forms. It can be used for international or domestic orders. 

3. USPS Form 3877

USPS Form 3877 is a certificate of bulk mailing for domestic orders. This document can be printed online in a nearly identical form to what is available at the Post Office, and it is used to verify the number of items mailed in a shipment with more than three items. This form used to be approved for all bulk orders, but in 2017, the USPS created a separate form for international orders, as discussed below. 

4. USPS Form 3606

USPS Form 3606 is a certificate of bulk mailing for international shipments. This certificate verifies the mailing of international bulk orders and is the newest of the forms available. It is the required form for any mailing that weighs over 50 pounds or contains more than 50 items, and that is being sent internationally. 

Certificate of Mailing vs. Certified Mail

A certificate of mailing only verifies that an item was accepted for mailing or shipping by the USPS. It also includes the exact items accepted and the date that they were mailed. Certified mail includes proof of sending, as well as notification of delivery or delivery attempts, and can also include signature confirmation of receipt if desired. 

Certified mail costs about three times as much, but also provides more confirmation for the sender. It proves that items were delivered accordingly and in a timely fashion and tracks each delivery attempt. The USPS has several different forms of confirmation and proof of mailing or delivery. 

3 Situations Where You May Need Proof of Mailing

There are many instances where you may find yourself in need of proof of mailing. Essentially, any time you are sending important paperwork, payments, or documents, it’s a good idea to purchase this proof to protect yourself. Here are a few good reasons to invest in this service. 

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1. Anything To The Government

If you are mailing tax forms, Social Security paperwork or any other government documents or forms, a Certificate of Mailing is the least that you will want to obtain. Even if you don’t choose to get delivery confirmation, you will want to protect yourself by having proof that you sent the document and when it was mailed in case there are discrepancies or they try to penalize you for being late. 

2. Forms Of Payment

Sending payments in the mail is a precarious task. Any time you send a payment, whether it is in the form of a check, written credit card information, or even just a signed payment voucher, you should get proof that it was sent. Remember to include the date. Again, in the event of discrepancies, late fees, or unreceived payments, you will have proof of your attempt. 

3. Something In Need Of Timely Delivery

Do you have an item that’s in a hurry? Maybe you’re replacing something for a customer or promised that you would be sending their order on a certain date. The promise date is important to stick to because it can make or break your reputation. Use a certificate of mailing to show the recipient that you sent the item. Also, add delivery confirmation if you want to ensure that it arrives promptly. 

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What is a certificate of bulk mailing?

A certificate of bulk mailing is a form issued by the USPS that provides evidence of the number of identical mailpieces presented for mailing on a specific date. It serves as proof of mailing for bulk mail or presorted mailings.

How much is a certificate of mailing?

The fee for a certificate of mailing from the USPS is $1.50 in addition to the postage costs. This provides proof of the date the mailpiece was presented to the Postal Service.

What is proof of mailing?

Proof of mailing refers to any documentation or receipt that verifies when a mailpiece or mailing was presented and accepted by the United States Postal Service for delivery. Common proof of mailing forms include certificates of mailing, certified mail receipts, and firm mailing books.