Guide to Wholesale Screen Print T-Shirts

Buying an in-bulk amount of any sort of goods saves on shipping and warehousing expenses, which translates to a lower cost per unit. Wholesalers consistently use this principle to build their successful businesses — a wholesaler would buy, for example, a massive shipment of screen-printed shirts for a relatively small price, then sell them to a retailer for a profit. 

Businesses interested in designing and screen printing in bulk can take advantage of wholesale selling as well. Wholesale screen printing T-shirts can be a lucrative venture for individuals and businesses alike.

How Does Wholesale Screen Printing T-Shirts Work?

One of the most popular methods for adding graphics to shirts is via screen printing. A designer will create a stencil on a mesh screen, then press ink through that screen, transferring the image from the stencil onto a blank shirt. Blank shirts are available in a massive variety of solid colors, sizes, fabrics and styles, and they are inexpensive enough to buy in large bulk quantities.

Sellers can invest in their own screen printing equipment or rely on outside printers to handle the messy process. Whether sellers rely on those printers to source and warehouse their blank shirts depends on how much of the process they want to handle.

Who Can Benefit from Wholesale Screen Printing T-Shirts?

Out of everyone who stands to benefit from screen printing in bulk, perhaps the most important is you! Adding customized apparel to your product line can attract more customers, and wholesale screen printing gives you control over your brand.

Other groups that can reap the benefits of wholesale screen printing include:


Suppose you need custom-designed shirts for an upcoming event. Perhaps you plan to use the shirts as giveaway prizes, or maybe you need them to quickly identify your staff and volunteers. Screen printing in bulk provides you with an efficient and cost-effective means of covering your needs. The shirts can be used as gifts for employees or loyal clients — everyone loves a free shirt.


Resellers buy products directly from manufacturers with the intent to resell them to the public. Instead of sourcing existing merchandise and selling it in its current state, resellers can wholesale screen print T-shirts with interesting original graphics or custom, customer-specified images.

Families and Friend Groups

If you’ve got a big group ready to embark on a trip, you can add some extra energy to the adventure with some fun, custom-printed shirts. Wholesale printing clothing not only makes a visual statement that boosts comradery among your friends and family, but it also serves to make trips safer. Large groups on a cruise or tour in a foreign country can be easily separated and lost. Custom T-shirts make identifying group members much easier.


Social clubs and networking groups can distribute specially printed member shirts as a perk, and they can print different graphics depending on which positions members hold or how long they’ve been involved with the organization.

Charity Organizations or Causes

Nonprofits can use custom-printed T-shirts as a way to thank their donors, sell and raise money or as a means to spread awareness. Using wholesale shirts, charitable organizations can keep their costs down to maximize the potential of every dollar donated. Many times, nonprofits can source donated shirts in bulk.

How to Order Screen-Printed T-Shirts in Bulk

Whether you plan on ordering and printing shirts yourself or want to rely on a printing partner to take care of these steps, you need to have a plan in place to sell the shirts you create.

Step 1: Determine Your Goals and Audience

The first thing you need to do is know your customer profile. Find out who will be buying your shirts, and determine whether you will deal exclusively in short-sleeve shirts for warm climates or branch out to custom hoodies for cold-weather consumers. 

Step 2: Fine-Tune Your Design

If you’re a graphic designer, you may already have what it takes to create interesting, compelling designs for shirts. Just remember, if you’re going to sell wholesale screen-printed T-shirts, you’ll need to make sure you’re not using copyrighted images. 

Step 3: Send Your Files to Print Bind Ship

Our designers have the training and the passion for making eye-catching shirt designs, so if you want us to tweak your existing designs or modify them extensively, we’ll be happy to. 

Send us your image files, and we’ll get to work, whether that means running with the design you send or collaborating with you to achieve the exact look you desire.

Working with Print Bind Ship for Wholesale Screen Printing

With Print Bind Ship, you never have to worry about whether your shirts will come out looking the way you want. You’ll receive quality printing services and accurate, fast shipping every time.

No Inventory Minimums

Because of limited on-site space, wholesale T-shirt printing for resellers is sometimes not feasible. Towers of boxes filled with shirts can take up valuable space, but Print Bind Ship can warehouse your shirts, no matter how many you sell or have in stock.

In-House Fulfillment 

With Print Bind Ship, you’ll never have to touch a single shirt. We can store and ship huge batches of shirts or take a print-on-demand approach. Your customers or employees get awesome T-shirts, while you can stay worry-free about storage or shipment measures.

Efficient Shipping and Logistics

Print Bind Ship has a worldwide network of establishments, so we can get shipments out the door anywhere on earth within 24 hours of the initial order. You never have to worry about returns, as we handle all returns. If we can easily restock the item, we will.


Instead of spending both money and time to store, print and ship shirts yourself, you can have Print Bind Ship take care of all those logistics for you, and by using wholesale screen printing methods, your per-shirt cost will be lower than you may have originally thought was possible.

We Can Print It for You Wholesale at Print Bind Ship!

Fun, graphically compelling T-shirts are always in style, and more businesses than ever want to get in on the action. Starting up your own screen-printing business can be time-consuming and messy, especially if you’re eager to get right to the part where you sell the shirts. 

With Print Bind Ship, you get to jump to the front of the line and start accumulating customers fast. We’ll handle all the storage, printing, shipping and returns so you don’t have to. If you’re ready to get into wholesale shirt screen printing, contact Print Bind Ship today.


What materials are best for wholesale screen-printed T-shirts?

The screen-printing process works best on cotton or blends with high cotton percentages.

What’s the most effective way to approach bulk screen printing?

Using an existing screen printing service, sellers can bypass the need to purchase or build their screen-printing equipment, source their blank shirts and fulfill customer orders.

Where can I order wholesale hoodies for screen printing?

Print Bind Ship partners with clothing wholesalers around the world, but if you want to order hoodies yourself, some options include Adair Group Inc., Blank Shirts and Broken Arrow Wear.