How to Print and Order Custom Photo T-Shirts in 3 Steps

A custom or personalized photo T-shirt can be the perfect gift, keepsake or gag to capture a moment or memory. Whether you’re making a gag gift or a company keepsake, there are a million things you can do with your custom photo T-shirt, and Print Bind Ship is here to help you get your picture-perfect product as quickly as possible.

3 Reasons for Making Your Own Custom Photo T-Shirts

Though your reason for wanting your own custom photo T-shirt may vary, there are three recurring reasons most people want to make a photo wearable.

Get Creative

Custom photo shirts can be a great way to be creative, and it has an extremely low barrier to entry. Being able to exploit your own work, or someone else’s with their permission, can give you, your company or your friends a great way to explore your specific artistic inclinations. If you’re a photographer, a custom photo T-shirt can be a great way to showcase your work in elaborate or straightforward ways. As a company, photo T-shirts can be great gifts used for team-building retreats or holiday gag gifts, and the list goes on.

Whether you’re looking for a unique gift or just want to add a little humor and personality to your own wardrobe, Print Bind Shop can act as a custom clothing shop for your photo T-shirt needs.

Solidify a Memory

In a world that lives by the phrase “pics or it didn’t happen,” there’s no better way to prove a once-in-a-lifetime moment happened than brandishing it on a custom photo T-shirt. Whether you were front row at your favorite artist’s show, or you took that unforgettable family photo, a custom T-shirt captures the moment in all its glory. Commemorating life’s important moments by making a custom photo T-shirt has never been easier than when you have Print Bind Ship help you through it.

Thoughtful Gift

Beyond bringing a memory to life, a custom T-shirt can also be a thoughtful and well-crafted gift that says, “I know you.” Whether you’re making a collage of a teammate’s best-in-show moments or embarrassing a friend with a themed shirt of their most embarrassing moments, a custom photo T-shirt is the perfect way to show someone you care.

Whether you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind gag gift or something to commemorate a milestone in a loved one’s life, a custom photo T-shirt can be the perfect reusable keepsake.

Print Bind Ship for Printing Custom Photo T-Shirts

Creating custom photo t-shirts to commemorate life’s special moments can be a great way to make a memory come to life and preserve it. Print Bind Ship is the go-to resource for printing custom merchandise, including custom photo t-shirts.

Custom Design Services

When you’ve been printing as long as we have, you meet some of the most talented designers in the world, and when you work with us you gain access to our network. Whether you decide to work with our in-house team to restructure your photo to work within the parameters of a custom T-shirt or you need help refining your design, the Print Bind Ship team is here to bring your vision comes to life.

If you need help creating a design that represents your brand or speaks to the unique story of someone in your life, we’re always here to help. Even if you just have a photo you know you want on a shirt, but don’t know exactly what you want we can help you build a design from the ground up.

Choose the Details

Once you’ve chosen the design for your personalized photo T-shirts, it’s time to get down to the details. T-shirts have the widest variety of any clothing option. From fabric to cut, you can customize almost as many things in your shirt makeup as you can in the photo you’re putting on it. If you don’t know exactly what you want, you can consult with our in-house team to determine the most effective options for your needs while remaining cost-efficient.

Top-Quality Printing  

At Print Bind Ship, we have some of the best commercial presses on the market so we can print your custom photo T-shirts with the highest quality and accuracy possible. From our HP R200 Latex Plus Printer to the Iconic Heidelberg Press, we can print anything.


Because of our range of presses and personalized approach, we can usually have your shirts ready as soon as you need them — especially if you give us enough lead time.


Though we specialize in printing, we pivoted during the pandemic to become a full-service logistics and fulfillment company, which made is one of the fastest-growing printing companies in America. 

3 Steps for Ordering Custom Photo T-Shirts

At Print Bind Ship, we make the process of ordering your custom photo T-shirts extremely simple.

Step 1: Decide on the Photos

When it comes to making your personalized photo T-shirt, the most important factor is having the right photo. Though we can work with any photo you provide, there are some things to keep in mind. 

When choosing a photo to print on a T-shirt choose an image with more than 300 dots per inch (dpi). DPI is the measurement used to determine the resolution of an image by measuring the density of an image’s pixels, or dots, depending on whether you are referring to the image’s physical manifestation or how it is displayed on the screen.

Step 2: Contact Print Bind Ship

At Print Bind Ship, we take a personal approach to guide you through the process. We help you with technical and creative concepts and make sure your custom photo T-shirt not only fits your needs. 

Once you hand your order to Print Bind Ship, we’ll do the heavy lifting. With more than 60 years of experience, we ensure your picture will be worth more than a thousand threads.

Step 3: Receive Your Order

Once your order is processed and printed, it will generally be shipped within 24 hours. We’ll send you a tracking email and it will be at your doorstep in days.

Personalized for the Perfect Fit

Custom photo T-shirts can range from campy to campaign worthy, but regardless of your reason for putting a photo on a shirt, you always want the image to be crisp and the print job to be high quality. Print Bind Ship has a collection of premium digital and offset presses, allowing for the maximum amount of customization at the most cost-efficient pricing.


How long does it take to order custom photo T-shirts?

After you’ve finalized the design for your custom shirt, you can send us your files and order requirements. If you want us to walk you through the process, we will work at your pace.

Where can I get a personalized picture shirt?

Print Bind Ship has presses that can do runs of any size, from a personalized picture T-shirt for a friend to custom photo T-shirts for your team. Print Bind Ship can print and ship your custom photo T-shirts to the people they need to go.

What types of photos should I put on a personalized T-shirt?

Personalized photo T-shirts can feature hilarious or heartfelt moments from someone’s life, like a graduation, birth, baby pictures or marriage. Custom photo T-shirts can also be of amazing landscape photography that was taken by you or your friend if the moment left a lasting impression.