How to Create Custom Shirts for a Bachelorette Party

Before the girls get together to celebrate the bride-to-be, someone needs to take charge and plan the activities. If that someone is you, you’re probably wondering what you can do to make the bachelorette party truly special. 

Perhaps you’ll see a stand-up comedian, go to a special restaurant, enjoy a ride in a limo and otherwise enjoy your night on the town. But what are you going to wear? Something special and uniquely created for the occasion, of course! Custom shirts for bachelorette party attendees are more than just fun add-ons — they’re a necessity.

3 Reasons to Design Your Own T-Shirts for a Bachelorette Party

While you can find generic shirts with vague, impersonal messages and graphics at some online stores like Amazon, where’s the fun in that? 

You don’t want one-size-fits-all party shirts. Getting bachelorette T-shirts is an opportunity to make everyone in the party, especially the woman about to be married, feel special and included. That’s where customization becomes important; it shows that you made an effort!

1. Show Your Unique Style

Imagine bachelorette party custom shirts with individual names, handpicked colors and special images like group photos of the partygoers, all sized for each person in the party. That’s much more interesting than a pack of generic bachelorette party shirts, right?

2. Perfect Your Theme

Because you can tailor every detail to be exactly what you want, you can organize your bachelorette matching shirts around a central theme. 

What colors are your decorations? How about the font? You can unify everything when you’re getting the items custom-made. If everyone at the bachelorette party is also part of the wedding party, you could get bridesmaids shirts for bachelorette party attendees, too.

3. Meaningful

The party is meant to be a memorable event, and giving each party member their own shirt with personalized lettering and graphics makes these shirts keepers rather than just disposable party favors. Such personalization shows the group that thought, energy and love went into the preparations.

Print Bind Ship for Custom Bachelorette Tee Shirts

If you’re going to create custom shirts for bachelorette party attendees, then make sure they’re going to last. Shirts shouldn’t go threadbare after a single washing, and the graphics should stay vibrant even after considerable use. At Print Bind Ship, we pour quality into every shirt we print, no matter the occasion.

Custom Design Services

Our creative team is skilled at producing eye-popping designs for shirts, so if you’re running into a roadblock trying to figure out what your shirts should look like, the Print Bind Ship designers can help! 

Choose the Details

You control the final design — these are your shirts. Pick the colors, sizes, sleeve type, graphics location, fit and style — every choice is in your hands.

Top-Quality Printing  

Print Bind Ship makes shirts you can wear long term. Our screen-printing techniques are tried and true, and clients around the world recommend Print Bind Ship shirts thanks to our excellent quality.

We Handle Shipping

Do you want the shirts shipped to one location or sent to each bachelorette party member’s house? We ship anywhere in the world and can get your order out the door within 24 hours. You just tell us where the shirts are going, and we’ll get them there!

3 Steps for Ordering Custom Shirts for a Bachelorette Party

The party’s coming up, and you’re ready to order your custom shirts for bachelorette partygoers. What do you do?

Step 1: Decide on the Design

If you already have the design in mind (maybe the party members have all collaborated on the perfect T-shirt), that’s great. We can take your design and run with it. But if you need help finalizing the design, we’re here for you. Whatever ideas you have, we’ll work with you to refine them to make sure you have the best shirt design possible.

Step 2: Get in Touch with Print Bind Ship

Once your design is ready to go, contact us to make the shirts a reality. Give us the details and the graphics, and tell us when you need the shirts. It’s that simple.

Step 3: Receive Your Order

Watch for a delivery box to arrive — it’ll happen faster than you think. If there are any issues with the shirts, let us know, and we’ll take them back. We want to make sure you’re happy with your order.

Get the Party Started with Print Bind Ship

Bachelorette parties are a blast, but they need planning to be as fun as fun can be. Matching bachelorette party shirts are a fantastic way to make the event special for everyone — especially the bride herself. 

Trust Print Bind Ship to print your shirts. Order your shirts in plenty of time by contacting Print Bind Ship today.


Where can I find long-sleeved bachelorette party shirts?

Print Bind Ship makes both long- and short-sleeved T-shirts in most popular sizes. While you might find generic bachelorette party shirts at online stores like Amazon, they won’t match the quality and customization we offer at Print Bind Ship.

What are some bachelorette party T-shirt ideas?

Find special pictures that are meaningful to the group, such as a special picture featuring everyone. You can put individual names on the shirts to personalize them even further. Or instead of names, you might put phrases on the shirts that describe each wearer’s personality, such as “The Fun One” or “The One Who Drives Too Fast.”

How long does it take to order bachelorette party custom shirts?

Usually, a batch of custom shirts takes between eight and 15 business days, depending on options. For simpler designs on white shirts in standard sizes, the time may be shorter, while custom colors with front and back graphics in a wide range of sizes can take longer to arrive.