Corporate Gifts for Employees

The gift of giving is an excellent way for corporate managers to show their appreciation and gratitude for their team members. Whether it’s for a holiday celebration, work anniversary, or other special occasions, corporate gifts for employees bring a thoughtful element to the workplace.

Humans have been giving each other gifts since ancient times. Whether it was the royalty in ancient Egypt presenting ostrich feathers, ivory statues, or gold to stay in one another’s good graces; or commoners in an English village giving gifts to a queen to show respect, humans have always offered presents for various reasons.

Modern gift-giving, of course, has evolved to include a wide variety of items, from keychains to keys to a new car. And the act of gift-giving isn’t restricted to families and friends. Many companies and small businesses have jumped on the gift-giving bandwagon in recent years. 

Personalized Boxes for Corporate Gifts

No matter what gift you decide to give, how it is packaged can really show-off how much you care. Corporate gift boxes can not only act as flashy packaging that catches people’s eye, but they can also function as reusable promotional marketing.

Naturally, a gift box from a corporation is going to include the company’s logo. Not only will the person receiving the gift notice the logo, so will everyone else who interacts with the packaging. Instead of a boring, brown cardboard box, people will see a colorful, inspiring design attached to the brand name. This design will also encourage the person to keep the box and use it again as they see fit.

These personalized boxes can also allow for adding names, dates, or other unique details that would otherwise be impossible with standard packages. If your company gives out personalized pens, watches, keychains, or other items for work anniversaries; why not also personalize the box the item comes in? It will make the gift that much more meaningful for the recipient. 

Corporate Gift-Giving: The Story of UPS

Take the example of UPS, a well-known global shipping service. UPS treats their employees fairly generously each year with a hand-chosen anniversary gift. Every year UPS has employees choose a gift from their holiday catalog, depending on the number of years they’ve been with the company. The selection is then wrapped up nicely in corporate gift boxes and shipped via, that’s right, UPS. 

UPS also sends corporate holiday gifts for employees in personalized boxes that include baby apparel when an employee has added a new member to the family. UPS has created a niche market for promoting their services by utilizing their fulfillment operations to send corporate gift boxes. 

Custom Gift Boxes for Employees

Since most businesses are not self-fulfillment companies like UPS, doing something similar with corporate gifts for employees may not seem as easy. Luckily, Print Bind Ship, a company specializing in fulfillment, manufactures personalized boxes for corporate gifts, creates or outsources the gifts, and warehouses them all in the same place. 

Plus, with Print Bind Ship’s software system via API, they can receive orders automatically, box them up, and ship them out. Essentially, it’s corporate gift fulfillment on demand!

Customized boxes have the ability to provide particular dimensions for individual products while also integrating design elements involving colors, patterns, and unique shapes. 

If you love the idea of corporate gifts for employees but aren’t sure what kinds of gifts to give, Print Bind Ship can help with that, too. We can help you manufacture any number of items, and we can even include your company logo on them. 

The items can be more office-oriented products like notebooks, stickers, writing utensils, and books. They can also be more personalized items like t-shirts and other apparel. Whatever it is, we can make it for you or put you in contact with someone who does. 

We can even help you make a customized coloring book for your employees and their children! And the best part is, we can still manage all the other steps of the fulfillment process, so you don’t have to. 

Fulfilling Corporate Gift Orders

Once you’ve narrowed down the corporate gifts for employees you plan to give; and when you plan to give them, Print Bind Ship can step in and take care of the rest. As a 3rd-party logistics partner or 3PL, we can manage everything from your orders to your inventory. 

To start, we can produce your corporate gift boxes based on your specifications and requirements. That way, you know we can make as many as we need, whenever we need them.

Next, we will package up orders as they come in and ensure they are ready for safe and punctual shipping to their final destination. To guarantee we always have what your orders need in stock, we keep up with inventory management and warehousing at all times.

To help save your company time and money, we also use kitting and assembly when you need various items shipped separately and assembled elsewhere. Our team at Print Bind Ship can assemble kits to cut down on costs and quicken delivery times. 

We will handle all the shipping and receiving of your gifts. So, you don’t have to worry about returns, what’s in stock, or whether it will arrive on time. At Print Bind Ship, we understand the importance of punctuality when sending packages, particularly during peak times like the holidays. 

Partner with Print Bind Ship for All Your Corporate Gifts

If you’ve wanted to expand your corporate holiday gifts for employees but aren’t sure where to start, contact us. We fulfill corporate gift needs, from customized apparel to personalized boxes to Christmas candy and everything in between!

If you already have all the gift ideas you need, we can assist with creating a customized corporate gift catalog. We are experts in printing, binding, and shipping it wherever and whenever. And by partnering with Print Bind Ship, it’s easy to make changes or revisions from one year to the next. 

As a fulfillment company, Print Bind Ship knows what it takes to create seamless logistics in the world of e-commerce. We can streamline processes to save time and money and help with packaging design, storefront integration, and worldwide shipping. Contact us today using our Request a Quote form, and we’ll get back to you ASAP!